Tuesday, January 11, 2011

New Year Challenge

So, I haven't done well thus far with the challenge of blogging for 30 days. After a visit to the ER on New Year's Day, a visit to the doctor, an ultrasound on the kidney in question to rule out a stone and oh, yeah... another trip the ER last night with a CT scan this time around, blood work checking levels for every.single.freakin'.organ, the beautiful invention of pain meds via an IV has only made me a little behind on my blogging. *giggle*

After all the testing, the ER found a cyst on the ovary that is causing all the pain. I'm holy cow... I thought I was in labor last night on the way home from work! To think that one little 3 cm cyst leaking into the abdomen could cause such severe pain. But like I said, thank god for pain meds! The doc shot me up with an IV pain med, sent me home with 2 more and I am doing a happy dance right now. I really can see how someone would want to continue to chase the feeling of this!

I think I will put the 30 days of blogging on hold for a day or two until I'm feeling better. I'm off to take a happy pill then to bed for the night. *grin*

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Loz said...

This too shall pass. The 30 days of blogging will wait