Wednesday, December 31, 2008

HNT Year Favorite

I know I said I wouldn't be posting any HNT's for a while but since these are on the site already, I thought what the hell! It's that time of year to pick the favorite(s) that we've done over the past year. The year started off for me with participating pretty much each week and has ended with not so much. But I did have a few favorites from this year so without further waiting...

This is a no brainer for me... this was one of the best ever... being half-nekkid on something that Yummy built with his hands. Need I say more?

A girl and her tools... what could be better than a girl who can handle tools?

And last but not least... this was the hardest pic for me to take by myself since I had to use the timer function on my camera. I was so proud of myself but really I *love* this one for the delicateness of it and the contrast between the lace and my skin.

I hope you all have had a stellar 2008 and wish you all an even grander 2009! Happy New Year's to all of you!

A Year End Review...

My future father-in-law sent this to me today. It's cute and doesn't it sum up the past year? Enjoy!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Out of the Mouth of Babes

Sunday my little sister came over to celebrate Christmas with us and it was all going good. The Princes were showing off, wrestling and just being boys. When all of a sudden out of the mouth of the middle Prince we all hear "Pussy." That's right... you heard - I mean read it here. He said 'pussy'. He was calling the oldest Prince this. All I could do was laugh my ass off. It was so funny. He stood there as everyone adult was laughing waiting for the smack down to be brought on him but all I could was laugh.

After the giggling stopped, I asked him if he knew what it meant and with a "duh, mom" look on his face said "Yeah, it's like a kitty cat." And we left it at that but I did do the proper motherly thing and tell him that he can never say that word because he'd get in trouble at school along with at his sperm donors house. God forbid that happens because that would be the one thing that EH could try to use in court. ~wink~ I'm thinking this is all I need a phone call from school saying "do you know what your son just said" - it's A Christmas Story all over again. :)

I Kiss and Tell... Do You?

1. Last week was "The Most Wonderful time of the Year", but what are your favorite 2008 memories? Hmm... there are many - let me see. 1) Seeing littlest Princes eyes and smile as he saw Mickey on the first night at WDW. 2) Middle Prince FINALLY riding his bike without training wheels. 3) Me surviving a year with middle schoolers - that's an accomplishment in itself! LOL 4) Any moment that one or all of the Princes came up and gave me a hug & kiss out of the blue. 5) Last but not least... all the wonderful, loving 'little' things that Yummy did for me - I think the best was when he made the road trip with me to Indy so I could meet up with Os, M, Dana, NY Diva & ASM. ~grinning~

2. What is the best thing you learned in 2008? That I have the most brilliant children in the world. :) Ok... seriously, Littlest Prince's teacher could say it enough at P-T conference time. Just makes one beam as a parent. Obviously, we all know where the Princes get their smarts from! ~wink~

3. On a scale of 1-10, how good was your 2008? Hmm... I'd have to say a '9'. It wasn't perfect but it was pretty darn close.

4. What is your wish for 2009? This one could go on for a while but I'll limit myself. I'd say that my biggest wish is for me to gain full custody of my Princes so they can be with someone who wants them ALL THE TIME! Oh yeah and for my anullment to come through in record time so Yummy and I can get married sooner than later without me losing my job. IF these two things happened it would make for a stellar year in my book!

What is your wish for someone else for 2009? Hmm... for Yummy a new job/career. This would be a big one as things are not the greatest at restaurant. Or for him to get the promotion which would allow him to move out of the kitchen. Both would be a dream come true along with his ankle to heal and to avoid surgery. I wish that my Princes will come out unscathed from the crap that their sperm donor is putting them through right now. And for my dear friend that just moved back to the area, for her to find peace and contentment.

5. Where was the first place you ever passionately kissed? Are we talking 2008 or the first place ever? I really don't remember the first place ever that I kissed someone passionately but for 2008 it would have been on New Year's Day as the clock struck 12 as we toasted in the new year with friends at a local Irish pub.

Bonus (as in optional):Do you make New Year's resolutions? I don't ever make any because I never keep them. What is/are your's for 2009? But if I did... maybe try to get better organized and get the basement unpacked. It's almost 2 years soon in the house and there's still boxes galore in the basement. It unfinished so we can't really enjoy it but still I'd like some order down there too. :)

So come along and play. Leave a comment if you want - I adore comments. ~wink~

Friday, December 26, 2008

Merry Christmas (Belated) to All!

I know, I know... I'm a day late wishing you all a Merry Christmas. It's the story of my life right now. I thought Christmas vacation was suppose to be a vacation which meant more time for myself. Yeah, right! Who am I kidding?

But, anyhoo... I hope you all had a wonderful and blessed Christmas with your families. I know yesterday was spent here with ripping of wrapping paper galore... I think the middle prince made it in record time this year! *snort* No, really... the princes loved everything that Santa brought even though it was a little sparse under the tree this year. But I'm proud of them... not one wimper about what they didn't get. You go Princes!

Although, when the littlest Prince ran in the first words out of his mouth were "It's sheep puppy time!" He had asked Santa to bring him a white Boxer puppy for Christmas. But me being the smart mom that I am talked with him before hand about how a white sheep puppy might get lost in the snow outside and he wouldn't want that. (Okay, I lied to my kids - Deal with it people.) But he dealt with the little disappointment but I reminded him what we had talked about that it would be better to wait until summer vacation to get a new sheep puppy and he was all fine with that. ~wink, wink~

So, I hope your Christmas brought you all you wanted!


On to another subject... you all may have noticed the lack of HNT's on the site for some time now. At first it was due to not having or finding the time to pull together some quality pics (I hate doing last minute pics.) but now it's because I'm in the middle of preparing for a custody fight with the good ole' Ex and have to make sure that there isn't anything new that can come bite me in the behind when in court. I really don't think he has the address to this new site (he did to the old one as he found it and would stop by every now and then - part of the reason for the switch) but I can't be too careful right now. I'll save the most recent escapades for another post at another time but if you've read any of the past posts about him - you all know he's such a gem of a father! LMAO

But until I know what is happening in this area of my life, I'll be taking a little hiatus from HNT's right now. I hope you all understand.


Tuesday, December 9, 2008

These are a few of my favorite things...

Okay, don't fall over... Yes, I'm playing today. It's been awhile but hey, I'm home with a sick kid AGAIN today. 'Tis the season for strep! Anyhoo...

1. Do you consider sexy underthings a present for you or your partner? Ahem, BOTH! I *love* getting little sexy things from Yummy. Even last year, there wasn't a complete outfit but sexy panties.

2. What are 3 characteristics of "your type"? Have you best relationship(s) been with your type or when you have gone against it? Wow, my type... strong (mentally & physically), athletic of some sort, clean cut. I really have to laugh at this because my best relationship is the current one with Yummy and he's far from my typical 'type.' He's definitely strong both mentally and physically - has to be to spar with me on a good debate now and then. :) And he was very athletic in high school but not so much now but I would have never considered him clean cut. I always dated (and then married) someone that was the typical preppy of sorts. With being tatted up, into cars and all things with gasoline engines, he's definitely different from the others. That's a good thing as I have found out! lol I love the fact that he doesn't fit into that mold of who I thought I should be with. Sometimes when you look outside the box, you find exactly what you were looking for!

3. What is on your Santa list this year? This little red corset, these, and these, this or this one and a couple evenings ALONE with NO sick kiddos for Yummy and I to enjoy some adult time together! ~wink~

4. Generally speaking, who has historically had a higher libido, you or your partner(s)? Typically me but it can change depending on the stress level we each are having at work. Although, Yummy will NEVER turn it down when it's offered. *lol*

5. The unsculptured female bush seems to have passed from fashion. What about men, do you think they need to trim and shave "down there"? Ahem, definitely... good hygiene goes a long way in my book. Why would I want to fight the forest to find the tree? Just sayin'.

Bonus (as in optional):What are a few of your favorite things (both sexual non-sexual)? This list could be quite extensive... but I'll limit it to just a few. Well, of course back rubs (and this falls into both categories!), long hot showers, a good book (and time to read that book!), of course my Princes.


