Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Greetings to You and Yours

Wishing you and your family a blessed and wonderful Christmas.

Christmas Meme...

In the spirit of Christmas and giving some holiday fluff... Enjoy this Christmas meme that I stole from Maggie.

Favorite Christmas…

01. Non-Jesus-related song?

"Winter Wonderland"

02. Jesus-related song?

"First Noel" or "Do You Hear What I Hear?"

03. Santa-related song?

"Santa Baby"

04. Fictional character?

Hermie from Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer

05. Dinner’s main course?

We don't really do dinner - we always have Christmas brunch with pancakes, french toast, bacon, scrambled eggs and if I'm feeling really inspired to cook, sausage & grits for Yummy

06. Dinner’s dessert?

Any and all please!

07. Scent (pine, gingerbread, candles…)?

Fresh pine, cookies baking in the oven, hot cocoa

08. Animated movie?

Really all the ones from when I was a kid but my fave is Rudolph!

09. Non-animated movie?

That's an easy one - "It's a Wonderful Life", "The Holiday" and "A Christmas Story"

10. Personal memory?

Hmm... I have two. The first when I was about 6 and my step-dad got me a teddy bear that was named Benny. I still have the bear (and no I don't sleep with it). It was so special to me because I received it from one of his trips to the air reserve base and he'd been gone for some time but it became my replacement for my beloved Snoopy dog that I wore out and he had no stuffing.

The second was Christmas 2006 - I should say two days before when Yummy proposed. I was making pies for him to take to his kitchen crew and he came home all weird and nervous. After his shower, he came to the kitchen and wrapped his arms around me, started telling me how much he loved me and asking me a BUNCH of questions (remember I did say weird. lol) at this point I KNEW something was up and when I turned around to ask him what the hell was up with him, he was down on one knee with the most beautiful ring! A Christmas to remember when your prince charming asks you to be his princess!

11. Story/Fairy Tale?

Twas the Night Before Christmas - we read it EVERY Christmas Eve whether the princes and I are together or not. It's a tradition! If they're at the ex's, I call them and we do it over the phone because we can't go without reading it together!

This or That

12. Candy cane or peppermint patties?

Candy Canes

13. Sugar or gingerbread cookies?

Definitely sugar with icing and sprinkles!

14. Tinsel or beaded strands?

Really neither - tinsel and dogs don't mix well and I used to do beads but the trees about the princes and our memories we hang on it.

15. Multi-colored or same-colored lights?

multi-colored like I had when I was a kid

16. Flashing or still lights?


17. Wreaths or mistletoe/holly?


18. Rudolph or Frosty?

Rudolph of course!

19. Sledding or snowball fights?

Both but it seems the snowball fights are what happen during the winter. ;-)

.20. Snow or ice/icicles?


21. Snow hat or earmuffs?


22. Getting or giving?

I love giving but getting is also a plus. :-)

23. Snow days or plow trucks?

Duh! I'm a teacher - SNOW DAYS!!!

24. Stockings or presents?

Both because stockings usually have the smaller presents. ;-)

25. Cookies & milk or letter to Santa?

all of the above, of course!

26. Christmas Eve or Christmas Day?

Both! But Christmas Day seems to not be my fave especially the years that the princes spend the ENTIRE day at the ex's even though he NEVER celebrated on this day until he met me and celebrated with my family!! UUgghh... what a way to be a Grinch and steal Christmas from me and the princes each year!

27. Log Burning Channel or real thing?

Real thing, of course!

28. Cards or emails?

Cards but emails also let you know that you are thought of.

29. Shoveling or cleaning off the car?

Neither - that's why there's snow blowers!

30. The Inn’s manger or the animals?


31. Mary & Joseph or The Wise Men?


32. Hot cocoa or eggnog?

Cocoa but a good rum eggnog is a plus!

33. Jack Frost or Little Drummer Boy?

Little Drummer Boy

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas Wishes ~ HNT

Well, this will be the only HNT that I participate in this year. With the craziness of my life happenings at the current time, I opted a year ago to fore go posting any pics until things calmed down. I'm hoping that I will be able to return to the fun of it all soon. But as tradition from Os has it... it's time to give (virtually that is) to fellow bloggers. Here goes...

Wish #1 - goes to the man himself, Os. For you, I wish you good health and fortune for the upcoming year. You gave all of us a scare earlier this fall. Know that you are loved and adored by many. *muah* PLUS... a Thin Mint Blizzard (because we know it's one of your faves!)

Wish #2 - For M... another blogger that I had the chance to meet last year (thanks to Os!) and has had a rough year to say the least. I wish you patience to deal with your ex and know that you are the best mom that your kiddos could ever ask for! You continue to be strong for yourself and for them.

Wish #3 - This one goes out to Maggie. She's not a fellow HNT'er but she deserves something special this year. She moved back to civilization as she puts it last year at this time and has had some ups & downs over the past year... so for Maggie, I give her a Venti Peppermint Mocha from our fave place to hang, a personalized reading nook in Barnes & Noble complete with your very own comfy chair (in pink of course!)

"And as he drove out sight he exlaimed, Merry Christmas to All and to All a Good Night!"

Update... (I actually forgot to title this last night. DUH!)

Well, the prince is up and can walk down the stairs! That's a HUGE improvement from yesterday when I had to carry him every.freakin'.place! But nothing I would do for my little man but geez, he's getting to weigh a ton. lol

The has been fairly productive with the prince being so sick. I did manage to get all but 3 of the 18 pies finished and the buckeyes are rolled and ready for dipping. Oh, yeah and I made a trek to the pediatrician's office to pick a up a letter stating that the prince was indeed ill with pneumonia and had travel restrictions. No joke here people!

You see... the parenting coordinator that the ex and I have been working with to improve communication between the two of us (and that has yet to happen!) wants to meet with all 3 princes over the holiday break. Typically wouldn't be an issue but she is a nut case, unprofessional and would do more damage than good to the princes. My attorney and I were hoping that with the prince being sick that she would not push the issue but NO - that wasn't the case. She emailed today requesting dates for the next 2 weeks and I again informed her as I did yesterday that he was ill with pneumonia and it wasn't appropriate to schedule a meeting at this time.

Needless to say, the ex and she decided otherwise and went ahead with the plan for her to interview the boys next week. So, I spent my morning calling the dr. office to get a note confirming the prince's dx and what restrictions he has at the current time. Dropped it off at the attorney for him to send an email to the coordinator letting her know that it appears that she and the ex do not believe me about the prince and that they should follow the dr. restriction.

It didn't go over well with either of them but I'm thinking too freakin' bad people! I'm his mom and I am the one taking care of him and the last I checked, I do KNOW what's best for my prince! Obviously, not the ex who carts the same prince off to a waterpark only days after breaking a 103 degree fever from the swine flu!!! Ahem, yup.

So, we'll see what happens at this point. Not much I can do next when the princes go to the ex's house for the holiday next week but it wouldn't look too good for either of them to disregard his well-being and health. All I can say is neither of them have a clue!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009


1. What do present do you hope ends up under you tree? These boots by Frye

2. What is the "naughtiest" thing you have ever done under a Christmas tree? Gotten a floor burn on my back (and there's a scar to prove it!). We'll just leave it at that. ~wink, wink~

3. Do you prefer to give or receive? Do I have to choose? I LOVE to give and see the person's reaction because I put a lot of thought into each person's gift(s) and try to make sure it's something that they want or are interested BUT I also like to receive because it's so exciting for me to open the gifts from the boys and Yummy - they all try so hard and they are usually right on with their gifts.

4. What is your favorite part of a sexual partner's body? Wow, we've gone from Christmas questions to sex questions... I'd have to say the curve of Yummy's neck - it's one of the spots that drives him crazy.
5. What is your favorite part of your body - the one you hope a sexual partner will find or pay the most attention to? The small of my back and the curve of my neck.

Bonus (as in optional): [Idea blatantly stolen from Os and his HNT wishes.] What Christmas wishes would you grant and to whom? To my middle prince - his health. He's battling a nasty bout of pneumonia right now and we're praying that he stays out of the hospital. To my oldest prince - the calmness of just knowing that his dad is the way he is and there's nothing that any of us can do to change that. And for the youngest prince - all the Lego sets... hey, he IS 6!
***Daily Recap***
Well, the middle prince spiked a 102 fever last night, got sick and complained of his chest hurting. He woke up (I should say I woke him up to check on him at 9 a.m.) with labored breathing, retraction of his chest and horrendous chest pain PLUS a 103 fever! Off to the dr. we went for them to confirm what I knew already that he had pneumonia. Gave him a shot of Rocephin (not sure if I spelled it right), checked his oxygen level, gave us a scrip for zithromax and sent us off for a chest x-ray. Had to take him in a wheelchair because he was SO weak that he couldn't walk! He couldn't stand to do the x-ray so I had to hold him up on the stool for them to take the x-ray! Got home and he's been in bed asleep since about 12:30 today! If he's not getting better by tomorrow then I have to take him to the ER for him to be admitted. Let's hope that doesn't happen!
Oldest prince is spending the day with Grandma after his server training at church. Grandma called and said she would bring him back sometime tonight. Glad he's enjoying his one-on-one time with Grandma!
I did get 7 sugar cream pies made today and would have more but I ran out of cornstarch. I ONLY have 11 more to go so Yummy can take them to work for his kitchen crew for the holidays. They requested the pies this year. lol I did get the caramel/toffee/chocolate pretzels done this morning before we were able to go to the dr. office. Now, I just have the rest of the pies, finish the buckeyes, snickerdoodles & chocolate crinkles to do. There is 3 days left until Christmas and oh, yeah... I do have all the wrapping to do still. I think, I need to put on the supermom cape pretty soon. lol
Hope everyone has a rockin' Tuesday!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Tis the Season

First day of Christmas break (officially) and the princes are off and tormenting each other. I leave this morning to take the dog to the groomers which is literally 5 minutes down the road and they start in as soon as the garage door starts. OY! It's going to be a long day and I am foreseeing some mommy cocktails in the near future. lol

Seriously, a completely insane day with groomers, dr. appt. & a little shopping with the princes plus holiday baking. I *adore* holiday baking! Chocolate crinkles, snickerdoodles in red & green sugars, carmel/chocolate pretzels, and the to die for peanut butter balls doused in chocolate! YUM-O!

