Sunday, May 30, 2010

School's Out for Summer!!

School officially ended Friday with the 17 little kiddos heading out the door to their parents! YAY! The last week they were all so excited and I just couldn't help but think to myself that if they only knew how excited I was too to be seeing them off for 10 weeks and not having to hear "Miss Honey, I'm done.", "Miss Honey, What do we do now?", "Miss Honey, Where do I put this?", "Miss Honey, Miss Honey, Miss Honey..." You get the point! *wink, wink*

I do have to go back on Tuesday for my final teacher meeting of the year and get their permanent records done but other than that I'm done for the summer! It's time to start lounging by the pool and working on the tan. That will all be done between running the princes to soccer and swim practice/meets! Yikes! So much for a restful summer vacation. You'll be able to find me poolside at 9 in the freakin' morning M-F while the princes practice each week, soccer two nights a week and a swim meet every other week.

I'm only glad I do have the summers off so I can run them to all their stuff while trying to work in a little "me" time. Who am I kidding? I have so much stuff to do it's not funny. I have 3 months to prepare for the trial on the whole custody thing with ex. It seems now he thinks he's going to get full custody of the princes by filing a motion for it 3 months before we go to trial. The man has missed 25% of his parenting time with the princes this year and been gone 30% of the entire year! How the hell does he think he's going to get full custody of them and make all the decisions, run them to everything, etc. when he's not even here???? Yup, he thinks he's going to get custody of them when he couldn't even pick up the middle prince's prescription this weekend from the pharmacy and emailed me to do it and bring it to him! Oh, and he's told his attorney who believes him that I'm mentally & emotionally unstable thus requiring me to submit to psychological testing and a custody evaluation of myself with my princes! The only good thing about this is that he has to complete it as well and pay for it at a tune of over $10 grand!!! He didn't get the evaluator that he wanted so he's scrambling now because he's got to pay some law professor for a prestigious university to complete the eval. He's hoping that they find something that he can use against me since none of the doctors that the princes see has anything in their charts that indicates I'm a bad mom. Yup, he went around and requested each and every medical chart even the counseling notes from the oldest prince's therapist! I just couldn't believe it! What an idiot!!!

Glad that it's summer and I have time to relax!

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Anonymous said...

that cat is off the frickin chain!!!

Hope your summer is good! You should post tan progression pics!!