Well, once again the crap hits the fan with EH. The middle prince was dropped off on Sunday to me with a fever and turns out after a stay at home and visit to the dr. yesterday that he has strep throat.

To top it off, on the way to the dr. the littlest Prince informs me that his sperm donar (aka father) made him eat liquid dish soap for sticking his tongue out at his brother "3 days ago mommy". WTF?!? Liquid dish soap! I about drive off the road when I hear this and the middle prince confirms it to me.

So after the lengthy visit to the dr. I go to pick up the oldest prince from the sperm donor and try once again to explain to him that when his children are sick and they are in need of seeing a dr. he needs to take them when they are in his care. He blows me off saying he 'felt our son's forehead' and there was no fever. Oh... newsflash... that's not the best way to tell if the kid has a fever especially when his body temp. runs normally below 98.6!

Then he tells me that he'll discipline the princes how he wants at his house when I ask him about the liquid dish soap. He tells me it wasn't dish soap but another kind of liquid soap and that the littlest prince kept sticking his tongue out and he told him to to stop but he didn't. Another newsflash here... there ARE other ways to discipline a child rather than making them ingest liquid soap! So I basically got told to go to hell and he'll do what he wants.

Once again I had to make that wonderful call to the attorney. I'm thankful that my attorney doesn't charge me anything until we actually have to do something! God love him! But seriously, what is wrong with EH? Does he really want to not see his kids because that's what he's heading to if (I mean when) we go to court.

Other than this... things are peachy on this end.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Christmas Meme

Thanks to M for stealing this from ASM or maybe Dana.

1. Wrapping paper or gift bags? Usually wrapping paper. I love sitting there for hours wrapping! lol

2. Real tree or Artificial? As a kid, I ALWAYS had a reall tree but when I got married EH would only allow an artificial tree. He didn't grow up with real trees, the mess, he paid SO much $$ for the big-ass fake tree, etc. Well, you get the idea. Two years ago my Princes had a real tree for the first time and loved going to pick it out. Last year with the new puppy, we decided on an artificial tree and that's what's up this year. Still in the puppy stage but we're going tonight to get a real tree for the front porch to decorate. Gotta use those big bulbs for something. :)

3. When do you put up the tree? Typically the day after Thanksgiving. It was up this year but had to wait to be decorated until the Princes came home from the sperm donors.

4. When do you take the tree down? This usually happens mid-January as our Christmas season doesn't technically start until Christmas day and goes until Epiphany.

5. Do you like eggnog? Ick!

6. Favorite gift received as a child? That would be the bear my step-dad gave me when I was 6. I still have the bear and adore him to this day!

7. Hardest person to buy for? It's a toss up between my oldest prince that never makes a list and Yummy because he wants all the expensive 'toys' for his chopper and car. Boys and their toys! ;)

8. Easiest person to buy for? Definitely the littlest prince - he's 5 and wants EVERYTHING!

9. Do you have a nativity scene? Yup, it's one that my mom had when I was growing up. I adore this set - it was hand-made by a friend of my mom's that passed away a couple of years ago. It's just beautiful in the pearl white finish. I set it up each year with angel hair and lights (although having trouble finding angel hair the past two years for some reason.).

10. Mail or email Christmas cards? Mail of course! Who doesn't like to get Christmas cards in the mail?

11. Worst Christmas gift you ever received? Hmm... that would anything EH had picked out for me himself. I *always* ended up taking the things back but he'd pick things out that HIS mother would wear. Do I look like I could be his mother? Don't think so and don't want to dress like her. (I should have taken this as a hint.)

12. Favorite Christmas Movie? It's a Wonderful Life - I love this movie and watch it each year. It sends such a great message and yes, Professor, you NEED to watch this movie!

13. When do you start shopping for Christmas? Depends on the money situation but I try to start right after Thanksgiving. I did this year with Black Friday and I'm pretty much done except for a few gift certificates and my brother.

14. Have you ever recycled a Christmas present? I actually can't remember ever doing this.

15. Favorite thing to eat at Christmas? Of course, the Christmas cookies! I loved these as a kid. I remember my mom would make several different kinds Hollydoodles (Snickerdoodles with red and green sugar), chocolate crinkles, spritz cookies, sugar cookies, and the list goes on. I still do this with my princes and we still make the Hollydoodles each year. ;)

16. Lights on the tree? Always colored lights with big bulbs as a kid. When I was married, EH had to have white lights and then switched to blue lights only. Now we have the mini color lights. The outside tree will have the big bulb lights.

17. Favorite Christmas songs: I adore Christmas songs and have many... Do You Hear What I Hear?, Silent Night, Little Drummer Boy, O Holy Night, ...

18. Travel at Christmas or stay home? Now that the princes have to be split on Christmas, it's a stay home Christmas. But, I guess really it always has been since they have been around. But unfortunately, there will be no traveling to see my brother and his family or my mom. Whatever lawmaker decided that it was a good idea to split Christmas in divorce was stupid. The state of Indiana says that each parent gets the kids every other year on Christmas but that means the first week of Christmas vacation which ever parent has them that week can not go on any trips over Christmas. So, this cuts out ever visiting my family on the east coast! The joys of divorce (and especially with a jerk for an ex when it comes to things like this)!

19. Can you name all of Santa's reindeer's? Of course!!

20. Angel on the tree top or a star? Unfortunately, our tree can't hold a tree topper. The top's not strong enough for the angel or even a star! What a bummer.

21. Open the presents Christmas Eve or morning? It's always Christmas morning. Just not as early this year since the princes won't be waking up here.

22. Most annoying thing about this time of the year? The Lexus commercials - who the hell gives a car for a Christmas gift? Oh, yeah and all the grummpy shoppers. It's a holly, jolly Christmas people... get with it!

23. Favorite ornament theme or color? When married to EH, the tree was all about him. It was ONLY to be blue lights with the gold Danbury Mint ornaments of his. All the ornaments that my mom had given to me as a kid NEVER went on the tree or the ornaments that I bought for the princes each year NEVER went on the tree. But NOW... we have a tree that has all sorts of ornaments on it from when I was a kid and all the ones the princes have gotten over the years along with the ones they have made in school. I love this tree and the ornaments and the princes are *always* excited to hang their ornaments. This year the littlest prince kept asking me "did you have this when I was born mommy?". "Oh, yes baby duck... mommy had this one when you were born."

24. Favorite for Christmas dinner? I'm a traditionalist when it comes to this... a Christmas ham, green been casserole, scalloped corn, dinner rolls, mashed potatoes, homemade noodles... pies, cookies. This is what we would have EVERY year when we went to my grandparents and my continued this even after they were gone and now I do the same for my princes. There may not be huge family get-togethers but as I'm making all this just for the princes, Yummy and I, I can still picture my grandmother rolling out the noodles and me snatching them away to eat as she cut them and the sugar cream pies that she would make just for me.

25. What do you want for Christmas this year? Gee... there's really nothing that I want for Christmas. I never make a list out and it drives people crazy. I guess, if I had to ask for one thing it would be to have my entire family together for the holidays. I haven't seen my brother and his family in 2 years. The last time I saw them was Christmas of 2006 - a bad year for me and I wasn't really in the family mood. My niece was just turning 1 and now I have another niece that I've yet to see and it's been a year since she was born AND they are expecting twins this spring! I never get to see my sister because she lives on the other side of the state and my moved last month out to my brothers for a change of scenery. I don't really do good at the holidays when I can't see my entire family so I guess, that's what I want for Christmas.

Friday, December 5, 2008

A Lie is a Lie

I have to admit middle school students are not my favorite. I know I've said it here maybe once or twice but it's true. I swear to high heavens the group that I have as my homeroom just do not get it. They recently received the talk from the principal (which is about useless) about their act of bribery, blackmail, slander and gossipping but did they learn anything? No. They continue to go about their merry little way. The priest came in last week and talked to them also about this but did not put the fear of God into them. What good is the priest? Once again, the kiddos went on their merry little way. Today, the 7th grade homeroom teacher told me that she was so pissed at my class and their antics that she about stroked out. It seems that when one of the girls in my class was absent (this girl wouldn't do anything to hurt a fly and is NEVER involved in the above mentioned acts) one of my lovely boys decided to take her seat in the 7th grade room. He even went as far to switch her nametag, tell her that was her seat when she returned and continued to sit by another boy in the class.