I'll check in later to let you all know if I survived the baking with princes with or without adult libations. ;-)


We have the carmel/chocolate pretzels in the fridge along with the buckeyes but now I'm adding to the list taking care of a sick kiddo. The middle Prince has come down with a mysterious 102 degree fever, cough and a sore throat (a little as he puts it). He's been in bed sleeping since 4 p.m. I swear I will have a Christmas meltdown if he has that nasty flu AGAIN!! I'm praying that it's a fast moving illness and he's not down for the holidays but on the bright side - better he gets sick while he's with me for the week rather than the ex's house! Nothing like having momma around. ;-)

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Dear Santa

Dear Santa,

I've been a very good girl this year. So I am hoping that you will put these underneath the Christmas tree this year.
  • I've found these great "go with everything" boots by Frye... Size 7 1/2 please.

I'll make sure to leave your favorite cookies and eggnog out.



Saturday, December 19, 2009

Being Married to a Chef Isn't All Glam

What is with people and the notion that being married to a chef is glamorous? Newsflash... I'm here to tell ya - it's far from glamour. I know it's hard to believe!

I was out doing a little Christmas shopping and stopped into one of my fave stores to peruse it for Yummy to let him know if he should head in there or not for his holiday shopping. I asked if they would be open on Sunday - this is his ONLY day off as he works 12-15 hours, 6 days a week. Of course the store isn't open on Sunday but the sales person asked if I wanted to pick things out for them to hold and he could run in on his break and pick them up. Break!?! What break? Then she asked, "Well, doesn't he have just 10 minutes that he can run in and pick up some packages?" At this point, I had to nicely explain to her that she really didn't understand that what little time he has is very valuable and when he's running a restaurant that is now doing lunch for the 4 weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas and running 200+ covers at lunch and 350+ for dinner that he doesn't have 10 minutes to leave the restaurant since when one shift gets done, he starts prepping for the next let alone time to eat or sit down! The owner of the store was there and she somewhat got it as she knows how busy the restaurant is during the holidays but I just thought to myself - what a naive person.

Besides Yummy not having time to shop for the holidays, I literally see him for 10 minutes in the morning before I leave for school and then an hour when he gets home and before I go to bed. Then there are the times that I am in bed before he gets home because I just can't stay awake any longer.

Not to mention the holidays that I spend alone... Yummy works on Easter, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Fourth of July, Christmas Eve, New Year's Eve and Valentine's Day. We're fortunate that the restaurant is closed on Thanksgiving and Christmas! It's a grand time spending the holidays alone and having people pity you because your husband is working.

Don't get me wrong - I love my husband beyond words can express. I wouldn't have him change for anything in the world. I stand tall and proud when I tell people what my husband does for a living. I'm not complaining about my life -it just amazes me at how some people do not think about what it's really like. They just don't get what it takes to run a restaurant and the downside to it.

So yes - being married to a chef is just glamorous.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

TMI - better late than never

1. Which is more important of the two in "chemistry," physical attractiveness or emotional attractiveness? Definitely the emotional attractiveness is the most important of the two. Not that physical attractiveness isn't important but when it's all said and done, the emotional connection/fire that you have with a person is what keeps everything going!

2. On a scale from 1-10, how kinky are you? Seriously?!? I have to rate myself? I'd like to say at least 5 or higher but I wouldn't be honest with myself. I think the 'desire' is there for more but schedules doesn't always permit it happening. I'm happy with a 5 since it's much higher than when I was married the first time around. ~wink, wink~

3. Sitting on Santa's lap... fun or creepy? I'd have to go with creepy - an old, grandpa looking Santa does not make me want to sit on his lap. YUCK!

4. Have you ever fallen asleep or passed out during sex? I think there were times I wish I had when I was married to EH. That may have helped the situation. lol But I'd have to say I never have.

5. Do you wear socks to bed? Do I have to be honest here? Okay - I have worn socks to bed. It depends on the weather outside and if it's freezing and the house is cold and I'm just not warm, then I wear them to bed because if I'm too cold (and my feet are ALWAYS cold), I can't sleep. Is that okay or totally unsexy? Seriously, it is totally unsexy but that's the farthest thing from my mind when I'm freezing to death and it's time for bed. lol

Bonus: What is your greatest strength? My intuitive nature - I can read people almost to a tee and get a good grip on a situation just by watching/listening. And as my princes would say my total super coolness as a mom. Gotta love 'em. Weakness? I have several - my princes, my family, the love of my life... if I think that any of them are being hurt then I hold true to my scorpion sign - I make a better friend but if I think you've hurt me or someone I love then watch out. Oh yeah... and my incessant need to always think the best of people and give them the benefit of the doubt when I've been burned several times. I really have to stop this.

Update on Noah...

Just wanted to give everyone an update on Noah, the little boy in Michigan who was diagnosed with neuroblastoma.

I recently found out that Noah passed away on November 23rd. Please keep his family in your prayers during this holiday season as you are surrounded by your own children and loved ones.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Family, Friends, Food & Long Weekend

I love this time of year... the hustle and bustle, gathering with family & friends, cooking, shopping, the lights... you name it, I *heart* it!

  • Wednesday spent the evening with the Princes downtown viewing the lighting of the Santa & Reindeer on the bank building along with the big lighted wreath on another building. Then we walked several more blocks and went to view a festival of decorated trees. These just aren't any trees - these are over the top decorated by local people/groups and sponsored by another group. Each local sports team had a tree decorated and their mascots were there to kick off the event. Santa & Mrs. Claus were a hit. The youngest Prince saw Santa and gave him a small list. ~wink, wink~ We ended the night with dinner at Logan's Roadhouse. The Princes love this place if only for the peanuts! lol
  • Thursday was a lazy start to the day since we were heading to Thanksgiving lunch. Yummy made an awesome salad with pork belly croutons while I roasted brussels sprouts and topped with a hazelnut & sage butter with a hint of honey. We spent a nice afternoon with family having good food & plenty of wine. ;-)
  • I attempted to hit the black Friday sales at midnight at the local Toys 'r Us but the line when I got to the store was 300+ people. No kidding! The store called the local police for crowd control because people were lining up on both sides of the store. The sales weren't that sensational for me to fight this angry mob (err... I mean crowd). So, back home I went to bed.
  • I did go out Friday but not until 4 hours after the stores opened. I did get some good deals and finished my shopping for the princes. WooHoo!!
  • Friday night was spent with the Princes and Yummy playing board games. Connect 4 was a huge hit along with Uno Attack.
  • Today's been the usual laundry, cleaning in preparation for the big tree decorating tomorrow.
  • Looking forward to tomorrow afternoon when I get to see my mom. She's moving back!!! I'm so excited because sometimes you just need your mom. :)

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Is a 'healthy' divorce possible?

What a week! I'm just plain tired of dealing with an ex-husband who just doesn't get it. I had a two hour meeting with him and the parenting coordinator FINALLY to begin working on proper communication techniques so maybe, just maybe, I can have a productive post-divorce relationship with him. Hmm... at this point I don't think that will ever happen but you can be the judge of the matter.

During the meeting again - he did not take any responsibility for anything that has transpired. I was 'forced' into explaining each and every issue that I have with him while he was not required to do so by the coordinator. I'm thinking at this point that he's being favored. Then when I brought up the issue of him not giving me first right of refusal when it comes to him needing a babysitter for the kids and him saying he ALWAYS does this, I reminded him of the 3 times that he has never notified me that he would be having a sitter and did not give me the opportunity to decline spending more time with my kids. The biggest was when he went into the hospital on Easter morning at about 2 a.m. He had enough sense about him to call our son's godfather, gather all of their school belongs, coats, clothes they had worn to his house that needed to be returned to me, their shoes and place them all in an OCD line up by the front door so his friend would not have to hunt for anything. I was notified at 6 a.m. that morning when I received a phone call by his friend telling me to come get my kids so he could get home and explained that the ex was in the hospital but he had not heard from him. WTF??? I was not called and it's VERY black and white in the states outline and it doesn't say that if you're having a heart attack you don't have to call (oh, and he didn't have a heart attack just an irregular heartbeat probably from the uppers that he takes but unfortunately I can't prove that he does but I have heard from people that he pops 'something'.). But when I relayed this to him and the coordinator, he said that he didn't want to deal with the stress of calling me. *Ahem* excuse me but you are required by law idiot to do so regardless of the situation. If he would have called me I would have told him that was fine and to have his friend call me in the morning. (Does this sound unreasonable?) But to top it off, the coordinator looked at him and said she was understanding that he decided not to because he didn't want to stress himself out because he said he felt the need to protect himself. Again WTF??? Protect himself from what?

