Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Greetings to You and Yours

Wishing you and your family a blessed and wonderful Christmas.

Christmas Meme...

In the spirit of Christmas and giving some holiday fluff... Enjoy this Christmas meme that I stole from Maggie.

Favorite Christmas…

01. Non-Jesus-related song?

"Winter Wonderland"

02. Jesus-related song?

"First Noel" or "Do You Hear What I Hear?"

03. Santa-related song?

"Santa Baby"

04. Fictional character?

Hermie from Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer

05. Dinner’s main course?

We don't really do dinner - we always have Christmas brunch with pancakes, french toast, bacon, scrambled eggs and if I'm feeling really inspired to cook, sausage & grits for Yummy

06. Dinner’s dessert?

Any and all please!

07. Scent (pine, gingerbread, candles…)?

Fresh pine, cookies baking in the oven, hot cocoa

08. Animated movie?

Really all the ones from when I was a kid but my fave is Rudolph!

09. Non-animated movie?

That's an easy one - "It's a Wonderful Life", "The Holiday" and "A Christmas Story"

10. Personal memory?

Hmm... I have two. The first when I was about 6 and my step-dad got me a teddy bear that was named Benny. I still have the bear (and no I don't sleep with it). It was so special to me because I received it from one of his trips to the air reserve base and he'd been gone for some time but it became my replacement for my beloved Snoopy dog that I wore out and he had no stuffing.

The second was Christmas 2006 - I should say two days before when Yummy proposed. I was making pies for him to take to his kitchen crew and he came home all weird and nervous. After his shower, he came to the kitchen and wrapped his arms around me, started telling me how much he loved me and asking me a BUNCH of questions (remember I did say weird. lol) at this point I KNEW something was up and when I turned around to ask him what the hell was up with him, he was down on one knee with the most beautiful ring! A Christmas to remember when your prince charming asks you to be his princess!

11. Story/Fairy Tale?

Twas the Night Before Christmas - we read it EVERY Christmas Eve whether the princes and I are together or not. It's a tradition! If they're at the ex's, I call them and we do it over the phone because we can't go without reading it together!

This or That

12. Candy cane or peppermint patties?

Candy Canes

13. Sugar or gingerbread cookies?

Definitely sugar with icing and sprinkles!

14. Tinsel or beaded strands?

Really neither - tinsel and dogs don't mix well and I used to do beads but the trees about the princes and our memories we hang on it.

15. Multi-colored or same-colored lights?

multi-colored like I had when I was a kid

16. Flashing or still lights?


17. Wreaths or mistletoe/holly?


18. Rudolph or Frosty?

Rudolph of course!

19. Sledding or snowball fights?

Both but it seems the snowball fights are what happen during the winter. ;-)

.20. Snow or ice/icicles?


21. Snow hat or earmuffs?


22. Getting or giving?

I love giving but getting is also a plus. :-)

23. Snow days or plow trucks?

Duh! I'm a teacher - SNOW DAYS!!!

24. Stockings or presents?

Both because stockings usually have the smaller presents. ;-)

25. Cookies & milk or letter to Santa?

all of the above, of course!

26. Christmas Eve or Christmas Day?

Both! But Christmas Day seems to not be my fave especially the years that the princes spend the ENTIRE day at the ex's even though he NEVER celebrated on this day until he met me and celebrated with my family!! UUgghh... what a way to be a Grinch and steal Christmas from me and the princes each year!

27. Log Burning Channel or real thing?

Real thing, of course!

28. Cards or emails?

Cards but emails also let you know that you are thought of.

29. Shoveling or cleaning off the car?

Neither - that's why there's snow blowers!

30. The Inn’s manger or the animals?


31. Mary & Joseph or The Wise Men?


32. Hot cocoa or eggnog?

Cocoa but a good rum eggnog is a plus!