Well, today they all were joking around about it with the 7th grade teacher who did not find it humorous at all to say the least. She said she gave them the lecture of their life about the dishonesty, deceitfulness and lack of trustworthiness. She told them how they had all lied to her and how disappointed she was in them. She also made sure to tell them that they had lost her trust and that would be a hard thing for them to get back. Hmm... maybe they'll take notice now with her stating that she can not trust any of them. Everyone in the class knew about this little 'joke' but none spoke up to her. Not something that this teacher takes lightly.

She and I both are at a loss with this group. They just don't care and don't get that their actions have consequences. They figure that as long as no one gets hurt physically then it's okay. I'm hoping it comes with maturity but I think this group missed out on it the day it was passed out. Unfortunately this is the start of juvenile deliquents and some are not far from beginning in this group.


Sunday, November 30, 2008

Post Thanksgiving

An after Thanksgiving recap... I was so excited to get out of school on Wednesday. Nothing like having 4 days off in a row to do absolutely nothing. I adore vacations! Wednesday night was spent getting a manicure and pedicure. Just some 'me' time and how I needed that after the past week at school but we'll save that for another post. ~wink~

Thursday was a rather lazy day. This holiday was spent with Yummy and his family. My mom recently moved to Connecticut to be closer to my brother and his ever growing family. My sister lives on the other side of the state with her boyfriend and was doing her thing with his family. So, this left just Yummy and I together since the Princes were at their sperm donors for the holiday weekend. This year there was no cooking on this end. Yummy and I spent the feast at his cousin's house. They did all the cooking, clean up and god, how nice that is not to have a messy kitchen and be chained to the stove for hours! The down-side... no left overs for the next day! Even without left overs, we survived the holiday with family. Afterwards, we went back home and I perused the black Friday ads to make my list and check it twice. I *love* going through the ads and seeing all the stuff on sale. There were some really good deals this year on large electronics. Just wish I would have had the money because a flat screen would be just grand in our living room!

Black Friday... I was up at 4 a.m. to get to Wal-mart for some silly Cabbage Patch dolls our nieces and a Hot Wheels City for the youngest Prince. After getting yelled at by a crabby shopper things were good. Checked out and headed to Meijers to pick up the things for the Princes that Wal-Mart wouldn't ad match for me. The parking lot was full but the store was like a normal shopping day - no lines at checkouts, room to walk through the aisles. The last must stop was Target for a few items. After checking out here, I was pretty much done for the ole shopping list! How exciting!

Not wanting to head home quite yet, I headed to the outside mall and did a few more stops but spent most of my time in Barnes & Noble just drinking Starbucks and leafing through magazines and reading. I love when I can do this - no kids pulling me in all directions. Just more 'me' time.

Friday night Yummy and I went to his niece's birthday party and spent more time with the family. After a couple hours here, Yummy was ready to go and so was I. We went back home and watched some tv and headed to bed. I was exhausted after the day of shopping.

Saturday I spent the day decorating the house for Christmas while Yummy went back to work. I put up my new Christmas village. I love it! I had always wanted one but EH would not let me have one. He said it was a waste of money to have village house sitting around collecting dust and we had no place to put them. I just adore these with their old days gone by feel. So when I was out I picked up a few pieces... my dream home in the country and the town starting with the canine shop and a bakery. ~smiling~ Yummy thought they were great and this is just another reason that I'm with him! ~wink~ All the decorations are up except for the ornaments on the tree. This is waiting for the Princes to come home today. But, the stockings are hung by the chimney with care and sugar plums will be dancing in the Princes' heads soon as they wait for St. Nick.

I'm off now to shovel the driveway... we FINALLY have snow! In 3 hours this morning, we got a few inches. It's so pretty. The backyard now looks like a tornado hit it as Lucy ran and played when I let her out. I love this time of year (ok, minus the cold!)!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

TMI Tuesday

1. When did you last use your cellular telephone as a flashlight? Wow, were you spying on me? I swear, I do this practically EVERY night as I go up the stairs to bed. I know... silly but I'd rather not turn the lights on and wake up the princes.

2. On a scale from 1-10, how comfy are you being naked? Hmm... have you seen my past HNTs? Just sayin'. ~wink~ Really... IDK. I guess, I'd have to say about an 8.

3. What is the longest you've ever been celibate after having lost your virginity? Oh, god... I hate to admit this one... Can I plead the 5th? If I did, it wouldn't be called TMI now would it? I'd have to say all of 6 months... one of those had sex, broke up then started dating a guy my girlfriend hooked me up with that got shipped off to a base in Okinawa, got heart broken and then the rest is history.

4. Have you ever had sex in a car? If yes, since you were a teenager? Ahem, yes and yes. That's a story for Yummy to tell you all about - we'll leave at too much to drink and well...

5. When did you last use food or drink as medication? What kind of question is this? As medication? I can't think of any time that I've actually used food or drink as medication. Well, I guess if you count drinking a glass of milk while pregnant to try and ease the nausea or ginger ale for the same thing.

Bonus: Name three words that:

a) get you excited - HNT ~wink~ (I could only pick one word here people!)

b) make you squirm - larvae (it just brings a mental picture)

c) make you laugh - hearing my mom try to say the word 'aluminum'

Come play along with me... ya' know you want to. Leave a comment to let me know you stopped by - I'm dying to hear from you all after my long absence. *Muah*

Monday, November 17, 2008

Hustle and Bustle...

What a weekend... I had a rather long weekend to boot! I took Thursday & Friday off as sick days from school. Went to the doctor for what I found out was severe nausea due to stress. Got put on an anti-nausea med that knocks me on my butt!

Saturday had a the raingutter boat regatta race for the princes in Cub scouts. They didn't fare so well on the high seas of the gutter. Their regattas weren't prime due to lack of help from EH. You could tell they were half-*ssed (have ya' noticed I'm trying to not swear as much in my postings - must be the drugs I'm on or something! lol). I tried to give a few pointers but EH quickly shot them down being I'm a girl and all. How could I know ANYTHING about force, resistance, velocity, speed... I ONLY TEACHING IT MOTHER-F*CKER!!! Needless to say, I had two very disappointed princes.

Saturday evening was spent laying around being nauseated, drugged off my *ss and skipping my friend's wedding. I'll be in trouble for this one. But I thought not getting sick all over the dance floor would be appreciated plus Yummy had to work and I didn't want to be the date of my other girlfriend. Although, would be bad for a hook-up but just wasn't feeling it Saturday night. ~wink~

Sunday morning came I was ready for a road trip to Indy. I met up with several of our fellow bloggers... Os, ASM, Dana, M & NY Diva. Met them at their hotel and headed out for brunch before they all had to head back home. It was great getting to meet some of my fave bloggers and I can't wait to be able to get together again but hopefully next time I can make it for one of the evening outs. :) We had a grand time talking, gossiping, laughing, gossiping, talking... okay... only a little gossip. Yummy went too as he was leery of me meeting some of my 'on-line' friends. He was worried that I would be whisked away and never heard from again. Ya' know... the whole Jeffrey Dahmer thing goes through his mind. I felt sorta bad for him as he had no clue of the things we were talking about or who we mentioned. But, nonetheless, he was a good sport. Gawd, I love him for humoring me like he does!

Today I was going to head back to work but the oldest prince had other plans for me. At about 10 p.m. last night, he spewed god knows what all of his bed and again all over my bathroom wall, floor and bathroom rug (which I didn't even attempt to clean - just threw it away). So, I got another day to veg out at home... do some grading, reading and prepare for my afternoon meeting tomorrow with the Bishop and teacher's council. So I have another morning off and can sleep in a little. :)

Now, I'm waiting for the middle prince to come home from his cub scout meeting. Will put him to bed, bundle up under the blanket on the couch with the fire place on and wait for Yummy to come home to snuggle up with - Oh, and I almost forgot... Yummy texted me today and said he had a present for me. Have told you all how I adore him? ~wink~ I'm hoping the snuggling leads to some adult alone time... Hmmm....

Do I Need to Draw a Picture?