Then on Friday afternoon the youngest prince received 'student of the month' at school and was given the award at church. We both received an email from the school 3 weeks ago asking for his shirt size which I responded to. I went to the mass as well did the ex and the prince's step-dad. All the princes sat with me and their step-dad during the mass after we had asked if they wanted to sit with us, their dad or their class. They chose us. I did not see the ex come in or see where he was sitting in the full church because of the ENTIRE school being there for this. After the service, the princes were asked if they wanted to go see their dad and they said 'no' because he was going to pick them up at the parking lot after school. Well, okay then. I walked the youngest prince to his class and the older two went to their classrooms to get their things for dismissal. I walked out with all 3 princes to the parking lot because I needed to give cub scout shirts to the ex for today's raingutter regatta.

After giving the shirts to the ex, he asked if I would call him to discuss what happened today. What the hell? He went on to tell me that I robbed him of enjoying the mass with his sons! I about fell over. He received the SAME notification as I did. He was there. He made no attempt to have the princes sit with him. Blah, blah, blah...

This morning I get an email from the coordinator with an email forwarded from the ex regarding the church incident. He complained that I did not cc him on the shirt size email as he found out from the school that I had responded. He complained that I snatched the boys and how he was saving seats for all of us and how we sat where there was no room for him. Ok, pple... when we came in the church was FULL. Seriously, there were 2 spots with enough room for us to sit. We did not see him and IF he did see us, why did he not come over to us or motion to get my attention? Hmm... He continued to complain about the youngest prince coming back after the award to sit with me and how he could not enjoy the award with him. If he wanted the prince to sit with him, then why did HE not get up and come meet the prince when he was returning from receiving the award? The list goes on and on.

He also complained about being forbidden as he put it from his son's birthday party at MY house that I was paying for!!! The reason that he is not allowed in MY house is that he has over the last year started to become physically assaulting to me when we are in the same area and have any exchange that he does not like. He has shoved me into doors, thrown water bottles at me and slammed my truck door into my shoulder and leg as I was trying to get out of my truck. Hmm... PLUS, my attorney has told me that if I am paying for an event then I do not have to invite the ex to it and I was advised that I needed to stay away from him because of the potential risk.

He also complained in the email about me telling him and his girlfriend (and I use this term loosely) that they could not sit beside me at soccer games. I have endured 2 seasons of them plopping their asses down right beside me, talking about me like I am not there when he and I have discussed something because she ALWAYS has her two cents AND SERIOUSLY, WHY WOULD SHE WANT TO SIT BESIDE THE EX-WIFE? So, I nicely explained to him that the kids could run down to where he was sitting prior to picking up all their shit and moving it right behind my freakin' chair to where I had to step over them to get to it IF the princes wanted to either a) see them or b) sit with him. From what the oldest prince tells me that before I got back to my seat, the ex came over and started moving all of my shit to make room for him and his girlfriend. Okay, seriously... not cool. They got pissed, she made a comment to me about her not having a problem with sitting with me and they moved back to where they were at. But according to him, I yelled at him and it was embarrassing for them. Well, gee... according to the therapist and attorney, they do not get to sit with me UNLESS I am OK with it. Guess what asshole, I AM NOT OKAY WITH IT!!!

Oh yeah... and the last thing is that he is pissed that the school or daycare (that I pay for) calls me first and notifies me of things with the princes. He thinks that he should have the opportunity to be notified instead of me well, the ONE and ONLY time the school did that when one of the princes left school sick and he picked them up at 10 a.m., I wasn't notified by the ex until 6.5 hours later that my son had left school! So all day, I was thinking that my son was at school! This is why the school is told to call me no matter what and let me know PLUS I am the custodial parent according the divorce paper work. DUH!!

So, now... I get to meet this Tuesday with the ex and coordinator to begin a series of 4 meetings to try to help with the communication issues and discuss all of his concerns! What the fuck? What about my concerns? I guess those will get tabled for this first meeting and I will get to tell him off or I'll completely get my ass handed to me by the coordinator. But I have a feeling that it will be to court we go soon...

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Under the Weather

Hmpf... Someone should have said when I got the freakin' seasonal flu shot yesterday that I may experience *ahem* some side affects. Side affects my ass... this shot kicked my butt. I was sitting at dinner with the princes at Applebee's when it just hit. I swear. I thought I was going to die. By the time I got home, I had all the joint aches, body aches, nausea... you name it, I had it.

Thankfully, the princes were a big help and pretty much put themselves to bed and I curled up on the couch and fell asleep until Yummy came home from work. I ended up in bed and slept until 8:30 this morning.

The thing is... I get the seasonal flu shot EVERY YEAR and nothing like this has EVER happened! So, what was so different with this year's recipe? I'm praying that I don't get the seasonal flu because if it is anything like what I experienced last night, then someone else can have it.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

TMI Tuesday

Having a sick little prince at home leaves for some time to catch up on my blogging. So, here ya go...

1. I lost my virginity at 18, in the back of a car, on prom night. Where and when did you lose yours? I was 17 and it was in my boyfriend's bed. Still remember it - his bedroom windows faced the lake and we could hear the breeze coming in off the lake surprisingly over the heavy breathing. **wink, wink**

2. I think my ass is my best sexual feature. What is yours? I always thought it was my back - more specifically, the small curve of my back right above my ass but Yummy tells me that's nice but it's my boobs. He points out to me when we're out how many times they get looked at by other people. I guess, I never realized. But I still like to think it's my lower back. *grin*

3. A recurring theme in my fantasies is being slammed up against the wall. Do you have a recurring fantasy or a theme to your fantasies? Typically it involves Yummy, myself and another hot chick. Enough said.

4. I love watching guys masturbate. Do you enjoy watching others (a partner or a stranger) masturbate? I think it's a big turn on to watch Yummy masturbate. I know he likes it when I do it. I think for me... it shows how comfortable the other person is with you and that's a HUGE turn on but I definitely don't want to watch strangers doing this. No, thank you!

5. I hate when guys are quiet in bed. I like to hear you moaning as you cum. Do you like you partners quiet? Are you quiet? Before Yummy, my now Ex was ALWAYS quiet and he hated it if I wasn't. With Yummy, we fit perfectly together. **wink, wink** He's not quiet and neither am. We both love to hear the other moan. Again, it's a big turn-on.

6. I love playing with nipples. Do you having your nipples played with? I love have anything played with including my nipples. Thankfully, Yummy enjoys every aspect of them so they get played with a lot.

7. My ‘number’ is between 15 and 25. What is your 'number'? I hate to say it but I don't really know. That's sad... I would say less than 20.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Spread the Christmas Joy

After watching this link here , I have decided that my class will be trying to make a little boy's wishes come true this Christmas season. I found this on another awesome site that I just love HDW has a heart of gold and would do anything to help anyone in need. Thanks for sharing HDW!! You ROCK.

Noah's story makes you as a parent realize just how lucky you are with your own children. Make sure you tell your baby you love them, kiss them and while you're at, say a prayer for Noah and his family.

Are you interested in sending a card? Here’s the information:

From: CDC Parent’s Network – CDC [mailto:PARENTS-NETWORK@LISTSERV.CDC.GOV] On Behalf Of Jan HankinsSent: Thursday, November 05, 2009 8:53 AMTo: PARENTS-NETWORK@LISTSERV.CDC.GOVSubject: Have time to send a card to a little boy?

A friend of mine posted this on her facebook page. Her friend’s friend, Diana Harrison Biorkman has a 5yr old son, Noah, who is in the last stages of a 2 1/2yr battle with Neuroblastoma Cancer.The family is celebrating Christmas next week and Noah’s request is to get lots of Christmas cards.

Please send cards (ASAP) to: Noah Biorkman, 1141 Fountain View Circle South, Lyon, Mi 48178

Lets see how many cards we can get to this little guy!

Food, Guns, Bourbon

What a whirlwind of a weekend. After a very short work week because the middle prince was home ill, I spent the weekend dabbling in catering service. Now, don't laugh... I used to wait tables eons ago but Yummy was putting on a private catering event and needed help. I was actually invited to it but chose to go and help out.

It was a fun time... after set-up was done, we went out to the shooting range and did a little shooting. Yummy brought my Springfield 45 xd and I FINALLY was able to try it out. I didn't realize how much I missed shooting until Saturday! The guys we were shooting with even let me try out their .357 pistol! I have to say I did a fine job holding my own up against the big boys. lol

We went back in after the little shooting range expedition and fixed a 7 course meal for our friends with a plethora of wine tasting and bourbon. I forgot how tiring serving is but it was a great time working beside my fabulous husband and by helping, I did more than just serve some food - I was able to talk to one of the gals there that we know about opening a restaurant. She pulled Yummy aside before we left and told him that when we got all our ducks in a row to let her know and she'll help us get the backing that we need. YAY!!! I'm so excited - my sweetie's going to be able to fulfill his dream of owning his own restaurant!

