Tuesday, December 22, 2009


1. What do present do you hope ends up under you tree? These boots by Frye

2. What is the "naughtiest" thing you have ever done under a Christmas tree? Gotten a floor burn on my back (and there's a scar to prove it!). We'll just leave it at that. ~wink, wink~

3. Do you prefer to give or receive? Do I have to choose? I LOVE to give and see the person's reaction because I put a lot of thought into each person's gift(s) and try to make sure it's something that they want or are interested BUT I also like to receive because it's so exciting for me to open the gifts from the boys and Yummy - they all try so hard and they are usually right on with their gifts.

4. What is your favorite part of a sexual partner's body? Wow, we've gone from Christmas questions to sex questions... I'd have to say the curve of Yummy's neck - it's one of the spots that drives him crazy.
5. What is your favorite part of your body - the one you hope a sexual partner will find or pay the most attention to? The small of my back and the curve of my neck.

Bonus (as in optional): [Idea blatantly stolen from Os and his HNT wishes.] What Christmas wishes would you grant and to whom? To my middle prince - his health. He's battling a nasty bout of pneumonia right now and we're praying that he stays out of the hospital. To my oldest prince - the calmness of just knowing that his dad is the way he is and there's nothing that any of us can do to change that. And for the youngest prince - all the Lego sets... hey, he IS 6!
***Daily Recap***
Well, the middle prince spiked a 102 fever last night, got sick and complained of his chest hurting. He woke up (I should say I woke him up to check on him at 9 a.m.) with labored breathing, retraction of his chest and horrendous chest pain PLUS a 103 fever! Off to the dr. we went for them to confirm what I knew already that he had pneumonia. Gave him a shot of Rocephin (not sure if I spelled it right), checked his oxygen level, gave us a scrip for zithromax and sent us off for a chest x-ray. Had to take him in a wheelchair because he was SO weak that he couldn't walk! He couldn't stand to do the x-ray so I had to hold him up on the stool for them to take the x-ray! Got home and he's been in bed asleep since about 12:30 today! If he's not getting better by tomorrow then I have to take him to the ER for him to be admitted. Let's hope that doesn't happen!
Oldest prince is spending the day with Grandma after his server training at church. Grandma called and said she would bring him back sometime tonight. Glad he's enjoying his one-on-one time with Grandma!
I did get 7 sugar cream pies made today and would have more but I ran out of cornstarch. I ONLY have 11 more to go so Yummy can take them to work for his kitchen crew for the holidays. They requested the pies this year. lol I did get the caramel/toffee/chocolate pretzels done this morning before we were able to go to the dr. office. Now, I just have the rest of the pies, finish the buckeyes, snickerdoodles & chocolate crinkles to do. There is 3 days left until Christmas and oh, yeah... I do have all the wrapping to do still. I think, I need to put on the supermom cape pretty soon. lol
Hope everyone has a rockin' Tuesday!

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Anonymous said...

I think the give receive one mighta been sexual in intent!!! But I guess it was left open to interpretation!

Good answers, I hope everyone gets what you wish for them!