Growl... I just want to say I hate ex-husbands (EH). Just had to get it off my chest. I guess, better than being on my chest. ~wink~ If that was the case, he wouldn't be my ex. LMAO Anyway, I think he's PMSing or something equivalent that a guy does! (Sorry to all my guy readers but I know NONE of you PMS!) Everything has come to a boil and is spiraling out of control.

I've had problems since the beginning of the school year with him making sure the princes have completed their homework. He'll bring them back on Sunday evening with homework not done, big projects not done and that are due on THAT Monday! Each night parents are to sign the assignment planner that the oldest prince has per his teacher's policy but for some reason, EH thinks he's above it and doesn't sign it which means he hasn't looked at it to know what oldest prince needed to have done for the next day. This has resulted in 3 late assignments - I know, that's not much but the pattern is starting. In September, he had my princes for an entire week and the middle prince had a diorama to put together. The assignment sheet came home on a Tuesday and it was due that following Monday. Friday I pick the princes up from after-school care and get a text from EH saying that he has the assignment sheet along with the shoe box for the project and it's due Monday. Well, that just threw a kink in the plans of going to Michigan to the lake cottage for the weekend. Instead, I had to stay here and search for a freakin' raccoon toys small enough to fit in this damn diorama and help the middle prince put it together. And I did it all with a smile on my face because that's what moms do! ~smiling~ When I asked EH about why nothing was done except for gathering the shoe box and printing off some information from the web, he replied because we were busy. Well, gee buddy... we're all busy and ya' need to step up to the plate and multi-task like the rest of us parents.

The busy excuse is his excuse EVERY time homework is not done or a test hasn't been studied for and it's that Monday. Gawd, I know he wants to be the Disney dad and all but it's about ridiculous.

The kicker came a few weeks ago when the princes came back from their usual weekend but this time they were way more violent with each other and all they could do is talk about killing stuff! Yikes! We're talking a 9, 8 and 5 year old here people! Come to find out they had been allowed by their "father" and I use that term loosely, to play 'Dangerous Hunt 2009' and 'Ghost Squad' on their Wii. This 'Dangerous Hunt' game is rather disturbing... it's rated for Teens and it's about a hunter that hunts exotic animals but ends up becoming the hunted. The animals viciously attack the hunter and it's rather graphic for little princes to handle! The 'Ghost Squad' is about a counter-terrorist military group that seeks out terrorists and kills them. Another very graphic game for little ones. So finding this all out, I did what any good parent would do and called EH to inquire. I got told that it's not a big deal, they weren't playing the games but then in the same breath, he said he watched them play it and the littlest prince was right there the whole time! He couldn't get what the problem was with the whole thing. Told me I was being a b*tch and to take him to court. Well, then okay ...

The next day I got a very scathing email from EH telling me I'm no mother of the year (never said I was!) and how he does EVERYTHING in the best interest of the princes. Hmmm... the jury's still out on that one. Sorry, I digress. So, I made a call to the attorney to find out what could be done because he was going to continue to allow the princes to play these games and told me that what is done at his house there is nothing I can do about it. I responded with a nice email back explaining what I expected when he had the princes and if he couldn't do that or allowed them to view these games, then I'd take the next appropriate step. Didn't get a response from this so I thought maybe, just maybe he realized what I was saying.

Boy, could I not have been more wrong! EH had the princes for the weekend and they came back with homework not done for the oldest which when I get them back at 5 p.m. and they go to bed by 7:30 AND I have to feed them in there too with bathes, etc. Doesn't leave much time for homework. But the oldest princes was up until almost 8:30 which meant he was a bear to get up the next morning. I also discovered that the littlest prince's hat and gloves were no where to be found so I called EH to inquire about the missing hat, gloves and homework. He didn't answer (remember - he's pissed at me and is pouting). I left a message but didn't get anything back until 8 a.m. the next morning about the hat & gloves ONLY. Fine... ignore me.

That Monday night, I get notice from the oldest prince's teacher that he had a late assignment the previous week. When I inquired about it, I found out it was from when EH had them (Oh, and I had gotten a note from EH on the previous night about he wasn't signing the assignment planner anymore because the teacher didn't require it. Hmm... that's kind of funny when it's in all her back-to-school information and she made a big deal about it the first month of school!). So, I sent EH an email since he wouldn't answer a call from me or return a text. Still nothing. So, by Wednesday I decided I would leave a nice voicemail stating that he needed to acknowledge my question about homework and talk to me about this. Boy, I wasn't really ready for what I got that afternoon.

I got an email late afternoon from him stating that he didn't have an answer for me. Knew nothing about the late assignment or homework that wasn't completed over the weekend. Informed me that he was going to change the after-school arrangements and would not be allowing them to go on his nights and oh, yeah... take him to court if I wanted to. Well, for one... he can't change anything - I think he's forgotten I'm the custodial parent. Lovely Indiana has this stupid warm fuzzy 'joint legal custody' that they make all parents have together for decision making things such as school, medical, religion, etc. But assign one parent as primary physical custodial parent. We share the legal crap but it really doesn't mean much when one comes right down to it. If anything had to be fought over (hopefully, it doesn't), the court usually favors the custodial parent - not always but most likely.

Anyway, I spent 2 hours with the attorney on Thursday going over EH's emails to me and my replies. The attorney said that after reading EH's emails, it appears EH doesn't want to have the princes during the week. But unfortunately for me, I needed to wait to file a motion in court. I needed to let EH hang himself a little longer. It's not that we don't have a solid case but my attorney said the court sees things that are much worse in nature than this and depending on the day, we might not get the ruling we'd be expecting. Although it would be very unlikely for us to lose if/when we went into to court. So, now it's sit and wait...

Things have not gotten any better... I called to talk to my middle prince over the weekend and EH would not call me back after I left a message requesting the prince to call me. I got a text 6 hours later stating the prince didn't want to talk to me. Oh, and I got told that EH would not reimburse me the after-school expense that I had to pay regardless of the princes' attendance from the nights he was not going to allow them to go. But he was going to check with the YMCA about the changing the days and fee structure. This morning I spent time at the YMCA and on the phone with them trying to get the director to understand I am custodial parent, I signed the contract, etc. I mean my f*cking god... they have a copy of the divorce decree and part of the marriage settlement that states I have primary physical custody of the princes. She wanted the whole f*cking entire settlement that gives specifics on support, division of assets, etc. Can I say go to hell? Don't think so! Then she wanted me to get a letter from my attorney and me to pay $250 freakin' dollars to have him draft a letter that would say the same flippin' thing as the papers she already has!! Dumb, just dumb... And, this girl also informed me that EH had called her to inquire about the changes but she told me that the director of the YMCA informed her that since I pay for it, signed the contract and am primary custodial parent, EH can't make any changes! Score one for the parent of the year (ok, at least in my world... *lol*)

Now, tomorrow I get to deal with the school and all the sh*t he's doing there. Meeting with the principal - who just happens to be a friend. So, shouldn't be too bad. Still having this meeting even though I actually spoke to EH tonight and point blank asked him what was up. He of course turned it onto me - typical! Once again, he couldn't see what I was talking about, said he wasn't changing the after-school arrangements (yeah, no sh*t mother-f*cker) and told me that I was doing things that wasn't in the best interest of the princes. Hmm... ahem*yeah*mr.Iletthekidsplay videogamesthatgivethemfreakin'nightmares*ahem. I nicely explained to him how he is in violation (directly) of the decree when he doesn't return my calls when I ask to speak to one of my kids and when he tries to change an arrangement that I made for after-school care. EH still didn't quite understand how all of these plus him not making sure the princes have their homework completed and turned in on time when they are with him could get him his weekday visitation revoked. Explained to him it wasn't anything personal (ok, maybe just a little) but I was just doing what I had to do to protect my princes.

I think, he got it for now but it'll go back to the same old sh*t in a few months and then I'll be in court before school's out getting full custody of the princes and he'll be going to the one evening a week and every other weekend sh*t but that's what his emails/actions, etc. are saying he wants. So if I have to, I'll be more than happy to give it to him and be the bad guy by taking his kids away from him as he so puts it. It's all about him - always has been and always will be unfortunately for the princes. EH will never grow up!