What a fabulous weekend! Now, I'm off to a few more days off this week with the littlest prince being sick with the high fever.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

What a Day...

Now, don't anyone fall over or anything. The world is not ending because I am posting on a somewhat regular basis. It's that I'm just gettin' my groove back so to speak. I've missed posting and reading the blogs I like to follow AND I finally have free time in the evenings to write/read. ;-) The only thing that I won't be heading back to is my HNT photos quite yet - as Tug pointed out to me today that might make things better. Hmm... I miss those too. I'm hoping soon when all the legal garbage is done with the ex.

It doesn't look like it will be over anytime soon as I received an email from BOTH the ex and the parenting coordinator telling me in not so many words that for either of them to communicate with me that I needed to dismiss the pending legal filling. Hmm... let me think about it... NO!

Last night before the princes went to their father's, I took the youngest prince to the dr. because he was complaining about ear pain and after having his 4th set of ear tubes put in this summer, it was better to have the ears checked. The littlest prince was saying that he got water in his ear from his bath the night before. "Momma, YOU got water in my ear!" That's what I heard all the way to the dr.'s office. Hey, on the bright side, at least I know HE listens to what the ear dr. says - now if ONLY his father would listen about how to take care of the ear tubes we'd be all set! lol

Today was the first day back to work after being gone for 3 days with the middle prince. He's doing better and is on his way with his brothers to Ohio to a water park for the weekend with their father. I'm hoping that the trip goes well with no major issues with the oldest prince and his father. There is definitely a personality conflict there.

I spent the day reviewing with the kiddos and oh, yeah... cleaning up diarrhea. Yup, you read right... I had a kiddo right towards the end of the day after visiting the nurse several times have an "episode" in class. So, guess who got to help them get cleaned up? And this is why I teach little ones! What a welcome back!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Feed a Fever, Starve a Cold...

I think this freakin' flu bug is coming to an end for the middle prince. His fever is FINALLY gone and he's feeling "medium" - not good and not bad but just plain medium. lol We've spent since Friday evening when he came back from the ex fighting the fever or actually letting it run its course. Going to the dr. on Saturday to get told it's probably a cold or flu. Seriously, ya think! Sunday afternoon was spent at the hospital getting a chest x-ray which came back clear.

Thankfully, his fever has been gone for 48 hours now and he'll be off to school tomorrow afternoon. The entire school grades 2-8 are heading to a local event arena for an all school area mass with the Bishop. Yup, I don't think so... we don't need him coming home with some other creepy crawly.

So once I drop the older princes off at school, I'll have an afternoon to myself. What's a girl to do?

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Freakin' Halloween

It wasn't the scariest of Halloween's or maybe it was? The middle prince wasn't able to go out and plunder the neighborhood with his brothers for all the sugary treasures because he has the freakin' killer virus going around!

It started for him on Thursday with fever and by Saturday he wasn't getting any better. The fever was actually rising to just over 102 and he said he was having 'lung pain' when he coughed. Off to the dr. we went on Saturday for Doogie Howser to tell us that he had a cold or the flu. Really? No, I wouldn't have thought it was that!

So, the prince got to stay home with me while his brothers went trick-or-treating with their 'father'. He picked them up at 5:30 so they could head to his neighborhood for the start of trick-or-treating. Not a biggie but he had his girlfriend with him at MY HOUSE... this woman is no gem. Seriously, I'm glad he found someone and she suits him to a tee but what gets me is that when she's around me she has to puff out her chest and strut her stuff like she's marking her territory. I hate to tell her that I've been there, done that and don't want it. She can have him!! Uugghh...

Everything was going okay until 8 p.m. hit and the princes were to be back to me. See, I had emailed the ex earlier in the day telling him that the middle prince went to the dr. and his fever was rising and he would not be going trick-or-treating. In this email, I asked him if he would bring the other two princes back to me at the agreed upon 8 p.m. time so I wouldn't have to load up the sick one and drag him 30 minutes across town to pick up the other two princes. He responded saying he would bring them back. So...

At 8:30 p.m. the princes were not back. I sent the ex a text asking if they were on their way because at this point, I started to worry that something may have happened. I got a response back saying that they were on their way but I was suppose to pick them up at 8! WTF??? Seriously???

They got here at 8:50 p.m. The princes came in and I stepped out on the porch to talk to asshole and had the email in hand. Showed it to him and he insisted that I was to pick them up according to the original email arrangement but when I pointed out that I had emailed him earlier in the day asking for him to bring them back and he responded he would, all he said was that he had not read the 8 p.m. time and I was trying to cheat him out of time with the princes! And that he was to have them until 8 p.m. Well, if he would have returned them at 8 p.m., wouldn't he still have had them until 8? I tried to reason with him but there was none of that going to happen. He was laughing at me when I told him that he had no regard for me or ANY agreement that we made between the two of us! He told me that I couldn't do anything about this and I reminded him that he was actually in contempt. He told me to do what I wanted because it wasn't going to matter because nothing would happen and for me to have fun in court. That's when I exploded and told him that he could explain to the judge why he's such a fucking retard and wanted me to load his sick child up with a 102 degree fever to drive across town to get the other two when he was quite capable of bringing them back to me!

Uugghh... I'm home tomorrow and will be calling the attorney to insist that contempt charges be filed on the asshole because the ONLY thing that will make the asshole be accountable is actually getting him in front of a judge and making him answer for his actions!

Friday, October 30, 2009

Busy, Busy, Busy...

Wow, what a week! I'm posting a run-down and it's in bullets nonetheless...

  • Monday head back to school after the relaxing weekend (okay, mini vacation) in Michigan.
  • Tuesday a meeting after school which I open my mouth saying 'yes, I can do that' and I get handed a HUGE (I mean freakin' huge) project for the principal that has to be at the state department of education in one week!
  • Got into a tiff with Yummy over my freakin' birthday gift. I HATE celebrating my birthday - used to love it but then being married to a douche bag for 8 years who didn't put any effort or thought into gifts or celebrating MY day, it does tend to put a damper on a person's attitude toward their own birthday. Yummy tries SO hard but I had asked him not to get me a gift mainly because he likes to do things on a grand scale and money just doesn't allow for it right now since we did take a little vacation the week before. PLUS, my birthday wasn't until Thursday.
  • Got an email from the ex saying my middle prince had asked him if he was going to attend the party on Sunday. He wanted to know where his invite was! Decided to just ignore the email.
  • Thursday was my 29th birthday (again). My students made the most darling picture frame from the pottery store with their fingerprints and a class picture. I even got a Macy's gift card from one student and her family - WooHoo!!! Shopping is always a great gift. :)
  • The ex emailed me again on Thursday with a list - YES, a list of things for me to answer. At the top of the list was the damn birthday invite. I really wanted to tell him to quit being a fucking idiot and to give me a break on my birthday. But instead I answered it and told him that he was not invited to the party plus answering all his other requests.
  • I get an email from the ex telling me my middle prince is ill an hour after I told him he was not invited to the party.
  • Middle prince is VERY sick with fever, cough, sore throat, body aches... but his 'father' thinks he'll be better to go bowling the next day. Ahem, don't think so!!
  • Spent my birthday without the princes, Yummy had to work so I treated my self to a pedicure/manicure and spent a couple of hours with my in-laws.
  • Today was the Halloween party at school. The room parents threw a HUGE party for the kids... 2 pinatas, 2 games, treat bags, snack, crafts.
  • Picked up the Princes from their 'father' and he couldn't tell me how high the Prince's temp was, symptoms, etc. Did get out of him that he had kept him drugged up all day and the poor kiddo was so out of it.
  • Had to track down the oldest prince's winter coat because the ex lost it and didn't bother trying to track it down. So, this took another 20-30 minutes longer that I could have been home with the prince that's sick. Found the coat at the local YMCA where the princes go for after school care. At least we found it - I didn't want to have to buy another new one.
  • Got home to find that the prince has had a temp (fever) of 101 the last 2 days and it doesn't drop much with the drugs. His throat is red, his cough is worse and he doesn't have any energy.
  • It's looking like we'll have to postpone the birthday party for a few weeks so the prince can get better. We have this guy coming that has an ark of exotic animals that he has gotten from people who cannot take care of them - I swear it's going to be a Desperate Housewives episode as the baby alligator latches on to a kid's finger.
  • It's also looking like we'll be off to the doctor in the morning for them to either tell me the prince has the seasonal flu, H1N1, strep throat or pneumonia.
  • Oh, and telling the prince that he won't be able to go trick-or-treating was a big disappointment. Now, we'll see if his 'father' throws a fit and pouts because it's his year to take the princes trick-or-treating. The last time one of the prince's was sick on Halloween the *ahem-asshole-ahem* made me get the prince loaded up for him to take him AND took a sick kid trick-or-treating. Would it kill him to give up one night with the princes for the sake of their health? Yup, I hear father of the year calling...

