Friday, April 17, 2009

Think, Think, Think...

As Pooh would say... "Think, Think, Think..." I'm thinking of giving my notice to the school. No, I won't end my stay immediately but at the end of school which for me would be June 1. I love my classroom and this is hard for me to decided. I have to carefully consider all the fall outs from such a decision...

Yummy tells me to give notice and stay home with the princes. We can do it... it would be tight but we can make it. I could sub as the princes schedule allows to bring in extra money and then in January I get my settlement check from the ex...

I'm worried about if I don't give notice then whoever sent the letter to the bishop will do it again and not stop until they succeed.

Yummy and I are planning to get married in July. I don't have my annulment so technically I can't teach in a Catholic school because I'm a sinner...

I'm having trouble getting my classes I need for the summer so I can renew my emergency permit to teach in middle school. Without it, I would not have a job anyway.

If I stop teaching within the system then I would have to pay for the princes to attend the school they attend. I receive free tuition as a benefit. This saves us about $3000 each year.

If I do give notice and stay home, I could attend more functions at school for the princes. Which they would LOVE.

I'm scared I will go stir crazy.

My mother tells me to stay home if we can do it... get married and live my life and not worry about it. It will all work out.

She's probably right... everything has a way of working out.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

I've Been Branded...

Well, it seems that I've either a) pissed someone off really bad or b) pissed someone off really bad... my boss - you all know the one... the micro-manager who is passive aggressive... emails me on Tuesday telling me that he needed to meet with me. Okay... about what you may be asking? I didn't have the faintest clue so at lunch I told him my anxiety was rearing its ugly head and he needed to ease it. I asked if everything was okay and his response was "I think so." But still wouldn't give me a clue as to what he wanted to meet with me over.

I rationalized that if it was bad, he would have pulled me into his office and told me that day. I thought it would be about the pending graduation for my students. I waited until Wednesday after school (Did I mention I had to wait 2 full days to find out what the hell was up?).

Well, it seems that someone sent the article that Yummy was featured in from our local morning paper to the freakin' bishop of my diocese. It seems that Yummy implied from his statement that answered the paper's inquiry about how often he cooks at home that we lived together. For those of you that are not Catholic, this is a HUGE no-no in the eyes of the Church. Yummy's exact statement was "I enjoy cooking for Honey and the princes but don't get to do it as often as I would like because of my schedule. Most chefs, me included, have the worst schedule with working evenings, weekends and holidays. But when I do cook, it's usually for a special event and we tend to make it an all day event."

Please help me here... where, oh where, does it say that he lives at blankety, blank-blank... in ass backwards, USA? How does one get from that statement that we are co-habitating? I'm baffled with this one...

But you see... I was guilty before I was even asked about it. My boss had my termination papers right there. Asked me if Yummy was living with me and I told him that as I told him when Yummy had surgery that he was staying with me because he couldn't be on his feet and needed someone to take care of him. So, yeah, I guess he is... My boss told me that if he was living full time with me then that was grounds for dismissal. I gave him Yummy's address told him to check it out if he needed. Then my boss through a sucker punch at me with I checked Yummy out on and his name comes up with your address and phone number. What the fuck did he just say he did? Ahem, yeah... asshole as I did that intentionally so I wouldn't have creep calling me as being a single mom and all. It's called protecting myself. Duh! Oh, yeah... did I leave out that I have Yummy's name on my checking as a "just in case" measure - if something were to happen to me someone can right checks out and pay for shit since I have no fucking family in the area!

My biggest concern out of all of this was when my boss told me that the letter was sent to the bishop anonymously. What the fuck? Did he just say anonymously? The fucking ball-less cocksucker didn't have the nerve to sign their name when they chose to put my job at stake? What kind of shit is this? What kind of person would do such a thing? And to send it to the freakin' bishop for god's sake... I can see sending it to the priest at the school but to the fucking bishop? That's a little (okay, a lot) excessive. It was sent with the malicious intent on getting me fired. I wasn't smart enough yesterday to ask to see the letter because I was seeing red. (It's fitting since I'm now wearing a Scarlett Letter.)

My boss went on to give me the lecture about getting my freakin' annulment and that this would follow me if I transferred to another school in our diocese. Was that a threat I just heard? I think so. See, I've put my name on the transfer list for this year as I'm licensed in my state to teach the fucking adorable middle school students. I needed to get 2 classes completed this summer to renew my emergency permit but the fuckin' college isn't offering one of my classes and the other not a time that I can take it. Having ones' own kids gets in the way of everything. :) So, if I couldn't find the classes some place else, I was going to have to give up my classroom. It was advised that I try to transfer to another school should a position become available. At this point, I told my boss that I had applied for a preschool position and an elementary position within another district which he made sure to tell me that they only accept applications on-line. Really... didn't know that even though I've already completed everything for it Sherlock.

Now, I'm left wondering if it was a parent, a church member, a co-worker, or my fucking ex-husband (yes, he would do something like this) or one of his many so-called friends. Whomever it was has now ruined my career with the diocese. I'm marked with the Scarlett Letter. Because of this... last night I was ready to sign my resignation letter and turn it in today to my boss. I feel like I'm caught... if I stay, the person will just try again. It looks like I will be giving up my classroom at the end of the year to stay home with the princes. This just takes one thing off my already filled plate and considering I'm adding a legal battle with the ex for full custody of the princes due to his stupidity that will take the jobs spot on the plate, I'd say it just might be divine intervention at its best.

At the moment, I'm sick to my stomach, depressed, pissed off (better than pissed on as one person pointed out to me) and ready to rumble with whoever steps in the way.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Exercising My 2nd Admendment Rights!!!!

I'm heading to become an "Annie Oakley" type of gun-toting, biker babe... during the last month we've had a rash of home break-ins in our neighborhood. The first house the assholes cleaned them out of $20,000 of stuff (at least that's the word on the street). The second house is right across the street from mine and the third that we know of was my next door neighbors... the fuckers used his garage door opener in his vehicle and were only scared away because his truck alarm sounded as they tried to get into it! Yummy and I are thinking that ours was the fourth house intended as on Tuesday our newest boxer girl that we leave out of her crate went nuts and tried to destroy the back door. Let me just say that she's NEVER done anything like this and typically doesn't get excited unless there's something right outside the door. I discovered our back gate was unlocked as well which leads me to believe that the little pricks tried our house but good ole' Maggie scared the asses away!

To top it off... the cops along with everyone in the neighborhood think it's the 20-something wanna-be gang banger that lives across the street with his mommy and some of his fucking wanna-be members! The kid is a complete juvenile delinquent with spending time on home detention when we first moved into the house but then shortly after ran away. He ended up spending a year or so in a youth detention center. Not the best of upstanding citizens!

So all of this has led us down the path to the gun store to purchase a semi-automatic 9mm. We've looked at the Glocks and Taurus 24/7. Both seem like they would do the job of stopping the mother fuckers but we did have the chance to handle an XD 45. Seems to me that the grip on this one fits better into my little hands... Hmmm.... decisions, decisions...

Any of you gun-toting bloggers have any advice for me? And please... those of you that are far-left liberals promoting gun control... please keep the comments to yourself. I know all about gun safety and don't need a lecture on turning the other cheek. We're talking about protecting yourself and your family!