Tuesday, September 2, 2008

TMI Tuesday

1. When was the last time someone hit on you? What went down? According to Yummy, it happens ALL the time. I guess, it would have to be Sunday night at our friend's get together. Two of the guys that were there were flirting pretty heavy. I'm kinda oblivious to stuff like this. I just take it as someone being nice - that's what got me in 'trouble' with Yummy. ~wink, wink~

But I'd like to think it was back when I was hanging with Luke Bryan and the flirting the insued that night... ~smiling~

2. If you were single and could be with any one person, who would it be (thinking singer/actor or someone famous here, but whatever)? Hmm... that's a tough one because typically famous pple aren't all that they're cracked up to be. I'd have to say that if I was single, I'd still choose Yummy. He's the one person that truly 'gets' me. But if I have to pic a famous person, then I'd go with my new obsession of Luke Bryan ~ he's just delicious... ;)

3. Have you ever had done anything sexual in your office or your place of employment? Nope... come on I teach at a school. Do you know what kind of scandal that would cause if it was found out?

4. Do you apologize when you make a mistake? How do you react when someone calls you out? That is one thing that I do DO... if I'm in the wrong, I'll admit it and apologize. I'm usually okay with someone calling me out on it as long as it's in a constructive manner.

5. Top or bottom? This could be talking about many things... my first thought was to say top because I like to be in control... just ask Yummy. ~blushing~

Bonus (as in optional): Bonus: How old were you when you first had a willing sexual experience? I was a later bloomer in this compared to many of my girlfriends in school. I was 17 and a junior in high school when I had my first 'real' boyfriend.

Do you kiss and tell? Come play along and let us know in the comments. Make sure you check out what everyone had to share this week over at TMI Tuesday.


Biscuit said...

That was my first response to #3, seeing as I formerly worked either in schools or in children's homes. Talk about ick!

Eddie D. said...

Good answer for #3...we do have to know our boundaries, don't we?

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Osbasso said...

You're turning country, right in front of us!

Amorous Rocker said...

Heh, I only notice when people are flirting with me if they're obvious about it. I'm oblivious otherwise and assume they're bored and talkative. My boyfriend enjoys making me fun of this, lol.

I like your #2 answer. I went with my guy still too, lol. =x

Happy Tuesday!

Anonymous said...

excellent answers!

i bet u get hit on all the time!!

None of my teachers looked anything like you, ever

Honey said...

Biscuit: I know, that IS ick!

Eddie D.: Yup, Iknow I'm a *naughty* school teacher but I do have boundaries.

Os: Turning country? You're talking to a straight-up, bona fide, country-raised girl here. Slopped hogs, gathered eggs, milked cows, raised just about everything that could be on a farm. So, hmmm... when I see a good ole' country boy with them arms from throwin' hay bales... it just does something for me. ~wink~

AR: I know what you mean... I was COMPLETELY oblivious to Yummy's flirting. I mean, I knew he was but didn't think it'd go anywhere because we both flirt. And look what happened! haha

Sage: I hear that a lot.~grinning~