Saturday, August 7, 2010

Dog Days of Summer

Well, summer is coming to a close for me. I hate when this happens. I could whine about how it's not fair, it's never long enough... blah, blah, blah. I have my first teacher meeting on August 11th and my students (all 13 of them) come on August 16th. I'm moving up a grade this year to first so it's quite a change setting up the classroom with little desks instead of tables, learning a new curriculum, and... deep breath here. I always think I'll never be ready but I get it all pulled together.

I also hate to see summer go but I am actually kind of looking forward to it. I'm anticipating a close to the on-going saga with the ex. Our court date is set for August 31st. The custody evaluation is coming to a close as the home visit was last weekend. The report from the doctor will be to the attorneys by August 20. My attorney is anticiapting a good outcome but we'll see. The ex keeps throwing things on me each week. Besides making the princes and I go through the custody evaluation because he told his attorney that I abuse the princes, am mentally & emotionally unstable, blah, blah, blah (And I just want to throw in here that my "crazy" test came back completely normal with NO clinical findings!!), the ex is now having his attorney subponea my personnel files from both schools I have taught at in the last 3 years! I swear will the man never learn that he's not going to find anything that will show I am a bad mom? Probably not... I really don't think I have met another person more vindictive than him. Uugghh... I just cringe when I think about being married to him.

On a brighter note... school shopping is done for the princes, registration for school is in a few weeks (they start a week after my students come) and I think they are looking forward to it just a little. The oldest prince will be heading to the other campus for his start of jr. high and gets to ride the shuttle bus. I didn't think riding the bus was that great at his age but I guess it was probably because I had to ride it The middle prince is going to be 'big man on campus' in his building and is wondering about the new 4th grade teacher coming and the little prince is heading into 1st grade and he is absolutely not ready to go back! lol

Hoping everyone enjoys that last weeks of summer! I think we'll head to the pool today and enjoy the sun!!


Lilith said...

What in the hell do your personal work files have anything to do with how you are as a mother?

I hope the judge sees what a f*cking a**hole your ex is an throws the book at him for abusing the court system!

Anonymous said...

our school starts tomorrow!

Damn girl something is wrong with yoU! I woman that isn't crazy????? Are you sure you aren't an alien?

Osbasso said...

Sounds like you're ready to get back (though I can't believe how soon so many schools are starting!). Hope all goes smoothly at the end of the month! (miss you!)