So, ahem... yeah... I've been just a little busy lately!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Catch Up...

Yeesh... it's been 6 weeks since I was able to post. So much has happened! I've been laying low with the whole posting thing since one of my co-workers decided to view what the students took as porn while at school and the students saw it. Our principal has been on a real micro-managing attack and threatening to check everyone's personal laptop for 'contraband'. I just didn't want to take any chances because he made it VERY clear that it didn't matter if we had viewed the website at home or school - we could lose our job!

Get this... each time I make either a personal call or email on my break, I have to email or give him a note and tell him what time, who it was to and why! Can we say Big Brother???

I've been so negligent in checking sites and I promise I will start stopping by again and will get caught up in my posting as well. But, for now, I just wanted to let everyone know that I am still alive!


Monday, September 29, 2008

A First Meme...

This was stolen from the ever lovely Professor. I thought you all deserved something since I have been very neglectful in posting lately. I've got to work on getting some HNT's done and scheduled so I don't have to worry about it. It seems that Wednesday rolls around and I'm either too tired from work or Yummy and I are off doing what we do best... ~wink, wink~ I promise I will get back into the swing of things and be better at stopping by to see all of you too! But, for now... enjoy!

1. Who was your FIRST prom date?
2. Do you still talk to your FIRST love?
3. What was your FIRST alcoholic drink?
Either beer or a swig of the manhattans that my daddy would drink... I started 'WAY' early. lol

4. What was your FIRST job?
Besides babysitting then it was as a waitress...

5. What was your FIRST car?
The first car I drove was the family-mobile (a silver Chevy Caprice, I think) but MY first car was a 1989 red Chevy Cavalier.

6. Who was the FIRST person to text you today?
My sweetie... Yummy!

7. Who is the FIRST person you thought of this morning?
Yummy as I rolled over into his arms to catch the last few moments before getting ready for school.

8. Who was your FIRST grade teacher?
Mrs. Wampler

9. Where did you go on your FIRST ride on an airplane?
Dallas - airplane but does a helicopter count... my dad's company he worked for had it's own helicopter that the pilot would come land in our yard and take me up in it when I was oh, IDK, 5 or so. :)

10. Who was your FIRST best friend, and are you still friends with him / her?
Jodi... friends probably but we don't/didn't stay in touch with each other.

11. Who was your FIRST kiss?
Dan but not sure if it counts as I was all of maybe 8. First real kiss... that would be Cory D. (dated a few Cory's in the day!)

12. Where was your FIRST sleep over?
My grandparent's house

13. Who was the FIRST person you talked to today?
The princes when I told them it was time to get up.

14. Whose wedding were you in the FIRST time?
My step-mom's sister's. I was the flower girl.

15. What was the FIRST thing you did this morning?
Got out of bed.

16. What was the FIRST concert you ever went to?
New Kids on the Block with Debbie Gibson! I know, WAY cool!! lol

17. FIRST tattoo or piercing?
Piercing - ears

18. FIRST foreign country you went to?
Canada without passport but requiring a passport was Mexico

19. First movie you remember seeing in the theater?
Apple Dumplin' Gang with my parents

20. When was your FIRST detention?
5th grade

21. What was the FIRST state you lived in?

22. Who was the FIRST person to really break your heart?
To really break it? My high school boyfriend, Steve.

23. Who was your first roommate?
My college roommate - Renee (roommate from hell!)

24. With whom was your FIRST date?
Cory D. (Never go on a date with your best 'boy' friend since preschool. Not a good thing!)

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

TMI Tuesday

Don't fall over or anything... I know, I know... I'm posting today. I'm home with a sick little one (or what seemed like one). Littlest prince woke up this morning and got sick but it was only the nasty phlegm stuff from allergies. Probably could have gone to school but what does a mommy day hurt every now and then? So, we're hanging out watching cartoons on PBS.

1. What is the strangest thing you have ever inserted or seen inserted (in a sexual manner) in person?

I can honestly say that I have not inserted anything 'strange' and I can't think of anything that I have seen but I'm sure there's been something. I can tell you that when I worked at the ER, there was always the story about the chick who came in with a frozen hotdog that broke off inside her. It wasn't so frozen when she got there but can you imagine how embarrassing that would be for a person?

2. Have you ever had sex anyone whose name started with a J?

I can say 'yes' to this one!

3. Have you ever been outside completely naked?

As a sun worshipper, this is also a yes! Can't much do the sun bathing naked since my neighbors can see now but every chance I get... ~wink~

4. Do you prefer music, tv, or other noise in the background when you have sex?

I don't have a preference to anything in the background for noise during sex. But, it normally doesn't bother me if there is some kind of background noise.

5. Have you ever used ice for sexual purposes?

Ahem, yes, again.... who hasn't?

Bonus: Have you ever been propositioned for group sex?

I'm guessing we're not talking about a three-some but more than 3 kind of group. I have been but passed on it. Not sure if that's something that I could really do.

Well, interesting questions this week and I know my answers are not very exciting. But come play along and go check out TMI Tuesday.

Monday, September 22, 2008

A is for Apple

We had such a busy weekend... Friday night after picking the princes up from after school care, we did the whole family thing. Yummy was home from work so we hung out with him and enjoyed a family dinner. We don't get to have those often with Yummy's schedule so when we get to eat together other than Sunday, it's a treat for the boys.

Saturday started the popcorn sales for Cub Scouts. We walked our neighborhood and the older princes went door-to-door. It took two hours to do about half the house in the neighborhood. After lunch we went back out and did the other half. They did an awesome job and sold over $400 worth between the two of them. They set a goal of $500 each - Woo Hoo for them! They are half way to their goal. They were so adorable going up to the door together and giving their sales pitch. They even did well when some people told them "no thank you" and one guy got kind of snippy with them. I was very proud of them for handling the turn downs well. It's hard as a little kid to hear that someone doesn't want to help you out. They were a little bummed when we got done for the day that they hadn't filled their order forms but we talked about how some people don't have the extra money to support Cub Scouts because of various things such as gas prices, cost of food, etc. The oldest prince really got it because he piped up and said "yeah, mommy... it costs a $100 a month for you to put gas in the truck." I told him he was close but explained to him that's what it cost per week and he added up how much it is for a month. When he got done, he said "Wow, mommy that's a lot of money!" I guess, you could say it was one of those teachable moments. :)

Saturday night the princes and I went to a local youth production of "Alice in Wonderland" at an old fire station that has been converted to a theatre. It was quite quaint with only 5 rows. WE were in the front row and the princes loved it! The group had adapted it and made it somewhat modern with the MadHatter rapping. The group would make comments referring to some of the audience members and right off the bat... the middle prince was referred to as a common street urchin from Alice's tutor and the littlest prince was make creepy faces at Alice and she commented. They had such a great time that they asked when they could go back for another play. We're going to see "Wizard of Oz" in a few weeks there and they also want to get involved in the theatre and want to audition for upcoming plays! The princes ROCK!!

On Sunday we all headed to the local festival in honor of Johnny Appleseed. We stuffed our faces with all the typical festival food of carmel corn, carmel apples, BBQ chicken, ham-n-beans, cornbread, corn on the cob. We strolled through all the crafter's booths, farmers markets, and traders area. Oh, did I mention that everyone there (except spectators) was in period dress? They all have to be dressed in clothing that was typical of the time period AND all the food vendors must make everything on site and not use any electricity what-so-ever! Lots of open fires, kettles and grills.

What a great family weekend! It's rare that we have so much time together in one weekend. The princes had a fabulous time - little fighting and lots of laughing! That makes for a wonderful weekend for mommy!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Plant Show Update

The older Princes took their plants to the city wide plant show yesterday. We got to find out late afternoon how they did. They both received red ribbons for their entries of umbrella plant and giant sunflower. Not too bad considering there were about 15 entries in each category and a total of 745 in the entire show!

So, Woot for the Princes!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Blue Ribbon Plant?

Woot! for the two older princes... on Wednesday was the annual plant and flower show in our area. They spent all summer caring for their plants that they received in April. The oldest Prince chose the ever faithful umbrella plant (his favorite- he choose the damn thing EVERY year!) and middle Prince chose a dusty miller (which I have absofuckinglutely NO experience with). Plus they each bought seed packets to grow veggies over the summer.

