Friday, June 19, 2009

3 weeks and counting

It's exactly 3 weeks until the big day in New Orleans! Things are coming together and I've been busy between the shit with EH to finalize details of the wedding. I spent yesterday afternoon getting some kick ass jewelry from a local designer. I'm so excited to have one of a kind pieces for my big day and their are freakin' fabulous. ;-)

Everything in Nola is paid for and booked. So, it's hopefully looking like a stress free event. I'm hoping at least. But, if not... I can *always* tie one on afterwards and we all know that will make any stress go away for at least a bit. LOL

The only thing I'm having trouble with is finding something for the ahem wedding night. Our local Victoria Secrets hasn't been having much options to anything very sexy and my only other option in this god forsaken town is to hit the 'adult' stores where all the strippers shop. Not a bad option but don't know if I want my whole attire to be the same as what I could see on stage at a local club. :) So, if any of you have some kick ass sites that you can suggest, I would appreciate it!

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TUG said...

I recommend going the complete opposite. How about a leather corset with a leather thong and knee high boots? Not many women can pull that off, but you can.