I'm thinking that this week can't get worse but I'm wishing that it was next week already and I was working on the big project for work.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Here's to Long Weekends...

I forgot what it's like to curl up with a book. I'm fortunate that I teach at a school that still has a fall break. I had 3 days off last week plus the weekend - a mini vacation! I swear this is unheard of around here anymore.

I spent the time in Ludington, Michigan with Yummy at his family's lake cottage on Lake Michigan. I know, I know... you're thinking Michigan? What!?! But, it was not too terribly bad for weather. We had one day of rain but it was in the mid-50's to low 60's for most of the week. We spent a little each day in the quaint little town that I swear is a ghost town when the 'season' is over with at Labor Day. Pretty much all the little shops close for the winter. The candy store was having an end of season sale - they were still making fresh chocolates and carmel apples but they were prepping to close. I was able to get the yummiest carmel apple - a HUGE Granny Smith covered in buttery carmel and chopped peanuts. YUM!!

So most of the impromptu vacation was spent curled up with a blanket and a book at the cottage since there wasn't a damn thing to really do in town. I was able to get an entire book read - a co-worker turned me onto The Sookie Stackhouse Series (True Blood). Don't laugh - it's actually not bad and I'm starting the second in the series and looking forward to finishing it.

Besides the book, Yummy and I were able to get some 'adult' time in too. ~wink, wink~
I swear, I never get to spend that many days with him all to myself. I forgot what it's like sleeping late, staying in bed all day if you want and not hearing "Momma... I want..." :-)

Here's to hoping all of you had a GREAT weekend!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Life of a Teacher

Well, it official... if you're in need of first aid, cpr, aed... I'm your person! I spent 4 hours tonight training on these plus blood borne pathogens. It was such a great experience. The lady talked for the entire time, we didn't show her anything and we didn't take the test so my question is how can we be certified in all these areas? Hmm... idk.

Now, tomorrow night we have training on a new website & volleyball/soccer games for our undefeated teams and then Friday is the fall carnival that we're required to be at. Who ever said teaching was an 8-3 job?

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Getting In Touch with One's Self

Let me just start out by saying that this is NOT what all of you are thinking by the title. You see... as many of you know I have been trying since May to gain full custody of my princes from their loser 'father' (and I use that term loosely). It's been one hoop after another trying to get the papers filed, get a mediation date and a court date. I'm still waiting on the latter.

Before a court date can be filed, I must endure mediation which I did back in June which was a total waste of time! EH argued over who was going to pay what percentage of the mediator and the parenting coordinator that his side has requested. We NEVER discussed any of the issues that brought us to that point.

In the meantime, things have gotten worse since school has started. The boys are failing numerous assignments when they are with him, they are having numerous late assignments, he has flown off the handle at the oldest prince, grabbed a hold of him leaving swelling & bruising along with scaring the daylights out of the middle prince to the point where these two are scared to go. He refuses to discuss ANYTHING with me without his attorney present. He's slammed my car door into me and thrown a water bottle at me in his frustration after I told him that he could not open my truck door while I'm sitting in the truck. (This came after 2 aggressive emails from him.)

Fast forward to last week when I met with the parenting coordinator (PC). Her role from my understanding is to give me suggestions of how to better communicate with the ex in hopes of the problems going away. Well, after a 4.5 hour meeting, I walked out of there with the understanding that I need to find myself and get in touch with my inner voice. I was told to learn to heart-center and bring my 4 personalities to the center or my core. She told me to explore my Native American side and gave me a book on animal spirits. I kid you not! She also gave me a book on the 4 personalities - warrior, martyr, wanderer & orphan. Okay, what the fuck??? I went to get suggestions of how to communicate with an idiot so I don't lose my freakin' mind and I come out with books on animal spirits and told to find my animal totem and this will explain a lot!?! I left with papers to notify the ex about appointments for the princes and told to mail them certified if money was no object. WTF!!!

So, I'm off to read about animal spirits and find out what my flippin' dreams of snakes has to do with all the shit going on with my ex. lol

Just call me Pocahontas.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

True Love Stories Never Have Endings ~ Richard Bach

FINALLY!!! Blogger has let me upload the pictures of the wedding. Wow, it's only been 3 months since the big day but here ya go...

The day was perfect! I can't actually think of anything that could have made it better other than the Princes being there but New Orleans really isn't a city for little ones after dark. ~wink, wink~

I started the day with a relaxing brunch with my best friend and then I was off to write my vows, get my hair and make up done in a quaint little salon by the hotel.

The wedding was at 6 p.m. which was perfect time after it had rained (and I mean really rained to the point the streets were flooded). I was told that the rain before the wedding was a good sign! ;-)

Arrival at Jackson Square, New Orleans

The kiss..

At the gates of Jackson Square

I'll post more pictures later... once again, blogger is not cooperating with me!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009


TMI Tuesday #206

1. Have you used put anything edible on (or in) your partner's body and then eaten it?
  • Okay, who hasn't done this in some form? Yes, on my partner's body but not in it.

2. Have you ever had an AIDS test due to reasonable suspicion or hyperactive imagination?
  • No, never had the reason to have it done because of suspicion or my imagination.

3. Have you ever fantasized about someone else other than your partner while you were engaged in sex, oral sex, or mutual masturbation?
  • All the freakin' time when I was married the first time! That should have been a HUGE clue to me. LOL
4. Have you ever engaged in sex, oral sex, or mutual masturbation while in a moving car?
  • Yes, a few times... we'll just leave it at that. **wink, wink**

A car being driven by someone not engaged in the sex, oral sex, or mutual masturbation?
  • No.

5. Have you ever had sex so many times or for so long that one or both people involved runs dry?
  • Doesn't happen that often but it has happened.
Bonus (as in optional): Name 5 things an unplanned (or planned) visitor would find in your bedroom?
  • Hmm... well, besides the obvious? The person would really have to 'hunt' through the drawers to find the sexy lingerie, *ahem* my 'little pink friend', the leash/collar that I got for Yummy as a joke hanging from the lamp, and then there's Yummy's chopper magazines on the bedside table and a bookcase full of books.

I know, the answers aren't too exciting at the least. LOL But since I'm running on fumes today with a sick Prince at home, it's the best I've got right now. I'm hoping to get the wedding pictures posted if Blogger lets me this time around (I've only been trying since July! Geesh!!)

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Seriously, What is Up with Blogger?

I have been trying for a week to upload the pictures from the wedding and with no luck! UUgghh... As soon as I can get it to work, I'll get them posted so you all can see the festivities in New Orleans.

In the meantime, I'm getting the house ready for the big summer picnic here complete with moonwalk, snow cone and cotton candy machines plus Yummy is the grill master that day with many tasty delights planned. ;-)

I've got the pie duty and will be making 10 pies this week along with brownies for the kiddos when I can fit it in between swim lessons, mediation with EH (wish me luck on this - we're hoping that he caves when we present all the proof that he's a liar) and family coming in from the East Coast, Atlanta, Baltimore and southern Indiana along with trying to get pictures around of the wedding ready for everyone to view.

Friday, June 19, 2009

3 weeks and counting

It's exactly 3 weeks until the big day in New Orleans! Things are coming together and I've been busy between the shit with EH to finalize details of the wedding. I spent yesterday afternoon getting some kick ass jewelry from a local designer. I'm so excited to have one of a kind pieces for my big day and their are freakin' fabulous. ;-)

Everything in Nola is paid for and booked. So, it's hopefully looking like a stress free event. I'm hoping at least. But, if not... I can *always* tie one on afterwards and we all know that will make any stress go away for at least a bit. LOL

The only thing I'm having trouble with is finding something for the ahem wedding night. Our local Victoria Secrets hasn't been having much options to anything very sexy and my only other option in this god forsaken town is to hit the 'adult' stores where all the strippers shop. Not a bad option but don't know if I want my whole attire to be the same as what I could see on stage at a local club. :) So, if any of you have some kick ass sites that you can suggest, I would appreciate it!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Looking for a little sunshine...

It's been a crazy week... with all the rain and lack of sun, it's taken a toll on all of us! It's been a week of doctor appointments and making more follow up appointments. I tell ya if I never see the inside of a doctor's office again, it will be too soon! lol

The oldest prince had his first therapy appointment and the freakin' dr. came out of it after only seeing him for an hour that he is depressed and needs zoloft. WTF??? Zoloft, seriously? Isn't that like the shit that makes kids want to kill themselves? Oldest prince will not be going on zoloft any time soon! He'll be seeing the therapist in a few weeks and starting his therapy sessions so he can learn to deal with an idiot of a sperm donor. The kid is not depressed... just because a kid doesn't answer questions, sits and cries during a session does not mean he's depressed! At least the dr. did say that oldest prince's issues are caused from his idiot of a sperm donor. (We do not refer to him as a father because it takes SO much more to be a father than helping create new life!) Hopefully, therapy will help him deal with all the anger/frustration that he has with his idiot of a sperm donor.

EH finally got an attorney so the shit can start moving forward. That came late last week but we're setting mediation dates. I'm not too optimistic about resolving the issues during mediation. Remember, EH told me he's a vindictive person as he called me a whore a few weeks ago in front of the youngest prince so this means that he'll drag it out and fight me on every.fucking.thing. Now it's just a wait and see...