On Sunday I picked up the oldest Prince's umbrella plant from his fathers - he decided to keep it there instead of having it at our house. His father can pretty much talk them into almost anything! But I digress... this monstrosity of a plant was so big that it wouldn't fit in the back of my SUV! It took up the entire space with its branches well, branching out. These plants will grow to the size of the container they are held in but since this thing was in the garden and had free-will to grow as fucking big as it wanted... it did. So, Sunday night I spent prepping the plant for Wednesday and by prepping, I mean cutting off every little brown piece of leaf it has, broken branches, etc. It took me I swear like FOREVER to do this... it was at least an hour or longer! That is how big this plant is.

I also had to prep the giant sunflower head that the youngest prince grew for the middle Prince to enter. Youngest Prince is not old enough to enter this show since it's for grades 1-5. But this sunflower head full of sunflower seeds measured 17 1/2" in diameter! So we entered it in the size category.

Tuesday night I once again prepped the damn umbrella plant and got it looking all pretty for the show on Wednesday. Took it along with the sunflower and dusty miller in on Wednesday morning for the show and we waited anxiously for the results to come on Thursday. I tell you... this is a BIG deal at our house.

Thursday came and the Princes found out that the umbrella plant received a blue ribbon and invite to the city-wide show along with the sunflower receiving the same. The dusty miller received a red ribbon which was good considering it didn't grow very well over the summer and we almost lost it several times!

The city-wide show is today so last night I spent an hour at the ex's house prepping this plant again. I know what some of you are thinking "why couldn't he do it?" He has no clue when it comes to this stuff - I ALWAYS took care of it before. He didn't even know that it needed to be trimmed on Sunday and when I mentioned it he was shocked. So I promised the Princes that I would be over to help get the plants ready. It was a wonderful hour with the ex out in the garage with me the entire time! He left the youngest prince in the house for an hour by himself and when I mentioned I wasn't going to go through anything in the garage and maybe he should check on the littlest Prince he replied "What does it matter, there's two more." I know to him he was joking but you don't say shit like that in front of your two other kiddos! That's his warped sense of humor that he thinks EVERYONE loves!! Eeeeks... that's one of the reasons I left the dumbass - he'll never learn. The comment pissed me off - it just struck a nerve with me as it reminds of when his parents told me when I was pregnant with the oldest Prince "This grandchild doesn't matter because we have so many." I kid you not!! Now, we all know where he gets it from.

Okay, I digressed again there! Today at 2:30 we'll find out how the princes did in the city wide competition. They are all excited and even the littlest Prince as his big brother is taking his sunflower. It's a tough competition as the umbrella plant category will have entries larger than the oldest Prince's but when does size matter? ~wink~

I'll report back later with an update!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Red, Red Wine HNT

It's an encore of my Mystery Guest photos from Os's site last week. I hope you all don't mind that I did a repeat. Do you?

What I had planned for this week was just too difficult for me to take the photos by myself. Yummy was out of town (again) on business trip learning to roll sushi. So, we'll just have to save it for next week. I know you'll be waiting with trepidation... But for now...

Make sure you click...
Make sure you check all the half-nekkidness out for the week.
Weekly recap (late)
Yummy came home from a week in Florida last Friday. I swear we haven't had a moment alone! I missed him so much. I forgot what it's like to have a SO that travels but this time around... I didn't want him to go. Always before with the ex, I was mostly wishing for his next trip so my life would be much easier. I'm looking forward to the next few days - the Princes are at their father's and won't come home until Sunday night. So, that means some *hot* sex! YEAH!!!
Plant and Flower show was today at the Princes' school. The older Princes had 3 entries total. An umbrella plant that was I swear looked like it came out of the rain forest. It was that BIG! A 17 1/2" diameter giant sunflower head and a small dusty miller plant. And the best part of this whole thing is I got to carry these huge fucking plants into the school! I hope the Princes appreciate it (kidding... it's what a momma does for her babies). If they get blue ribbons today, then they will get to exhibit the plants at the city wide contest on Saturday. The first year the oldest Prince participated he won 4th place in the city wide competition for first year umbrella plants. So, keep you're fingers crossed that they did well in it at the school level today. We'll find out tomorrow how they did.
Today I dealt with the teenager gossip/meanness issues but it wasn't the girls for once! I've got a group of boys that likes to pull on one girl's pig tails. Today it was the boys declaring this girl a slut. I'd like to say boys will be boys but when boys do this it tends to be because they like the girl and she is not paying them any attention. And, that is EXACTLY the fuck what is going on with these kids. This girl moved into the school last year and dated one boy in the class (I use the word dated loosely), broke up with him and moved onto the next boy and broke up with him. She is now dating a boy from last year's class from HELL. Wow, it's a love triangle or hexagon.
Can't wait to see what tomorrow holds or next week when grade progress reports come out. I'll then have parents to deal with and we all know how that ends up!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

“Pink is the color of romance and a friend tells me that the girl with the pink dress at the party is the one who is selected for each dance”

~Alfred Carl Hottes

~clickety, click~

~Shhh... don't forget to click~

Wow, did I find out how hard it is to take pictures by yourself. I finally figured out how to use the timer option on my camera since Yummy is in Florida this week and we didn't have time to take pictures before he left. These aren't the best I don't think but not bad for a newbie when it comes to the whole timer thing... lol So, when you're leaving comments today (and I know you won't let me down on that one... because you all KNOW how much I *heart* your comments), please be nice. ~wink~

What a week it's been and it's only Thursday! And, it was a short week... Will recap tomorrow when I get a chance. But for now, go spread the pinkness around, say "hi" to Os and visit all the others who share their half-nekkidness.

Wednesday Weirdness and Other Rambles

It's Wednesday and I took a mental health day from school. No, seriously... I think a headache waking you up at 2 in the fucking morning qualifies as being sick! Don't you? I already had sub plans made because I had gotten called for jury duty today but got dismissed last night from it. Plus it's a half day of school because of some teacher convocation or other. I think, the little darlings will be okay without me for one half day! Anyway, this gives me the chance to get caught up on my blogging, veg out and have a day all about me!

Yummy's in Florida until Friday, Princes are with their father all week, I'm home alone (okay, not quite alone - 3 fur babies are here) but I doubt I'll be getting into much trouble with all the laundry, cleaning and other stuff that needs to be done.

But I did find time to play Wednesday Weirdness... Go check it out.

1.) Someone dares you to eat two cooked bulls testicles for 1,500 dollars. They're fried, topped with nacho cheese, belly button lint, lima beans, sweat rung out from a dirty sock and maple syrup and you have to eat it all. Are you going to eat it for the cash or pass?

Okay, you almost had me on this one you mentioned nacho cheese. EVERYTHING tastes good with cheese but I'm not so sure about this! I guess, it depends... no wait, I take that back. Have you seen the size of bull testicles? There's NO.FUCKING.WAY I would eat this!! And living with a chef, I've been nudged to try a few things but I don't even think HE was eat this.

2.) If you were not getting enough sex in your relationship, how would you handle it? Would you cheat on your significant other?

COMMUNICATION... verbal, non-verbal... whatever it takes. But there does come a point when talking and being the one who constantly starts things up gets old. Regarding the cheating, since I've been involved in that before but for WAY many different reasons, I don't know. I mean, I don't think I would but I can't say for sure.

3.) Would you cheat if you knew you would never be caught? Why or why not?

I think you ALWAYS get caught. I mean, the other person will begin to suspect something, your guilt takes over... I've cheated and it wasn't about doing it because I wouldn't get caught. So, I guess, my answer would be no because NOW I'm with a person that I truly want to be with, they want to be with me and it's for ALL the right reasons. :)

4.) If you could get rid of any of the late night talk show hosts and replace them with anyone you want, what late night persona would you get rid of and who would you replace them with?

This is bad... I have NO clue because I'm not up that late to watch talk shows. I've got an early call at 5:15 or so AND if I am up at that time of night, I'm usually doing something that doesn't involve the need for talk. ~wink~

5.) If you could get rid of one day time talk show, which one would you pick and why?