33. Jack Frost or Little Drummer Boy?

Little Drummer Boy

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas Wishes ~ HNT

Well, this will be the only HNT that I participate in this year. With the craziness of my life happenings at the current time, I opted a year ago to fore go posting any pics until things calmed down. I'm hoping that I will be able to return to the fun of it all soon. But as tradition from Os has it... it's time to give (virtually that is) to fellow bloggers. Here goes...

Wish #1 - goes to the man himself, Os. For you, I wish you good health and fortune for the upcoming year. You gave all of us a scare earlier this fall. Know that you are loved and adored by many. *muah* PLUS... a Thin Mint Blizzard (because we know it's one of your faves!)

Wish #2 - For M... another blogger that I had the chance to meet last year (thanks to Os!) and has had a rough year to say the least. I wish you patience to deal with your ex and know that you are the best mom that your kiddos could ever ask for! You continue to be strong for yourself and for them.

Wish #3 - This one goes out to Maggie. She's not a fellow HNT'er but she deserves something special this year. She moved back to civilization as she puts it last year at this time and has had some ups & downs over the past year... so for Maggie, I give her a Venti Peppermint Mocha from our fave place to hang, a personalized reading nook in Barnes & Noble complete with your very own comfy chair (in pink of course!)

"And as he drove out sight he exlaimed, Merry Christmas to All and to All a Good Night!"

Update... (I actually forgot to title this last night. DUH!)

Well, the prince is up and can walk down the stairs! That's a HUGE improvement from yesterday when I had to carry him every.freakin'.place! But nothing I would do for my little man but geez, he's getting to weigh a ton. lol

The has been fairly productive with the prince being so sick. I did manage to get all but 3 of the 18 pies finished and the buckeyes are rolled and ready for dipping. Oh, yeah and I made a trek to the pediatrician's office to pick a up a letter stating that the prince was indeed ill with pneumonia and had travel restrictions. No joke here people!

You see... the parenting coordinator that the ex and I have been working with to improve communication between the two of us (and that has yet to happen!) wants to meet with all 3 princes over the holiday break. Typically wouldn't be an issue but she is a nut case, unprofessional and would do more damage than good to the princes. My attorney and I were hoping that with the prince being sick that she would not push the issue but NO - that wasn't the case. She emailed today requesting dates for the next 2 weeks and I again informed her as I did yesterday that he was ill with pneumonia and it wasn't appropriate to schedule a meeting at this time.

Needless to say, the ex and she decided otherwise and went ahead with the plan for her to interview the boys next week. So, I spent my morning calling the dr. office to get a note confirming the prince's dx and what restrictions he has at the current time. Dropped it off at the attorney for him to send an email to the coordinator letting her know that it appears that she and the ex do not believe me about the prince and that they should follow the dr. restriction.

It didn't go over well with either of them but I'm thinking too freakin' bad people! I'm his mom and I am the one taking care of him and the last I checked, I do KNOW what's best for my prince! Obviously, not the ex who carts the same prince off to a waterpark only days after breaking a 103 degree fever from the swine flu!!! Ahem, yup.

So, we'll see what happens at this point. Not much I can do next when the princes go to the ex's house for the holiday next week but it wouldn't look too good for either of them to disregard his well-being and health. All I can say is neither of them have a clue!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009


1. What do present do you hope ends up under you tree? These boots by Frye

2. What is the "naughtiest" thing you have ever done under a Christmas tree? Gotten a floor burn on my back (and there's a scar to prove it!). We'll just leave it at that. ~wink, wink~

3. Do you prefer to give or receive? Do I have to choose? I LOVE to give and see the person's reaction because I put a lot of thought into each person's gift(s) and try to make sure it's something that they want or are interested BUT I also like to receive because it's so exciting for me to open the gifts from the boys and Yummy - they all try so hard and they are usually right on with their gifts.