The youngest prince has an ear tube plugged and an infection in the same ear. This means another trip to the ENT and a possible 4th surgery for replacement of the tube! Uugghh...

But on the upside of things... 28 days and counting to New Orleans baby!!! We have 17 people coming to the wedding there! It's all paid for and the stress level is low. (That's a very good thing.) Yummy is making his spice mixtures up for wedding favors - Voodoo Love and Kamasutra Curry. We're planning the picnic back here for when we get back for all who couldn't make it to NOLA with us. My hair and makeup appointment is made for a very chic little salon right next door to the hotel. Everything is coming together! Woot!!

Hope everyone has a kick ass weekend with some sunshine in it! We're heading to the pool today for a little sun time. ;-)

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

TMI - a day late

1. What was the last movie you saw on a date? That would actually be "My Bloody Valentine" in 3-D. I know what a date movie but Yummy thought it was great... I sat there the entire clinching his arm and hiding my face.

2. What was the last meal you had on a date? Smoked duck and basil flatbread, grilled scallops with couscous and a chocolate trio for dessert. YUM!

3. When was the last time you made out in the car on a date? More? This used to happen a lot but it seems far and few between with our schedules anymore. The date nights are far and few between. Hmm... it seems that one is in order.

4. Using a dating websites do you think you are more likely to find a "hook up" or a relationship? I've never used a dating website but from what many have told me, it's the hook up. BUT I do know a few that have found their spouses through one so I really think it just depends on the people involved and what their looking for.

5. Do you have any special "first" date rituals? Flowers, certain restaurant, ect. Hmm... I've never really thought about this but I'm sure I do... like wearing my fave outfit. I know not very exciting but I honestly can't really think of much.

BONUS QUESTION: Do you believe in sex on the first date? Can a relationship bloom if you have sex on the first date? I can honestly say that any time that there was sex on the first date, the 'relationship' never blossomed into anything more. I mean... Yummy and I could have definitely had sex on the first date but we waited and look now where we're at! :) I think that if a relationship starts out based on sex that you never really get to know the person and when the sex dies so does the relationship.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

School's Out for Summer

Yay!!! School's FINALLY out for the summer. What a relief to be out of that classroom and home. I think I might be able to get some relaxation in before next school year... oh, wait... that's right, I'm not among the unemployed. OFFICIALLY... started the job interviews yesterday for a 3 day a week gig teaching preschool, got turned down for an interview by email this morning bright and early at 6 freakin' thirty and received a call to come in for a 6th grade math/science position that is only for one year because the teacher took a year off.

I'm not going to worry until Aug. 15 when the last paycheck comes rollin' in but I'm sure by then, I'll have found something. If not, Yummy says I can be a kept woman for as long as I want as long as I do the laundry and clean the house. Okay, don't I do that already and what kind of deal is this? I swear, there better be something better out of this deal than that! lol Like maybe sex every.single.morning? That sounds like a good deal to me! ;)

I'm actually looking forward to having some down time for the first week of summer. The princes don't have any events to participate in other than an ortho appt. and going to the zoo to see the new lions, honey badger, hyenas at the newly renovated African exhibit on Friday. I went today and got 2 new books for me to read. I'm hoping to spend some me time reading this summer because I haven't had a chance to do that for a long time and lounge by the pool for the summer before the wedding.

Speaking of wedding... oh, that's right we weren't' but hey, it's my blog so we are now. :) Everything is planned and we have 39 days until the dress comes out of the garment bag, the hair is done and we party on Bourbon Street in NOLA! I absolutely can't wait... I'm excited, the princes are excited, Yummy's excited... It's just one huge ball of excitement around here. So much that the princes are asking if I can marry Yummy tomorrow! lol

Update on the EH situation... where to begin? Well, let's go back to 3 weeks ago when his 'girlfriend' showed up at the princes' soccer game and they put on a show for all to see with the public displays of affection. We're not talking small pecks on the cheek or hand holding. It was full blown tongue down throat action. Can we all say EEWW? EH doesn't get it - I've been there, done that and if I wanted it, I'd still have it. Let's move to 2 days later at the soccer practice when he threatened me by telling me "just wait until the boys are 18, then I'm going to let them know what a whore their mother is." Yup, that's right... and he said this 4 times right in front of my 5 year old prince! Just stellar... now that's a father of the year award coming his way, I can just feel it. lol

The next day, the papers FINALLY got filed in court. Wow, come to find out... my attorney kept forgetting to do it. Well, I guess me calling him that morning and telling him about me being called a whore plus my 9 yr. old now would rather be dead than spend any time with his father lit a fire under his butt. That's right, my 9 yr. prince would rather die than be with his dad. His father informed me that it's my fault he feels this way and that he's been saying it for some time now (like months!). Okay, isn't THIS something that should have been communicated to me right away? Just sayin'. The next this was that EH has decided that his relationship with the 9 yr. old prince is ruined and not worth his effort to work on... his words were "I'm done with him and not going to work on my relationship with him." Ahem... no wonder the kid feels the way he does!

So, I've spent the last week trying to find a therapist for the prince but I have to have one that will testify in court and not all do that plus I'm running into the problem of because currently I have joint legal custody with EH and we both have to agree on medical treatment, no one will see the prince without EH coming in to say it's okay. A*motherfuckers*hem... MY kid is threatening to kill himself!! So, a system that is suppose to save a kid isn't set up to do just that! How fucking messed up is this? I'm hoping that I have calls into 2 other therapists and one of them will help otherwise, I'm stuck until we go to court.

Which... fall over... my attorney is setting a date for the preliminary hearing and filing a motion to have the court order mediation with EH! YES!!! I think, with the prince wanting to die, we're now at a near emergency level is what the attorney said so we can start pushing but EH still hasn't gotten an attorney or acknowledged receipt of the first motion of me filing for a change in custody. Oh, well... just makes him look like an ass when we get to the judge!

So, yeah... I think so much for a relaxing summer vacation. ;)

Monday, May 18, 2009

Is it Friday YET?!?

It's only Monday and I feel like a truck has hit me. Literally... a big, huge, Mack truck... with the trucker girl mud flaps flapping in the wind as it rolls right over me.

I awoke to a blasting email from the good 'ole ex about the stupid baseball game he is suppose to take the princes to next weekend for cub scouts. There was a mix up with tickets and the oldest and youngest princes do not have tickets for the camp out. And some how... I was suppose to 'fix' it. WTF!?! He badgered me until I gave up MY weekend with the princes so he could take them to this freakin' game that initially none wanted to go and see. But this morning's email again told me that I was crazy and that he would do what the hell he wanted and leave the two that could not go to the camp out with whomever he wanted to and I had NO say in it what-so-ever. Ahem*mother-fucker*I*think*NOT... So, I guess he thought I would be okay with him leaving MY kids with his 'girlfriend' that I haven't met, seen, etc. and that the boys have been around maybe at the most 3 times! Yeah... and what drugs does he think I'm on that I would agree to that? Oh, and did I mention that he blamed the whole thing on my 9 year old son? Yup, you read it right... real mature here folks!

But it just kept getting better with emails from him today. So, I made a phone call to the attorney to make sure the papers got filed in court. Supposedly (and I use supposedly because they didn't get filed last week when the attorney told me they did) the papers were filed on Friday and the court would be send certified copies out today or tomorrow to EH. Now, it's a waiting game for the whole mediation thing but at least this will force the asshat to get an attorney and I can start getting things rolling for the boys' sake!

To top the day off... it's the last full week of 'work' at school for the students and they are done. Put a fork in them - done! I had to give a year end assessment test and 2 out of 3 classes I gave it to told me they didn't know how to do it, I never taught them things on it... you name it, they were throwing it out there. I lost it today because the 7th grade teacher actually heard me raise my voice (yell for me) to her class. I had explained to the little piss ants that they were not receiving a grade on this for a test but they still would be getting graded on it but I expected them to do their best. I actually had one kid tell me that they didn't have a problem like the one he was working on when I said to them that these were 'like' the standardized test that they just took for the state a month ago. He literally thought I meant that these were the same exact fucking problems he had a month ago! But, what got my blood boiling was his attitude and tone he used with me. Gah! No respect for authority what-so-ever! Seriously, what is wrong with today's teenagers?

I'm hoping that I make it through tomorrow with my 8th graders having the state's core test in algebra and make it to Friday when I take them to the amusement park for their graduation trip. Wish me luck!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

A dog's bark is not always worse than it's bite...

Uugghh... I started a post but got interrupted by a dog fight between two of my girls. It seems that my Boxer of 2 years has now taken a dislike to the two new girls that I adopted in February. The vet says it's a dominance aggression issue and she has an appt. for the vet school to see the doggie "crazy" doctor but after today, I'm not so sure if it's worth the trip down to the school to see if they can figure it out. Lucy is fine with all of us and as long as I have the other two girls locked up in their crates, everything is hunky dorie... Last weekend she sent Maggie to the vet ER clinic for some deep puncture wounds. I've spent a week rotating them all out of crates and front room so each has time to spend with the family. Lucy hasn't done anything to Miley so today I decided I'd let them play together for a while but that last all of 2 seconds when Lucy decided to bite Miley in the butt. That's right...