Again, I don't watch these so I wouldn't have a clue.

6.) Where is your favorite places on the body to be kissed?

The curve of my neck as it meets my shoulder and the small of my back.

Favorite places to kiss?

Yummy's fingers, shoulders, neck, ears, lips... practically EVERY place on him! lol

7.) Do you watch porn? How does your significant other feel about that?

That would be a YES! And, Yummy joins in with me. I've had many pple tell me that "a couple who plays together, stays together." I really believe that - my Ex-H would have NEVER watched porn with me - it's just not something a guy does with his wife is what I would get told. Like HE knows anything! lol

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

TMI Tuesday

1. When was the last time someone hit on you? What went down? According to Yummy, it happens ALL the time. I guess, it would have to be Sunday night at our friend's get together. Two of the guys that were there were flirting pretty heavy. I'm kinda oblivious to stuff like this. I just take it as someone being nice - that's what got me in 'trouble' with Yummy. ~wink, wink~

But I'd like to think it was back when I was hanging with Luke Bryan and the flirting the insued that night... ~smiling~

2. If you were single and could be with any one person, who would it be (thinking singer/actor or someone famous here, but whatever)? Hmm... that's a tough one because typically famous pple aren't all that they're cracked up to be. I'd have to say that if I was single, I'd still choose Yummy. He's the one person that truly 'gets' me. But if I have to pic a famous person, then I'd go with my new obsession of Luke Bryan ~ he's just delicious... ;)

3. Have you ever had done anything sexual in your office or your place of employment? Nope... come on I teach at a school. Do you know what kind of scandal that would cause if it was found out?

4. Do you apologize when you make a mistake? How do you react when someone calls you out? That is one thing that I do DO... if I'm in the wrong, I'll admit it and apologize. I'm usually okay with someone calling me out on it as long as it's in a constructive manner.

5. Top or bottom? This could be talking about many things... my first thought was to say top because I like to be in control... just ask Yummy. ~blushing~

Bonus (as in optional): Bonus: How old were you when you first had a willing sexual experience? I was a later bloomer in this compared to many of my girlfriends in school. I was 17 and a junior in high school when I had my first 'real' boyfriend.

Do you kiss and tell? Come play along and let us know in the comments. Make sure you check out what everyone had to share this week over at TMI Tuesday.

Monday, September 1, 2008

A Little Bit Country...

I guess, I'm getting caught up on my posting. Before school started for me, I had the chance to go to a huge concert in my hometown that featured several up and coming country stars. And, because Yummy has connections, I was able to meet several, hang back stage the entire concert and have dinner with two of the singers. What a night... Here's the pictures and videos for some (in case you don't know who they are or what they sing)...

This is me with Monte (I think) Pyle - songwriter for James Otto, Rascal Flatts, Keith Urban to name a few. Yummy called me and when my ringtone sounded, Monte recognized the Rascal Flatts song. Starting our conversation of what a huge fan I am so he did the ultimate and called the gang so I could talk to Joe Don. Unfortunately (or probably fortunately for Joe Don) he didn't answer but Monte had me leave a message. I'm sure Joe Don's thinking what a crazy person. LOL

This is my FAVE... I'm pictured with Luke Bryan. He's one tall drink of water! What eye candy for a Sunday afternoon! He's such a jokester... we had a great time hanging out. He took my phone when I was talking to my little sis and talked to her and joked around with her. That just set her over the moon!

James Otto on stage. He's another tall drink of water standing at 6'5" and oh, about 270!

And last but not least... Gary Allan. Didn't get to hang with him but was back stage when he came on. I guess, from what I hear, he's not much into greeting the fans after the tragedy a few years ago with his wife. But, still another great eye candy for a Sunday.

After the concert, Yummy and I went back to our friend's restaurant that we helped prepare dinner for James and his band. And, who just happened to be there when I walked in but Luke Bryan. He came to join all of us for dinner so I got hang out some more with him, Monte and James. I swear, if I could have taken Luke home, I would have but don't think Yummy would have liked it too much. lol But, OMG... he's one yummy site. ;) What a star struck night! It's nice to have friends in high places... ~wink, wink~

Saturday, August 30, 2008

The Big Easy Recap...

No, I didn't fall off the face of the earth contrary to what Os make think. I'm still around just, well... busy with the teaching stuff. Trying to make sure that I build a relationship with my students as my principal put nicely in my evaluation from last year. Something he says I didn't have with my students from last year - *ahem* I'd like to say I did have a relationship with them... they hated me and it was mutual. ~wink~

Any who... I thought since I've been very neglectful at posting since school has begun for me that I'd post some of the NOLA pics from July that I've been saying I would do and haven't gotten around to doing.

This five foot (or so) alligator was in the Jazz Funeral store on Bourbon Street. It's the closest I'll be getting to a live a alligator thank you very much!

Yummy took my pic in one of the millions of Mardi Gras masks that can be found along the way. But it wasn't until after we left this store and went into oh, IDK, a thousand others that we noticed a sign in all of them saying not to take pictures of the masks. Ooops!

I just couldn't resist since I *am* the Cat's Meow. ~wink~ This was the karaoke bar that we hung out in on Saturday night. As you can see in my right hand, I was on my way to enjoying an adult libation of some kind of slushie drink with 191 proof something or other...

The street performers were very prominent along Bourbon Street.

Yummy got in on the act.

Okay, this picture is after I had finished my first slushie drink... remember the 191 proof and started on a Hurricane this time before I had anything to eat since oh, IDK... 8:30 a.m. Yummy and I ate at Pat O'Brien's for lunch seeking out some good gumbo and there were TONS of pigeons around and this nest just happened to be above where we were sitting. Me in my not so sober state decided I wanted a picture of the baby pigeon. I'm surprised it wasn't a scene straight out of Hitchcock's The Birds.

Yummy and I in the garden patio at Pat O'Brien's.

Dinner at Redfish Grill. I was still drunk from earlier in the day even and decided this guy was too cute to eat. He needed to be immortalized in pictures.

An original structure in the "Red Light District" from long ago. The red light still hangs outside. It's now part of a hotel but this is the bar.

The sign says it all...

And one of the he/she or shims as the locals call them... I tried to get a better picture but didn't want to make it too obvious as to what I was doing. I swear some of them have bigger 'girls' than what I do! Yummy wouldn't let me go ask where they put their man parts because some of them had on thongs or g-strings... When I'm drunk... the questions just start flowing... ~wink~

On Sunday, we headed over to Royale Street for breakfast at Brennan's. This is a must when visiting the French Quarter. We ate and drank too much but it was well worth it! This is their garden patio and taken in front of the turtle pond. The waiter (and all the wait staff were male) made sure to tell us that these were not the same turtles used in the turtle soup that Yummy had to eat.

After breakfast, we headed back to the French Market to do a little shopping but on the way back that afternoon to the hotel, a local pointed out Brad & Angelina's house and Nicolas Cage's here. While I was taking the pic, another local came out of his townhouse that I was standing in front of to inform me that I just missed Nic leaving with his son. So, like any good stalker would do, Yummy and I went into the corner market bought a bottle of Beam and stood on the corner waiting to see if the guy was full of it... I swear we looked like a couple of vagabonds... Never saw Nic but later it was confirmed that he was in town to shoot a movie. This house is the site of some grisly torture and murders by Madame LaLaurie. She was an elite socialite of the 1800s and loved to throw lavish cocktail parties. It was during one of these parties, a fire started in the house. As the fireman were trying to put it out, in the attic was discovered a medieval torture chamber where she and her physician husband performed crude operations on their slaves. Many slaves were found chained to the wall, disfigured by the cruel medical experiments.

Brad & Angelina's house...

Our last night on Bourbon Street, we ate at K Paul's. The restaurant was founded by Chef Paul Prudhomme (Yummy has met him several times). This was the best food for dinner on the whole trip! The gumbo search had ended. Here we're pictured with the Executive Chef and Sous Chef from K Paul's.

