Tuesday, June 2, 2009

School's Out for Summer

Yay!!! School's FINALLY out for the summer. What a relief to be out of that classroom and home. I think I might be able to get some relaxation in before next school year... oh, wait... that's right, I'm not among the unemployed. OFFICIALLY... started the job interviews yesterday for a 3 day a week gig teaching preschool, got turned down for an interview by email this morning bright and early at 6 freakin' thirty and received a call to come in for a 6th grade math/science position that is only for one year because the teacher took a year off.

I'm not going to worry until Aug. 15 when the last paycheck comes rollin' in but I'm sure by then, I'll have found something. If not, Yummy says I can be a kept woman for as long as I want as long as I do the laundry and clean the house. Okay, don't I do that already and what kind of deal is this? I swear, there better be something better out of this deal than that! lol Like maybe sex every.single.morning? That sounds like a good deal to me! ;)

I'm actually looking forward to having some down time for the first week of summer. The princes don't have any events to participate in other than an ortho appt. and going to the zoo to see the new lions, honey badger, hyenas at the newly renovated African exhibit on Friday. I went today and got 2 new books for me to read. I'm hoping to spend some me time reading this summer because I haven't had a chance to do that for a long time and lounge by the pool for the summer before the wedding.

Speaking of wedding... oh, that's right we weren't' but hey, it's my blog so we are now. :) Everything is planned and we have 39 days until the dress comes out of the garment bag, the hair is done and we party on Bourbon Street in NOLA! I absolutely can't wait... I'm excited, the princes are excited, Yummy's excited... It's just one huge ball of excitement around here. So much that the princes are asking if I can marry Yummy tomorrow! lol

Update on the EH situation... where to begin? Well, let's go back to 3 weeks ago when his 'girlfriend' showed up at the princes' soccer game and they put on a show for all to see with the public displays of affection. We're not talking small pecks on the cheek or hand holding. It was full blown tongue down throat action. Can we all say EEWW? EH doesn't get it - I've been there, done that and if I wanted it, I'd still have it. Let's move to 2 days later at the soccer practice when he threatened me by telling me "just wait until the boys are 18, then I'm going to let them know what a whore their mother is." Yup, that's right... and he said this 4 times right in front of my 5 year old prince! Just stellar... now that's a father of the year award coming his way, I can just feel it. lol

The next day, the papers FINALLY got filed in court. Wow, come to find out... my attorney kept forgetting to do it. Well, I guess me calling him that morning and telling him about me being called a whore plus my 9 yr. old now would rather be dead than spend any time with his father lit a fire under his butt. That's right, my 9 yr. prince would rather die than be with his dad. His father informed me that it's my fault he feels this way and that he's been saying it for some time now (like months!). Okay, isn't THIS something that should have been communicated to me right away? Just sayin'. The next this was that EH has decided that his relationship with the 9 yr. old prince is ruined and not worth his effort to work on... his words were "I'm done with him and not going to work on my relationship with him." Ahem... no wonder the kid feels the way he does!

So, I've spent the last week trying to find a therapist for the prince but I have to have one that will testify in court and not all do that plus I'm running into the problem of because currently I have joint legal custody with EH and we both have to agree on medical treatment, no one will see the prince without EH coming in to say it's okay. A*motherfuckers*hem... MY kid is threatening to kill himself!! So, a system that is suppose to save a kid isn't set up to do just that! How fucking messed up is this? I'm hoping that I have calls into 2 other therapists and one of them will help otherwise, I'm stuck until we go to court.

Which... fall over... my attorney is setting a date for the preliminary hearing and filing a motion to have the court order mediation with EH! YES!!! I think, with the prince wanting to die, we're now at a near emergency level is what the attorney said so we can start pushing but EH still hasn't gotten an attorney or acknowledged receipt of the first motion of me filing for a change in custody. Oh, well... just makes him look like an ass when we get to the judge!

So, yeah... I think so much for a relaxing summer vacation. ;)


Hubman said...

So I'm not a legal scholar or some shit like that by a long shot, but it seems to me that joint custody shouldn't/wouldn't/couldn't dictate unanimous medical care of a child. Speaking of legal scholars, if your attorney is so good at dragging his ass, have you considered getting a new one?

Good luck with the job search!

Honey said...

Hubman, unfortunately in my state joint legal custody does dictate the unanimous consensus of medical care, religious upbringing and schooling. If the parents don't agree, then it's to court for the court to decide. Stupid, I know!

I did consider a new attorney but for many reasons I really don't want to go into... I decided to stick with him. He is actually a highly regarded attorney in town and does do the work for me without making me pay a retainer. Unfortunately, right now in our city... the attorneys are stretched thing along with the courts being backed up for a year out for a court date! YIKES!

Vixen said...

Eww...makes me happy I live in the state I do. Ours isn't like that.

I hope it all gets worked out. When ever I read your site, it makes me *SO* thankful my ex is pretty much out of the picture. Asshats SUCK.

Good luck on the job search!

TUG said...

uh, yeah...so much for some relaxation. I hope the kiddos will be ok when all this is done. I'm sure they will. They are smarter than we give them credit for.