I'm to the point now that I don't know if the vet school would be any help or not. Her appt. is 6 weeks out because they are that booked up. I guess that just shows all the dogs that have issues! lol I emailed the rescue group earlier this week to let them know what was going on with the two new girls and have not gotten a response back. I'd hate to have to get rid of any of them but it's coming to the point where I, wait WE are going to have to decide. I just hate the thought of having to send Miley and Maggie back to the rescue because they've made such progress here with us but I realize that I have to do something before any of them gets seriously hurt or one of the princes gets hurt from being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Besides dealing with the dogs, I'm on the hunt for a new teaching position and there's NOTHING out there! I'm just mildly worried but know that I was in a tizzy when I found my current position 3 weeks after school started so I know it'll all work out. I just have to be patient.

I'm also dealing with an ex-husband who as we all know is an asshole to say the least. He refuses to talk to me about anything when it comes to the boys. He's not giving them their prescriptions, he's continuing to 'buy' their affection... now it's he's getting a dog this summer just after no more than 3 months ago he sends me a scathing letter telling me that because I have dogs I am stealing his kids away from him and now I find out from means that I won't disclose... okay, I will... he has a facebook page and I periodically check it and last night I find that he's getting an inground swimming pool this summer but the boys don't know about it. Now, how am I to 'compete' with that? Granted we go to the pool every day because of having a membership but to have a pool in your very own backyard? Now that's any kids dream!

The kicker of it all is that I'm waiting patiently for my attorney to file the motion for me to request full custody of the princes and that's been a story in itself. Supposedly the ex has never gotten the letter requesting mediation as our state now requires and supposedly my attorney has sent it several times but I'm starting to wonder. I happened to have to go to the court house on Friday and get a copy of my decree from the file and the new motion that was to be filed by Thursday was still not filed! Fortunately, my attorney's office is right next door so I walked myself over and inquired. He didn't have an answer for me and promised me that it would be in there by the end of the day on Friday. So, we'll see when I call him on Monday to find out if it was filed.

I'm losing my job, can't find one in in this god-forsaken town so now it's imperative that I try to get more child support, request that I am allowed to move out of state if need be for me to find a job in my career and most importantly, get the boys away from the idiot they have for a father. As it's only going to get worse because he's now got a girlfriend. He went to his boys' soccer games last week and spent the entire time talking to her on his cell. I know it was her because he made several loud announcements while on the phone and made sure that I was able to hear him tell her he loves her. Isn't that sweet... this is the man that wouldn't date anyone longer than 3 months because of commitment issues and wouldn't tell me he loved me until right before we walked down that fucking dreaded aisle! So, I'm sure it's true love this time. Hey, I'm all for it if it gets him to leave me the hell alone! So, more power to 'em.

Uugghhh... can there be anything else that is given to me to handle at this point in my life?

Friday, April 17, 2009

Think, Think, Think...

As Pooh would say... "Think, Think, Think..." I'm thinking of giving my notice to the school. No, I won't end my stay immediately but at the end of school which for me would be June 1. I love my classroom and this is hard for me to decided. I have to carefully consider all the fall outs from such a decision...

Yummy tells me to give notice and stay home with the princes. We can do it... it would be tight but we can make it. I could sub as the princes schedule allows to bring in extra money and then in January I get my settlement check from the ex...

I'm worried about if I don't give notice then whoever sent the letter to the bishop will do it again and not stop until they succeed.

Yummy and I are planning to get married in July. I don't have my annulment so technically I can't teach in a Catholic school because I'm a sinner...

I'm having trouble getting my classes I need for the summer so I can renew my emergency permit to teach in middle school. Without it, I would not have a job anyway.

If I stop teaching within the system then I would have to pay for the princes to attend the school they attend. I receive free tuition as a benefit. This saves us about $3000 each year.

If I do give notice and stay home, I could attend more functions at school for the princes. Which they would LOVE.

I'm scared I will go stir crazy.

My mother tells me to stay home if we can do it... get married and live my life and not worry about it. It will all work out.

She's probably right... everything has a way of working out.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

I've Been Branded...

Well, it seems that I've either a) pissed someone off really bad or b) pissed someone off really bad... my boss - you all know the one... the micro-manager who is passive aggressive... emails me on Tuesday telling me that he needed to meet with me. Okay... about what you may be asking? I didn't have the faintest clue so at lunch I told him my anxiety was rearing its ugly head and he needed to ease it. I asked if everything was okay and his response was "I think so." But still wouldn't give me a clue as to what he wanted to meet with me over.

I rationalized that if it was bad, he would have pulled me into his office and told me that day. I thought it would be about the pending graduation for my students. I waited until Wednesday after school (Did I mention I had to wait 2 full days to find out what the hell was up?).

Well, it seems that someone sent the article that Yummy was featured in from our local morning paper to the freakin' bishop of my diocese. It seems that Yummy implied from his statement that answered the paper's inquiry about how often he cooks at home that we lived together. For those of you that are not Catholic, this is a HUGE no-no in the eyes of the Church. Yummy's exact statement was "I enjoy cooking for Honey and the princes but don't get to do it as often as I would like because of my schedule. Most chefs, me included, have the worst schedule with working evenings, weekends and holidays. But when I do cook, it's usually for a special event and we tend to make it an all day event."

Please help me here... where, oh where, does it say that he lives at blankety, blank-blank... in ass backwards, USA? How does one get from that statement that we are co-habitating? I'm baffled with this one...

But you see... I was guilty before I was even asked about it. My boss had my termination papers right there. Asked me if Yummy was living with me and I told him that as I told him when Yummy had surgery that he was staying with me because he couldn't be on his feet and needed someone to take care of him. So, yeah, I guess he is... My boss told me that if he was living full time with me then that was grounds for dismissal. I gave him Yummy's address told him to check it out if he needed. Then my boss through a sucker punch at me with I checked Yummy out on and his name comes up with your address and phone number. What the fuck did he just say he did? Ahem, yeah... asshole as I did that intentionally so I wouldn't have creep calling me as being a single mom and all. It's called protecting myself. Duh! Oh, yeah... did I leave out that I have Yummy's name on my checking as a "just in case" measure - if something were to happen to me someone can right checks out and pay for shit since I have no fucking family in the area!

My biggest concern out of all of this was when my boss told me that the letter was sent to the bishop anonymously. What the fuck? Did he just say anonymously? The fucking ball-less cocksucker didn't have the nerve to sign their name when they chose to put my job at stake? What kind of shit is this? What kind of person would do such a thing? And to send it to the freakin' bishop for god's sake... I can see sending it to the priest at the school but to the fucking bishop? That's a little (okay, a lot) excessive. It was sent with the malicious intent on getting me fired. I wasn't smart enough yesterday to ask to see the letter because I was seeing red. (It's fitting since I'm now wearing a Scarlett Letter.)

My boss went on to give me the lecture about getting my freakin' annulment and that this would follow me if I transferred to another school in our diocese. Was that a threat I just heard? I think so. See, I've put my name on the transfer list for this year as I'm licensed in my state to teach the fucking adorable middle school students. I needed to get 2 classes completed this summer to renew my emergency permit but the fuckin' college isn't offering one of my classes and the other not a time that I can take it. Having ones' own kids gets in the way of everything. :) So, if I couldn't find the classes some place else, I was going to have to give up my classroom. It was advised that I try to transfer to another school should a position become available. At this point, I told my boss that I had applied for a preschool position and an elementary position within another district which he made sure to tell me that they only accept applications on-line. Really... didn't know that even though I've already completed everything for it Sherlock.

Now, I'm left wondering if it was a parent, a church member, a co-worker, or my fucking ex-husband (yes, he would do something like this) or one of his many so-called friends. Whomever it was has now ruined my career with the diocese. I'm marked with the Scarlett Letter. Because of this... last night I was ready to sign my resignation letter and turn it in today to my boss. I feel like I'm caught... if I stay, the person will just try again. It looks like I will be giving up my classroom at the end of the year to stay home with the princes. This just takes one thing off my already filled plate and considering I'm adding a legal battle with the ex for full custody of the princes due to his stupidity that will take the jobs spot on the plate, I'd say it just might be divine intervention at its best.

At the moment, I'm sick to my stomach, depressed, pissed off (better than pissed on as one person pointed out to me) and ready to rumble with whoever steps in the way.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Exercising My 2nd Admendment Rights!!!!

I'm heading to become an "Annie Oakley" type of gun-toting, biker babe... during the last month we've had a rash of home break-ins in our neighborhood. The first house the assholes cleaned them out of $20,000 of stuff (at least that's the word on the street). The second house is right across the street from mine and the third that we know of was my next door neighbors... the fuckers used his garage door opener in his vehicle and were only scared away because his truck alarm sounded as they tried to get into it! Yummy and I are thinking that ours was the fourth house intended as on Tuesday our newest boxer girl that we leave out of her crate went nuts and tried to destroy the back door. Let me just say that she's NEVER done anything like this and typically doesn't get excited unless there's something right outside the door. I discovered our back gate was unlocked as well which leads me to believe that the little pricks tried our house but good ole' Maggie scared the asses away!

