Saturday, December 18, 2010

It's Beginning to Look Like Christmas

Ahh... quiet time. It has been so long since I have had the chance to sit and post anything let alone read any of the blogs that I love. It is finally Christmas break which brings me some down time to catch up on reading and posting... okay, maybe more reading than posting.

I can't believe the school year is half over and Christmas is around the corner! I have had such a busy beginning of the year with switching from teaching Kindergarten to moving to first grade. I know, you might be say "it can't be that much of a difference" but when you add into the mix the social studies science, grammar, it takes on a whole new twist! I have the smallest class that I have ever had in 10 years - 13 total. I started with 14 but one little boy moved after only 3 weeks of school. He would have been a great addition to the class and I hope he's doing well in the southern half of the state. Out of the 13 kiddos, I have 2 with attitudes and we've worked on them not having melt-downs and 1 that can read fairly well but doesn't comprehend anything that he reads! This makes for an interesting mix each day.

Finally, things with the ex have simmered down quite a bit. We were able to reach a new agreement in mediation in mid-August only days before the Princes started school. The new agreement has brought more stability to the Princes with the ex's parenting time being taken down to the one evening per week and every other weekend which is standard in our state. This has taken care of the homework issue that the Princes were facing. It has been such a HUGE relief to have this weight lifted and now, I just look at the ex and say read your agreement. I know I have to stick to it and not bend from it because that is what created some of the issues prior. There's no more of him not giving the Princes' their meds as prescribed or trying to change dr. orders as it's been written into the agreement that meds will be given as prescribed and all dr. orders followed to a T! And, I can officially say that the ex has actually backed me up this past week with a school issue that our middle Prince is having at school and when we met with his teacher, principal and resource teacher. There is hope!

Christmas shopping is done and now I just need to wrap those gifts. I wish Santa would move a few of his elves in my basement to take care of that for me! I did the last of the shopping today and definitely have spoiled the Princes this year. I did most of it before Thanksgiving but couldn't help but pick up a few extra books and scooter for them. I still have to pick up the stocking stuffers but can do that while the Princes are at school on Monday. Tuesday I'll be at their school for the Christmas parties! I'm so excited to help since I don't get to do that very often anymore so it's baking here I come...

Hoping everyone has a WONDERFUL holiday!


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