Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Update... (I actually forgot to title this last night. DUH!)

Well, the prince is up and can walk down the stairs! That's a HUGE improvement from yesterday when I had to carry him every.freakin'.place! But nothing I would do for my little man but geez, he's getting to weigh a ton. lol

The has been fairly productive with the prince being so sick. I did manage to get all but 3 of the 18 pies finished and the buckeyes are rolled and ready for dipping. Oh, yeah and I made a trek to the pediatrician's office to pick a up a letter stating that the prince was indeed ill with pneumonia and had travel restrictions. No joke here people!

You see... the parenting coordinator that the ex and I have been working with to improve communication between the two of us (and that has yet to happen!) wants to meet with all 3 princes over the holiday break. Typically wouldn't be an issue but she is a nut case, unprofessional and would do more damage than good to the princes. My attorney and I were hoping that with the prince being sick that she would not push the issue but NO - that wasn't the case. She emailed today requesting dates for the next 2 weeks and I again informed her as I did yesterday that he was ill with pneumonia and it wasn't appropriate to schedule a meeting at this time.

Needless to say, the ex and she decided otherwise and went ahead with the plan for her to interview the boys next week. So, I spent my morning calling the dr. office to get a note confirming the prince's dx and what restrictions he has at the current time. Dropped it off at the attorney for him to send an email to the coordinator letting her know that it appears that she and the ex do not believe me about the prince and that they should follow the dr. restriction.

It didn't go over well with either of them but I'm thinking too freakin' bad people! I'm his mom and I am the one taking care of him and the last I checked, I do KNOW what's best for my prince! Obviously, not the ex who carts the same prince off to a waterpark only days after breaking a 103 degree fever from the swine flu!!! Ahem, yup.

So, we'll see what happens at this point. Not much I can do next when the princes go to the ex's house for the holiday next week but it wouldn't look too good for either of them to disregard his well-being and health. All I can say is neither of them have a clue!


Lilith said...

I think you need to have your lawyer request a different coordinator. She seems to be in your ex's back pocket and no good is going to come from it!

Honey said...

Lilith - I wish it were that easy. We can't just request another one since it's court order that we have this one BUT since there hasn't been any progress and she agreed to do sessions up to Dec. 23 and that one was cancelled and she hasn't tried to reschedule, my attorney has said that I am DONE and he just needs to word his letter to her in a manner that it won't come to bite us in the butt when we go to court. He said he'll be requesting a court date in January and will find out the date in early February when the clerk puts the case on the court calendar. We still won't be in front of a judge for probably 3-6 months but at least it's coming and we'll have somewhat of an end to this all. But yeah, I think you're right - she's in the ex's pocket or at least believes his non-truth (notice I didn't say lies) about me. What a clueless idiot. Anyway, 'tis the season. lol