4. What is your favorite part of a sexual partner's body? Wow, we've gone from Christmas questions to sex questions... I'd have to say the curve of Yummy's neck - it's one of the spots that drives him crazy.
5. What is your favorite part of your body - the one you hope a sexual partner will find or pay the most attention to? The small of my back and the curve of my neck.

Bonus (as in optional): [Idea blatantly stolen from Os and his HNT wishes.] What Christmas wishes would you grant and to whom? To my middle prince - his health. He's battling a nasty bout of pneumonia right now and we're praying that he stays out of the hospital. To my oldest prince - the calmness of just knowing that his dad is the way he is and there's nothing that any of us can do to change that. And for the youngest prince - all the Lego sets... hey, he IS 6!
***Daily Recap***
Well, the middle prince spiked a 102 fever last night, got sick and complained of his chest hurting. He woke up (I should say I woke him up to check on him at 9 a.m.) with labored breathing, retraction of his chest and horrendous chest pain PLUS a 103 fever! Off to the dr. we went for them to confirm what I knew already that he had pneumonia. Gave him a shot of Rocephin (not sure if I spelled it right), checked his oxygen level, gave us a scrip for zithromax and sent us off for a chest x-ray. Had to take him in a wheelchair because he was SO weak that he couldn't walk! He couldn't stand to do the x-ray so I had to hold him up on the stool for them to take the x-ray! Got home and he's been in bed asleep since about 12:30 today! If he's not getting better by tomorrow then I have to take him to the ER for him to be admitted. Let's hope that doesn't happen!
Oldest prince is spending the day with Grandma after his server training at church. Grandma called and said she would bring him back sometime tonight. Glad he's enjoying his one-on-one time with Grandma!
I did get 7 sugar cream pies made today and would have more but I ran out of cornstarch. I ONLY have 11 more to go so Yummy can take them to work for his kitchen crew for the holidays. They requested the pies this year. lol I did get the caramel/toffee/chocolate pretzels done this morning before we were able to go to the dr. office. Now, I just have the rest of the pies, finish the buckeyes, snickerdoodles & chocolate crinkles to do. There is 3 days left until Christmas and oh, yeah... I do have all the wrapping to do still. I think, I need to put on the supermom cape pretty soon. lol
Hope everyone has a rockin' Tuesday!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Tis the Season

First day of Christmas break (officially) and the princes are off and tormenting each other. I leave this morning to take the dog to the groomers which is literally 5 minutes down the road and they start in as soon as the garage door starts. OY! It's going to be a long day and I am foreseeing some mommy cocktails in the near future. lol

Seriously, a completely insane day with groomers, dr. appt. & a little shopping with the princes plus holiday baking. I *adore* holiday baking! Chocolate crinkles, snickerdoodles in red & green sugars, carmel/chocolate pretzels, and the to die for peanut butter balls doused in chocolate! YUM-O!

I'll check in later to let you all know if I survived the baking with princes with or without adult libations. ;-)


We have the carmel/chocolate pretzels in the fridge along with the buckeyes but now I'm adding to the list taking care of a sick kiddo. The middle Prince has come down with a mysterious 102 degree fever, cough and a sore throat (a little as he puts it). He's been in bed sleeping since 4 p.m. I swear I will have a Christmas meltdown if he has that nasty flu AGAIN!! I'm praying that it's a fast moving illness and he's not down for the holidays but on the bright side - better he gets sick while he's with me for the week rather than the ex's house! Nothing like having momma around. ;-)

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Dear Santa

Dear Santa,

I've been a very good girl this year. So I am hoping that you will put these underneath the Christmas tree this year.
  • I've found these great "go with everything" boots by Frye... Size 7 1/2 please.

I'll make sure to leave your favorite cookies and eggnog out.



Saturday, December 19, 2009

Being Married to a Chef Isn't All Glam

What is with people and the notion that being married to a chef is glamorous? Newsflash... I'm here to tell ya - it's far from glamour. I know it's hard to believe!

