Monday, September 22, 2008

A is for Apple

We had such a busy weekend... Friday night after picking the princes up from after school care, we did the whole family thing. Yummy was home from work so we hung out with him and enjoyed a family dinner. We don't get to have those often with Yummy's schedule so when we get to eat together other than Sunday, it's a treat for the boys.

Saturday started the popcorn sales for Cub Scouts. We walked our neighborhood and the older princes went door-to-door. It took two hours to do about half the house in the neighborhood. After lunch we went back out and did the other half. They did an awesome job and sold over $400 worth between the two of them. They set a goal of $500 each - Woo Hoo for them! They are half way to their goal. They were so adorable going up to the door together and giving their sales pitch. They even did well when some people told them "no thank you" and one guy got kind of snippy with them. I was very proud of them for handling the turn downs well. It's hard as a little kid to hear that someone doesn't want to help you out. They were a little bummed when we got done for the day that they hadn't filled their order forms but we talked about how some people don't have the extra money to support Cub Scouts because of various things such as gas prices, cost of food, etc. The oldest prince really got it because he piped up and said "yeah, mommy... it costs a $100 a month for you to put gas in the truck." I told him he was close but explained to him that's what it cost per week and he added up how much it is for a month. When he got done, he said "Wow, mommy that's a lot of money!" I guess, you could say it was one of those teachable moments. :)

Saturday night the princes and I went to a local youth production of "Alice in Wonderland" at an old fire station that has been converted to a theatre. It was quite quaint with only 5 rows. WE were in the front row and the princes loved it! The group had adapted it and made it somewhat modern with the MadHatter rapping. The group would make comments referring to some of the audience members and right off the bat... the middle prince was referred to as a common street urchin from Alice's tutor and the littlest prince was make creepy faces at Alice and she commented. They had such a great time that they asked when they could go back for another play. We're going to see "Wizard of Oz" in a few weeks there and they also want to get involved in the theatre and want to audition for upcoming plays! The princes ROCK!!

On Sunday we all headed to the local festival in honor of Johnny Appleseed. We stuffed our faces with all the typical festival food of carmel corn, carmel apples, BBQ chicken, ham-n-beans, cornbread, corn on the cob. We strolled through all the crafter's booths, farmers markets, and traders area. Oh, did I mention that everyone there (except spectators) was in period dress? They all have to be dressed in clothing that was typical of the time period AND all the food vendors must make everything on site and not use any electricity what-so-ever! Lots of open fires, kettles and grills.

What a great family weekend! It's rare that we have so much time together in one weekend. The princes had a fabulous time - little fighting and lots of laughing! That makes for a wonderful weekend for mommy!


Rage said...

Glad you had a great weekend honey!


Osbasso said...

Sounds like a great time! It's always good to see kids get excited about the arts!

~Jobthingy~ said...

aww. that sounds like a wonderful weekend.

and i bet all that food cooked on the open fire was amazing.. yummy!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a big ole time!!!
definately a life lesson the sales thing is.
you oughta let folks here donate!!