Everywhere you walked down Bourbon Street you had your choice of what kind of dancers you wanted to see... We ended up choosing the cabaret club. (Sorry no pics of it) But as it was explained to us... the cabaret club is different from strip clubs because they don't have a pole and the girls are much prettier. I'd have to agree with that one! All the others either had girls that weren't attractive or their boobs were much smaller than mine. Why should I pay to see something smaller than my own? Anyway, I treated Yummy to a lap dance that I learned a few things from... this gal was doing some acrobatics on his lap... she ended up flipping herself so her... well, you can figure it out... was right in Yummy's face. I swear, if I had pen & paper with me, I would have been scribbling down notes on how to do it!

Before heading to the cabaret club and after K Paul's, we headed down or up to Bourbon House for some after dinner cocktails. This is Perry (on left) and Larry (on right) the oyster shuckers. They shucked oysters right at the bar while you sat there. They were great entertainment for the evening.

This is Alex, our bartender at Bourbon House. He was great! We sat down and ordered... he made me the BEST martinis EVER. Pineapple Upside Down, Blueberry Muffin and Raspberry Cheesecake... not all together sillies... And, he kept the bourbon flowing for Yummy. He and Jen, the server for the night (in the pic below), were like brother-sister and fought... did a little kung fu action on each other... we closed the bar down with them. Alex, ended up sharing his nightly shift drink with us.

Last but not least.... Jen from Bourbon House.

As you can see, we had a great time... these are just some of the highlights that I had good pictures of. We stayed at The Prince Conti Hotel around the corner from Bourbon Street, hit the French Market a few days, went on the VooDoo tour one night and learned a lot about voodoo and NOLA, ate breakfast at Cafe DuMonde for some beignets with a TON of powder sugar... I swear I had it all of me that it looked like I spilled my line of all over me (not that I would know what that's like). Just sayin'...

We can't wait to go back again but maybe next time, we'll hit it when it's not 105 plus degrees outside.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008



Wanna know what the heck is with all this nekkid-ness? Go check it over at Os's...
Wow, what a whirlwind of a week and it's on Thursday. Monday was the first day back in the classroom for me and I've been there non-stop. Today was the first student day and I'd have to say that it went well. I am so pleased with the students after just the first day. Many from last year have matured over the summer - thank goddess! But we'll see as the year progress.
My final day of 'freedom' was spent at a country music fest in my hometown. It was a lot of fun! I was able to be back stage the ENTIRE concert due to Yummy helping with dinner for James Otto. I was able to meet Luke Bryan (and damn, he's one tall drink of water!), get my picture with him... teasingly flirt with him, AND had dinner with him and James and James' band! I was also able to meet a songwriter from Nashville that writes for Keith Urban, James Otto & Rascal Flatts to name a few. When I told him that I'm a BIG Rascal Flatts fan, he called Joe Don from the group (unfortunately, Joe Don did not answer but Monte had me leave a message for him!) What a once in a lifetime chance! Especially for a country girl living in the big city! Watch for pictures in the upcoming days along with pics from New Orleans.
I'm off to write 3 tests for my math students for tomorrow... it may be hit and miss for blogging until I get a grip on being back in school.

Wednesday Weirdness...

Okay, better late than never... first day of school with students and I haven't had one minute to look at any blogs let alone blog myself. Uugghh... Well, enjoy the Wednesday Weirdness.

1. Is there anything hanging from your vehicle's rear view mirror? No... can't stand things hanging from there... gets in my way.

2. When you go into the bathroom, do you ever check behind the shower curtain? You know, to make sure no one is miraculously hiding back there. Haven't in IDK how long...

3. At what age did your mom or dad give you "the talk" about sex? I actually don't remember when my mom gave me "the talk."

4. If you could add anything at all to an airplane to make trips more interesting, what would it be and why? Okay... Yummy says in-flight blow jobs but that doesn't help me any but that would make for an interesting trip. lol

5. What is one thing you and your significant other can never seem to agree on? Really there's not too much we don't agree on... but if I have to put something down, then it would be the number of shoes I have in my closet... I'm a shoe whore!!

6. Have you ever walked in on someone else having sex? How did you and the people involved react? Can't say that I have but I probably did back in the fraternity party days. ;)

7. Everyone hears discussions that they consider boring. What is one topic that can put you to sleep quicker than any other? I'm brain dead tonight after spending a day with teenagers so I honestly can't think of anything.

Seriously... I think I have the lamest answers this week... but anyways, go check out Wednesday Weirdness.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

HNT ~ Finale of Biker Babe Series...

(shhh... clickety-click)


The finale in the Biker Babe series... are you all sick of these pics yet?
****Random Thoughts****
Wow! What a week. I've just got a few days before my first day back in the classroom. Yikes! I'm not in the least bit ready. I've been going down a little at a time to get it ready. The room got painted... check. It's no longer this baby green/yellow color. It now resembles a tropical seaside with blues and a touch of flamingo pink! Come on... I AM a girl. ~wink~
My homeroom has ONLY 9 students in it. Can we say why the fuck is this school open? But, at least I have a job!
Here's the 'To D0' list for the remaining days of summer...
~ finish putting together the classroom by Tuesday
~ label the Princes school supplies
~hunt for the 'perfect' wedding dress
~ laundry
~clean the house (dust, sweep, etc.)
~finish writing the good old annulment and get it to the priest
~lesson plans for first week of school
~try to get just one of my assignments done for my correspondence class in physics. Yes, PHYSICS people... need I say more?
~clean out the basement (it's an on-going project over the last year)
~oh, yeah... and spend as much time with Yummy as possible before school starts. with both working opposite shifts, it's hard. We really only see each other one night a week and on Sundays when school's in session.
~party with friends on Sunday afternoon/night and attend the countryfest concerts here locally
I know there is more that should be on the list but at this point... I'll never get done what needs to get done.
Make sure you visit all the others that get half-nekkid over at Os' place!

Wednesday Weirdness ~ The Ex Files

Thanks to Another Suburban Mom for the questions... yesterday we were talking romance and today ex's. Hmm... I wonder what's next?

1. When your relationships end, are you the instigator of the breakup or the recipient? The last relationship the instigator. Been married almost 8 years to the wrong man and *finally* had the courage/strength to get out with the help/support of Yummy and some very dear friends.

2. Do you save things from your ex, or get rid of them? If you save them, how? If you trash them, how? Usually, I trash them by ripping them to shreds, burning them, etc. But, this time around... I saved pictures because having 3 princes with the ex, I felt they should have pictures of that time. My mom did the same thing for me when she and my dad split. **BUT, none of these pictures is out except for one in my youngest princes bedroom of when his first pumpkin picking outing. I think, it's more that he likes the cool 3-D frame that I put the picture in.

3. Describe your favorite ex? A favorite ex? Is that possible... I guess, that would be the last guy I dated my sr. year in HS. We remained friends and still hung out together. He lives in another state now and I really miss seeing him when I go back home. I see his family sometimes and they're *always* so welcoming.

4. Do you consider a friend's ex off limits? Depends... I guess, I've really never dated a friend's ex. I always figured that they were an ex for a reason and since my friends and I have somewhat of similar 'taste' in men. But, if you consider now with Yummy... his ex-wife and I are best friends and hang out when we can. That would probably be a NO.

5. Have you ever had sex with an ex? Why? Ahh... duh. That's what break-up sex is all about. Why? IDK.... because I needed one more reminder of why I no longer wanted to be with this person.

6. If you had a choice between spending the rest of your life with your worst ex-boyfriend/ex-girlfriend, or your HS Nemesis, who would you choose? Do I really have to choose? I really wouldn't want to do either but since I *have* to, I'd choose my HS Nemesis. But only since I have to choose. ~wink~

7. Would you ever create a YouTube video or a website celebrating your exes' flaws? I guess, that's what I did when I started my first blog. My girlfriend, The Professor, suggested that I start blogging as way to vent about what was happening such as the ex-h video taping the condition of the house, all my clothing and make commentary about it, and oh, yeah... showing my dirty panties to the video camera! That's how he was coined PS for pantie sniffer back in the days. LOL

Well, hookers... have a great hump day. I'm heading out to work in the classroom to get it ready for the first day of school. Yikes! Oh, and make sure that you go and check out Wednesday Weirdness thanks to Amorous Rocker and Macabre Girl.