Thursday, March 26, 2009

Self Confessions of a Control Freak...

Wow, I'm getting to post again before a week has gone by. What is this world coming too? I have some 'extra' time as it may be - the Princes are with EH and their spring break starts tomorrow at noon. Mine is the following week so maybe - just maybe - I can catch up on all my back reading of the blogs I love so much. :) Wishful thinking between painting the house and getting it cleaned from top to bottom for a party the end of April.

Hey, great news today... I found out I have a condition according to EH. Yup, a bona fide condition. I guess I'm a control freak (at least that's what I took from his email today). You see, he is suppose to give me an itinerary, departure/return dates, specific places going, etc. with the Prince when he takes them out of state. He told 4 weeks ago that he was going to take them to Kentucky/Tennessee for spring break. Fine but when I asked exactly when they would be leaving/returning, he told me that he'd have to get back to me on that one. Well, break starts tomorrow and as of Monday I had not gotten word. My attorney (because we're in the middle of requesting mediation that the state says I have to request because of all the other 'stuff') told me to email EH and cite the specific place in the agreement that we both signed that says he has to provide this info or he can't take the Princes. I did this on Monday and requested that he give the info by yesterday. Yesterday came and went and no information in my inbox. This morning I get an email from him that starts on a personal note telling me that I need to go to counseling for my condition and how my condition is affecting our working relationship and my relationship with the Princes will suffer if I don't get a handle on it. And how I'm having problems with not being able to control the situation.

Okay, reality check... it's not about controlling the situation. I have a right (my god given legal right) to know where & when he is taking my Princes. It's about he can't seem to get it through his head that yes, he's their father but he is responsible to me to give me this information as I am to him (I gave him the same type of info last year when I took the kids to Disney) but rather than give me the information, he gave me his sister's contact info and basically told me that I'd have to contact her if I needed to get a hold of the kids. What kind of bullsh*t is this? So, I'm going with this, passing it along to my attorney who will then turn around and use it when we go to court. Just another instance of him not wanting to communicate with me. Maybe when he gets stuck with another attorney bill, he'll get a clue? Hmm... yeah, didn't work the last time so I don't think it will work this time. I think when God was passing out common sense, he missed out and got in the line with all the idiots. :)

And if you haven't noticed, I don't deal well with idiots.


TUG said...

yeah, how does that not make sense to him. I'm sure if the situation was reveresed he'd want the same thing.

M said...

I hate that you're going through this :(

It's exactly what I'm afraid of.

Hang in there!!