Sunday, November 9, 2008

Catch Up...

Yeesh... it's been 6 weeks since I was able to post. So much has happened! I've been laying low with the whole posting thing since one of my co-workers decided to view what the students took as porn while at school and the students saw it. Our principal has been on a real micro-managing attack and threatening to check everyone's personal laptop for 'contraband'. I just didn't want to take any chances because he made it VERY clear that it didn't matter if we had viewed the website at home or school - we could lose our job!

Get this... each time I make either a personal call or email on my break, I have to email or give him a note and tell him what time, who it was to and why! Can we say Big Brother???

I've been so negligent in checking sites and I promise I will start stopping by again and will get caught up in my posting as well. But, for now, I just wanted to let everyone know that I am still alive!



Osbasso said...

Oh, man, that's just not right! I absolutely HATE micromanaging administrations! But it's probably wise to err on the side of caution.

You need to email me--plans need to be made!

Lilith said...

Wait a damn minute, since when can they monitor what you do on your time within your own home?

Riff Dog said...

Wow! Definitely shades of "Big Brother!"

Great to see you back!

Rage said...

I agree....they can't tell you what you can and can't do in your own home.


Glad you're back though.

Fuck the micromanaging!

PS: Things are real shitty at the job here too. I know your pain girlie.

Maeve said...

He is going crazy!
Hope I would be able to hear from you soon!

Percy said...

yeah, sure sounds like big brother to me.. so much for free speech, and for the 4th amendment- unreasonable search and seizure.
'thought police'

take care

d2b said...

Holy sh*t. What you do at home is your private business, but if you're doing it on your company lappy... Anyway, that doesn't sound fun living under those rules/threats at work. It's easy to pass by a not that innocent picture by mistake when surfing.

Personally I found a way to use my office lappy at home, fool-proof without touching the hard-drive or leave a single byte of private data on it *lol*

Hope to see some of you soon :)

Professor said...

What the hell is up lately with all this "spying on bloggers" and revealing shit? what a mess. Hope this all turns out well in the wash.

Anonymous said...

It's your time, your phone, your laptop, your business.

Three words:


Three more words:


Anonymous said...

Quick for the love of all things good, send me your pics for safe keeping!!!!


hope you can post more sexy woman.

Amorous Rocker said...

Wow, that really sucks. Sorry to hear that. I was wondering what happened to you though so thanks for posting.:)

M said...

What is it with principals and craziness. It abounds here.

Honey said...

To everyone that gave a shout out... Thanks so much for the support! Micromanaging bosses really suck but when you need a job, you do what you have to. But I'm back and plan on catching up on everyone's sites. :)