Friday, October 30, 2009

Busy, Busy, Busy...

Wow, what a week! I'm posting a run-down and it's in bullets nonetheless...

  • Monday head back to school after the relaxing weekend (okay, mini vacation) in Michigan.
  • Tuesday a meeting after school which I open my mouth saying 'yes, I can do that' and I get handed a HUGE (I mean freakin' huge) project for the principal that has to be at the state department of education in one week!
  • Got into a tiff with Yummy over my freakin' birthday gift. I HATE celebrating my birthday - used to love it but then being married to a douche bag for 8 years who didn't put any effort or thought into gifts or celebrating MY day, it does tend to put a damper on a person's attitude toward their own birthday. Yummy tries SO hard but I had asked him not to get me a gift mainly because he likes to do things on a grand scale and money just doesn't allow for it right now since we did take a little vacation the week before. PLUS, my birthday wasn't until Thursday.
  • Got an email from the ex saying my middle prince had asked him if he was going to attend the party on Sunday. He wanted to know where his invite was! Decided to just ignore the email.
  • Thursday was my 29th birthday (again). My students made the most darling picture frame from the pottery store with their fingerprints and a class picture. I even got a Macy's gift card from one student and her family - WooHoo!!! Shopping is always a great gift. :)
  • The ex emailed me again on Thursday with a list - YES, a list of things for me to answer. At the top of the list was the damn birthday invite. I really wanted to tell him to quit being a fucking idiot and to give me a break on my birthday. But instead I answered it and told him that he was not invited to the party plus answering all his other requests.
  • I get an email from the ex telling me my middle prince is ill an hour after I told him he was not invited to the party.
  • Middle prince is VERY sick with fever, cough, sore throat, body aches... but his 'father' thinks he'll be better to go bowling the next day. Ahem, don't think so!!
  • Spent my birthday without the princes, Yummy had to work so I treated my self to a pedicure/manicure and spent a couple of hours with my in-laws.
  • Today was the Halloween party at school. The room parents threw a HUGE party for the kids... 2 pinatas, 2 games, treat bags, snack, crafts.
  • Picked up the Princes from their 'father' and he couldn't tell me how high the Prince's temp was, symptoms, etc. Did get out of him that he had kept him drugged up all day and the poor kiddo was so out of it.
  • Had to track down the oldest prince's winter coat because the ex lost it and didn't bother trying to track it down. So, this took another 20-30 minutes longer that I could have been home with the prince that's sick. Found the coat at the local YMCA where the princes go for after school care. At least we found it - I didn't want to have to buy another new one.
  • Got home to find that the prince has had a temp (fever) of 101 the last 2 days and it doesn't drop much with the drugs. His throat is red, his cough is worse and he doesn't have any energy.
  • It's looking like we'll have to postpone the birthday party for a few weeks so the prince can get better. We have this guy coming that has an ark of exotic animals that he has gotten from people who cannot take care of them - I swear it's going to be a Desperate Housewives episode as the baby alligator latches on to a kid's finger.
  • It's also looking like we'll be off to the doctor in the morning for them to either tell me the prince has the seasonal flu, H1N1, strep throat or pneumonia.
  • Oh, and telling the prince that he won't be able to go trick-or-treating was a big disappointment. Now, we'll see if his 'father' throws a fit and pouts because it's his year to take the princes trick-or-treating. The last time one of the prince's was sick on Halloween the *ahem-asshole-ahem* made me get the prince loaded up for him to take him AND took a sick kid trick-or-treating. Would it kill him to give up one night with the princes for the sake of their health? Yup, I hear father of the year calling...

I'm thinking that this week can't get worse but I'm wishing that it was next week already and I was working on the big project for work.


Osbasso said...

A belated Happy Birthday to you! Sorry to hear about the prince's illness. I think everyone's going to get a taste of that this year...

TUG said...

After reading all that all I can say is, "You spent 8 years with him?"

WOW! Not too bright, eh? (him, that is)