I was out doing a little Christmas shopping and stopped into one of my fave stores to peruse it for Yummy to let him know if he should head in there or not for his holiday shopping. I asked if they would be open on Sunday - this is his ONLY day off as he works 12-15 hours, 6 days a week. Of course the store isn't open on Sunday but the sales person asked if I wanted to pick things out for them to hold and he could run in on his break and pick them up. Break!?! What break? Then she asked, "Well, doesn't he have just 10 minutes that he can run in and pick up some packages?" At this point, I had to nicely explain to her that she really didn't understand that what little time he has is very valuable and when he's running a restaurant that is now doing lunch for the 4 weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas and running 200+ covers at lunch and 350+ for dinner that he doesn't have 10 minutes to leave the restaurant since when one shift gets done, he starts prepping for the next let alone time to eat or sit down! The owner of the store was there and she somewhat got it as she knows how busy the restaurant is during the holidays but I just thought to myself - what a naive person.

Besides Yummy not having time to shop for the holidays, I literally see him for 10 minutes in the morning before I leave for school and then an hour when he gets home and before I go to bed. Then there are the times that I am in bed before he gets home because I just can't stay awake any longer.

Not to mention the holidays that I spend alone... Yummy works on Easter, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Fourth of July, Christmas Eve, New Year's Eve and Valentine's Day. We're fortunate that the restaurant is closed on Thanksgiving and Christmas! It's a grand time spending the holidays alone and having people pity you because your husband is working.

Don't get me wrong - I love my husband beyond words can express. I wouldn't have him change for anything in the world. I stand tall and proud when I tell people what my husband does for a living. I'm not complaining about my life -it just amazes me at how some people do not think about what it's really like. They just don't get what it takes to run a restaurant and the downside to it.

So yes - being married to a chef is just glamorous.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

TMI - better late than never

1. Which is more important of the two in "chemistry," physical attractiveness or emotional attractiveness? Definitely the emotional attractiveness is the most important of the two. Not that physical attractiveness isn't important but when it's all said and done, the emotional connection/fire that you have with a person is what keeps everything going!

2. On a scale from 1-10, how kinky are you? Seriously?!? I have to rate myself? I'd like to say at least 5 or higher but I wouldn't be honest with myself. I think the 'desire' is there for more but schedules doesn't always permit it happening. I'm happy with a 5 since it's much higher than when I was married the first time around. ~wink, wink~

3. Sitting on Santa's lap... fun or creepy? I'd have to go with creepy - an old, grandpa looking Santa does not make me want to sit on his lap. YUCK!

4. Have you ever fallen asleep or passed out during sex? I think there were times I wish I had when I was married to EH. That may have helped the situation. lol But I'd have to say I never have.

5. Do you wear socks to bed? Do I have to be honest here? Okay - I have worn socks to bed. It depends on the weather outside and if it's freezing and the house is cold and I'm just not warm, then I wear them to bed because if I'm too cold (and my feet are ALWAYS cold), I can't sleep. Is that okay or totally unsexy? Seriously, it is totally unsexy but that's the farthest thing from my mind when I'm freezing to death and it's time for bed. lol

Bonus: What is your greatest strength? My intuitive nature - I can read people almost to a tee and get a good grip on a situation just by watching/listening. And as my princes would say my total super coolness as a mom. Gotta love 'em. Weakness? I have several - my princes, my family, the love of my life... if I think that any of them are being hurt then I hold true to my scorpion sign - I make a better friend but if I think you've hurt me or someone I love then watch out. Oh yeah... and my incessant need to always think the best of people and give them the benefit of the doubt when I've been burned several times. I really have to stop this.

Update on Noah...

Just wanted to give everyone an update on Noah, the little boy in Michigan who was diagnosed with neuroblastoma.

I recently found out that Noah passed away on November 23rd. Please keep his family in your prayers during this holiday season as you are surrounded by your own children and loved ones.