Monday, May 18, 2009

Is it Friday YET?!?

It's only Monday and I feel like a truck has hit me. Literally... a big, huge, Mack truck... with the trucker girl mud flaps flapping in the wind as it rolls right over me.

I awoke to a blasting email from the good 'ole ex about the stupid baseball game he is suppose to take the princes to next weekend for cub scouts. There was a mix up with tickets and the oldest and youngest princes do not have tickets for the camp out. And some how... I was suppose to 'fix' it. WTF!?! He badgered me until I gave up MY weekend with the princes so he could take them to this freakin' game that initially none wanted to go and see. But this morning's email again told me that I was crazy and that he would do what the hell he wanted and leave the two that could not go to the camp out with whomever he wanted to and I had NO say in it what-so-ever. Ahem*mother-fucker*I*think*NOT... So, I guess he thought I would be okay with him leaving MY kids with his 'girlfriend' that I haven't met, seen, etc. and that the boys have been around maybe at the most 3 times! Yeah... and what drugs does he think I'm on that I would agree to that? Oh, and did I mention that he blamed the whole thing on my 9 year old son? Yup, you read it right... real mature here folks!

But it just kept getting better with emails from him today. So, I made a phone call to the attorney to make sure the papers got filed in court. Supposedly (and I use supposedly because they didn't get filed last week when the attorney told me they did) the papers were filed on Friday and the court would be send certified copies out today or tomorrow to EH. Now, it's a waiting game for the whole mediation thing but at least this will force the asshat to get an attorney and I can start getting things rolling for the boys' sake!

To top the day off... it's the last full week of 'work' at school for the students and they are done. Put a fork in them - done! I had to give a year end assessment test and 2 out of 3 classes I gave it to told me they didn't know how to do it, I never taught them things on it... you name it, they were throwing it out there. I lost it today because the 7th grade teacher actually heard me raise my voice (yell for me) to her class. I had explained to the little piss ants that they were not receiving a grade on this for a test but they still would be getting graded on it but I expected them to do their best. I actually had one kid tell me that they didn't have a problem like the one he was working on when I said to them that these were 'like' the standardized test that they just took for the state a month ago. He literally thought I meant that these were the same exact fucking problems he had a month ago! But, what got my blood boiling was his attitude and tone he used with me. Gah! No respect for authority what-so-ever! Seriously, what is wrong with today's teenagers?

I'm hoping that I make it through tomorrow with my 8th graders having the state's core test in algebra and make it to Friday when I take them to the amusement park for their graduation trip. Wish me luck!


Hubman said...

Good luck! With everything that is going on in your life...

Maggie said...

Do you HAVE to do mediation? Can't the courts just kill EH? or some legal version of it? what an idiot?

And jr. high kids the last week of school should just be locked in one huge room at the beginning of the day and let out at the end- no teaching is going to happen anywhere.

Just keep repeating, "it's almost summer, it's almost summer" over and over and over- and drink lots! ;)