Saturday, June 19, 2010

Nothing Like Family Time

Summer is here!! Yay!!! I just *heart* summer. It's my favorite time of the year... well, because I am not a winter person. Not that I don't like winter. I think winter is a beautiful season with the white snow, jack frost on the trees but I just don't like the cold weather. When the mercury dips below zero, this chick-a-dee is not happy.

I have spent the first two weeks of my summer vacation waiting for the princes to get out of school. I've had appointments to attend to, an ankle to nurse back to its normal self, packing to do and a trip to Florida.

We made a long weekend family trip to the Gulf last weekend and it was FABULOUS!! The weather was perfect, the sun shining, no rain and warm temperatures! We spent each day at least part of it at the beach whether the bay side or gulf side. The princes had so much fun in the water, diving for shells, chasing the fish and just being boys.

We drove to Sarasota from the Anna Maria Island to visit Mote Aquarium. If you ever go, it's a must! They have great exhibits and the sea turtles are amazing as my oldest prince put it! He's so into them that he's wanting to grow up to help take care of him. Go him!!! We even went back to do one of their boat tours and cruised through the bay there to catch some amazing sea creatures that the princes all got to touch, hold and check out up close! I'm telling you... this was the BEST family vacation we've ever had!!!

The last night there the princes and I headed back to the beach on the gulf side (we were only 2 blocks away) and it was low tide so we were able to walk out pretty far. The sunset over the Gulf was *AMAZING*. There is nothing like a sunset over the water to just put you at peace.

The princes had so much fun that the littlest prince asked if we could move there! I am right there with him... if only we could somehow get the ex to agree to allow me to move that far with the princes. Hmm... I think, I'll have to wait until the princes go off to college to become those marine biologists. ~wink, wink~

Once I'm a little more organized, I'll get some pictures up from the trip.