To top it off... the cops along with everyone in the neighborhood think it's the 20-something wanna-be gang banger that lives across the street with his mommy and some of his fucking wanna-be members! The kid is a complete juvenile delinquent with spending time on home detention when we first moved into the house but then shortly after ran away. He ended up spending a year or so in a youth detention center. Not the best of upstanding citizens!

So all of this has led us down the path to the gun store to purchase a semi-automatic 9mm. We've looked at the Glocks and Taurus 24/7. Both seem like they would do the job of stopping the mother fuckers but we did have the chance to handle an XD 45. Seems to me that the grip on this one fits better into my little hands... Hmmm.... decisions, decisions...

Any of you gun-toting bloggers have any advice for me? And please... those of you that are far-left liberals promoting gun control... please keep the comments to yourself. I know all about gun safety and don't need a lecture on turning the other cheek. We're talking about protecting yourself and your family!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Self Confessions of a Control Freak...

Wow, I'm getting to post again before a week has gone by. What is this world coming too? I have some 'extra' time as it may be - the Princes are with EH and their spring break starts tomorrow at noon. Mine is the following week so maybe - just maybe - I can catch up on all my back reading of the blogs I love so much. :) Wishful thinking between painting the house and getting it cleaned from top to bottom for a party the end of April.

Hey, great news today... I found out I have a condition according to EH. Yup, a bona fide condition. I guess I'm a control freak (at least that's what I took from his email today). You see, he is suppose to give me an itinerary, departure/return dates, specific places going, etc. with the Prince when he takes them out of state. He told 4 weeks ago that he was going to take them to Kentucky/Tennessee for spring break. Fine but when I asked exactly when they would be leaving/returning, he told me that he'd have to get back to me on that one. Well, break starts tomorrow and as of Monday I had not gotten word. My attorney (because we're in the middle of requesting mediation that the state says I have to request because of all the other 'stuff') told me to email EH and cite the specific place in the agreement that we both signed that says he has to provide this info or he can't take the Princes. I did this on Monday and requested that he give the info by yesterday. Yesterday came and went and no information in my inbox. This morning I get an email from him that starts on a personal note telling me that I need to go to counseling for my condition and how my condition is affecting our working relationship and my relationship with the Princes will suffer if I don't get a handle on it. And how I'm having problems with not being able to control the situation.

Okay, reality check... it's not about controlling the situation. I have a right (my god given legal right) to know where & when he is taking my Princes. It's about he can't seem to get it through his head that yes, he's their father but he is responsible to me to give me this information as I am to him (I gave him the same type of info last year when I took the kids to Disney) but rather than give me the information, he gave me his sister's contact info and basically told me that I'd have to contact her if I needed to get a hold of the kids. What kind of bullsh*t is this? So, I'm going with this, passing it along to my attorney who will then turn around and use it when we go to court. Just another instance of him not wanting to communicate with me. Maybe when he gets stuck with another attorney bill, he'll get a clue? Hmm... yeah, didn't work the last time so I don't think it will work this time. I think when God was passing out common sense, he missed out and got in the line with all the idiots. :)

And if you haven't noticed, I don't deal well with idiots.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Are You There? It's Me... Honey.

I haven't completely fallen off the face of the Earth... just slightly. :) I've just been insanely busy with work, taking care of Yummy after his Achilles tendon surgery, wedding planning, the Princes, new puppies... You name it, it's on my plate right now.

Yummy had surgery on Feb. 16th on his Achilles and spent 3 weeks at home with not being able to do ANY.FREAKIN'.THING. I swear what is it about men and when they're down? I'll admit he's not like when EH would get sick and you'd thought the world was coming to an end but it was still bad... he'd get up in the morning and make his way downstairs to sit on the couch all day and watch movies or play his PS 2. But, could the guy put a dirty glass in the dishwasher at least once? Come on... it's his foot that can't do anything, not his hands! Thank goddess that he went back to work before I blew a gasket because it was getting close. But, alas... things are better and he hopefully will be released completely from the surgeon in a few weeks.

At the same time of dealing with Yummy, the new puppies decided to eat our couch in the extra room. Yup, the entire arm of it. Luckily, most of it came right back out of them but poor Maggie had gotten a piece stuck in her stomach and spent the night at the ER vet's. They were going to do surgery but when they went to prep her, she got sick and the piece that was stuck was no longer stuck but she was borderline anemic which kept her overnight. Come to find out she was full of whip & hook worms so was put on a dewormer to take care of that problem. She's now gaining weight and things are looking up with her and her sister! (I'll try to get some pics posted this weekend of them.)

The wedding is planned! Yippee! Hooray! The hotel is booked in New Orleans, the reception planned at K Paul's, the minister at the French Quarter Wedding Chapel booked, carriages ordered, dress is in first alterations, cute little flip flops bought, rings ordered, invitations here... friends are starting to book their flights/hotel. I'm planning on spending the weekend addressing invites to get those out this next week. How exciting!

The Princes are all doing good especially after the melt-down that the oldest Prince had at his dad's a few weeks ago that I got blamed for because I got 2 more dogs. But EH made things right with the Princes... he went and bought them each a pet... a chameleon, tortoise, frog and newts! That's just what they needed... instead of a dad who actually parents them, they got more STUFF. But this time, STUFF that needs fed, cages cleaned... Oh, did I mention one newt escaped in the youngest princes room and is MIA for over a week now? Yup, my son will have a decaying, rotting newt corpse in his room in a few weeks. Yeah!

Other than that EH just keeps becoming more of an idiot... my middle Prince was sick and at his dad's and stayed home from school. EH told me at 7:30 that morning that he was going to call the dr. and take the Prince in to be checked because the severity of his sore throat. At 9:30, I get a text from EH asking if he can drop the Princes off at my house at 1:30 to Yummy. WTF!?! What happened to the dr.? When I got EH on the phone (he wouldn't answer his phones - my oldest prince had to), he said he wasn't taking the middle Prince to the dr. because he'd given him cough medicine and he wasn't coughing any more. What? This is the kid who has had strep Dec. and Jan. and stayed home the week prior because he didn't feel well! So, not to inconvenience EH, I took the Prince to the dr. to find out that he had strep along with a sinus infection! What an idiot! When I called to tell EH, he didn't answer his phone (of course!) but I got no apology, "that's too bad", NOTHING!!! Well, his nothing is going to be landing his butt right in mediation/court with it being very likely that FULL custody will be granted to me. That would be the only positive thing that comes from this!

And I'm on the hunt for a new teaching job... I have 2 classes that I HAVE to take before August to receive a renewal on my emergency permit to teach middle school and the college doesn't offer one of the classes at a time that I can take it (10 a.m. while I'm teaching just doesn't work) and the other class is not offered at all. When I talked to the licensing advisor, he told too bad and he was not going to support a request for an extension/waiver so I could have another year to take the classes. So, now I'll be out of a job unless I can find these 2 classes at another college and the advisor has to okay them before I'm allowed to register for them because they have to transfer to HIS college. What a jerk!

Well, I hope everyone is having a rockin' weekend... I spent the day with the Princes at an art festival that 2 of the 3 have art pieces displayed! How fantastic! Now, I'm off to finish some laundry, fix dinner and crash...

Saturday, February 14, 2009

L is for Love

Well, it's Valentine's Day and I'm sitting here catching up on the blogs that I've neglected to read for some time. Yummy's working and serving food to 800+ people tonight at the restaurant! The life of being almost married to a chef.

Today hasn't been a total loss... our two new fur babies arrived via doggie taxi. We decided to adopt a pair of Boxer sisters. These are the same two that we tried to adopt back before Christmas but they went to a couple that was already approved to adopt. But, this couple could not handle the Boxer in them and returned them to the foster mom. We were next in line... We now have Miley and Maggie joining our family. They are FULL of energy and Miley NEVER lays down for more than a few minutes at a time. We have our hands our full but in a good way. We're fortunate that they were abused by the original owners but they were neglected and drastically underweight. They still need to put on a few more pounds so we'll be working on that with them but it's kinda hard when they run, run, run in the yard each time they go outside. :)

Wedding plans are well underway. The chapel and everything with that is booked. We moved the date to help keep costs down and booked the restaurant we wanted for the dinner afterwards. I just need to find the perfect shoes to go with my dress... anyone have any sites that they would recommend? Invitations are the next on the list to order... maybe I can get to them this week.

Yummy's having surgery on Monday for his Achilles tendon. He'll be off work for 2 weeks and then back but in the corporate office until he is completely released from the dr. Yummy will get a look into what it would be like for him as corporate chef. We're both excited because he'll have normal hours during this time. I'll actually get to have dinner each night with him and go to bed at a normal time. Woot!

Things are still the same on the EH front. He's still an asshole, still telling the princes things that are not true and throwing them for a loop... the only new thing is now he's started to get physical when I try to talk to him about it. He pushed me out of the doorway a few weeks ago. The latest 'tale' that he's telling the princes is that he pays the judge so they don't have to live outside in the cold. WTF? The littlest prince thinks that he's going to end up living outside if his asshole father stops paying the judge! EH actually told me last night that it would happen if he ever decided to not pay his support. Hmm... why the fuck do I have a job? It's not because his support pays all my flippin' bills! I swear there's something wrong with this guy. He's delusional to say the least.