Monday, March 22, 2010

Rainy Days & Mondays...

Geez, it's been a while since I've posted! It's been a little chaotic to say the least around here. I swear I've been running like a chicken with my head cut off... I really don't know which end is up.

**Restaurant is at a stand still as we are waiting on numbers from the kitchen design team, logo and other misc. items to finish the business plan.

**Things on the ex front has heated up... he returned from his trip and asked for some additional time with the princes due to missing all of his 12 days in January. I gave him 6 days to which he was not happy and demanded, you read it right... demanded that I give him every one of my days from the end of Feb. until the end of March! I think not! That didn't happen as the good ole' attorney threatened him with contempt charges if he didn't return the princes to me when he was suppose to at our agreed upon time.

**Homework continues to not get done while the princes are at the ex's house. He says it is okay for the boys to fail assignments/tests because it makes them a successful person later in life. Seriously, WTF??? He has stated that he should not have to help the 9 yr. or 10 yr. olds on their homework and that all three princes should be responsible to get their stuff completed and not bother him. Not kidding here folks!

**Continues to battle over additional days which I found out he is not entitled to as he chose to work rather than spend his time with his kiddos. But still thinks he is entitled to it and now has scheduled a meeting with the crazy parenting coordinator to make me give up my time so he can have the boys. The only thing is that no one consulted me to the meeting and I have meetings after school both nights. Oops!

**Had surgery last week for nothing it seems. Been having a severe pain in the left lower abdomen and the doctor did a laproscopy to find out why. Unfortunately, everything checked out fine which is a relief! Now, it's onto more probing if it persists but they are thinking that it is stress causing the pain. Not like I have any of that right now! ~wink, wink~

**We have a team of educators coming to my school this week to evaluate us. They will be there for 2 days and then after interviews, observations, etc. they will let us know if we retain our accreditation and at what level.

I'm just hoping that I can keep it all together the next few weeks, keep the stress to a minimum (or at least less) and keep the pain at bay. Here's lookin' to sunshiny days ahead...


Anonymous said...

Well I'm glad surgery went well! Hate the Ex is being a dickwad.

Hope the evaluation gos good and the rest. stuff works out too!

Lilith said...

So let me get this straight, the asshat ex doesn't take his sons when he's supposed to, but then expects you to give up your time. Umm, how about HELL NO!

This man is seriously deluded and needs a shovel to the back of his head!

Honey said...

Sage: Thanks!

Lilith: I was actually thinking of something different to the head but a shovel will work. lol