Saturday, March 27, 2010

The Worst Day Ever

This day has been a day from *hell*! Seriously, here... I really can't think a of a worst day in my life than today. It started out just fine like every other Saturday. I decided to go shopping for some coats for the princes. I was in Old Navy trying on a few things I found for myself when my phone started ringing and it was the asshat of an ex. I answered thinking that something was up and was I right. He told me that the oldest prince wanted to talk to me which is unlike the ex to introduce a phone call from one of the princes.

The oldest prince got on the phone and was sobbing hysterically. He told me that his dad wouldn't give him his things to put in his book bag, chased him through the house and told him that he couldn't call me. I told the oldest prince to let me talk to his asshat father. The ex got on the phone and started giving me a song and dance about how the oldest prince disobeyed him, blah, blah, blah.... I asked him if he chased the prince through the house and he wouldn't answer me. I asked him 2 more times and each time he refused to answer which I told him that by him not answering it gave me the answer. I told him that this was the 2nd time this week that he had lost control with the prince (the other was on Thursday when he got into a verbal argument over homework and slammed on his brakes in the middle of the road, swerved to the side of the road and screamed at all the princes then when home put the oldest prince in his room for the remainder of the night) and I was going to call my attorney and the crazy parent coordinator. He responded to me by telling me to call the sheriff. I called both my attorney and the parent coordinator. Neither could be reached so I called my mom for advice. I ended up calling the sheriff department and asked them to meet me at the ex's house so I could check on the princes and explained that because of the incident with the oldest prince last September I was very concerned for their safety.

The sheriff sent 2 deputies and by the time I got to his house they were in there checking on the princes. One came out to talk to me. I explained what had happened even though I told dispatch the same thing, explained the prior events with the princes and with the ex assaulting me in January '09 and then again in September '09. A third deputy arrived and the one in the house came out. These two were not so nice more like a prick and a bigger prick. The one that had interviewed the ex and the boys said that it sounded like the prince wasn't getting his way and threatened to call me which his dad "walked" after him to get the phone. *Ahem, yeah... asshole prick of a cop... my son wouldn't be hysterical and scared if his father had walked after him!* Told me that I needed to be a good mother explain to my son that he needed to listen to his father. *Again, asshole... I AM a good mother and do tell the princes to listen to their asshat of a father.* This deputy told me that he could file a formal report but... *Ahem, yeah... you need to file a formal report!* I asked them about CPS as my parent coordinator told me to ask them about if it was necessary. The bigger prick of a cop told me that no crime had been committed and if any one of them called CPS they would each look like a fool. *Ahem, it's not about you asshole. It's about MY kids!* The nice deputy gave me a control number so I could call on Monday and find out how to get the report. I asked about seeing the princes or at least the oldest prince before I left so he knew that I was there. The prick of a cop told me it was up to asshat of an ex if he allowed the prince(s) to come out. The prick cop came out with the oldest prince who was in tears. I did what any good mom would do and reminded him that he needed to listen to his dad, get whatever it was that his asshat father was asking for, etc. Told the prince that I would call later to check on him and I would see him tomorrow.

It was the hardest thing for me to leave my princes there with the asshat! But I had no choice since there wasn't any crime committed as the bigger prick cop pointed out. When I talked to the parent coordinator prior to meeting the deputies, she said the ex had called her to tell her that I was calling the cops on him but he left out that he had chased the prince through the house. She said if she would have known that detail she would have insisted on talking to the prince but when she asked about talking to the prince, the asshat ex told her it wasn't necessary and she didn't think it was that bad because it was quiet. Ah, yeah... as he was probably outside in the garage talking to her! DUH!! I told her about the incident on Thursday and that I suggested to the ex that he needed to sit down and talk to me about disciplining the boys and he told me he'd rather seek professional help. I suggested parenting classes and the parent coordinator told me that she had no problem recommending those for the asshat. I think this incident has shed some light on it for her.

I never thought in my life that I would need to call the sheriff on my ex but I knew that I didn't have much of a choice. I couldn't go by myself, he wasn't being forthcoming with information (which is normal), and I needed to know that the princes were safe and a repeat of September wasn't/wouldn't happen.

So, now it's a phone call on Monday to the attorney and see what the next step is.


Anonymous said...

yup that would rank right up there with the shittiest days!

Hope he starts acting right.

Lilith said...

Ok I take back the last comment I left on the post below. The asshat ex needs a 20 gauge to the back of his head!

What kind of sick game does he think he's playing? He can't be so deluded to think he can keep getting away with this shit!