Tuesday, December 30, 2008

I Kiss and Tell... Do You?

1. Last week was "The Most Wonderful time of the Year", but what are your favorite 2008 memories? Hmm... there are many - let me see. 1) Seeing littlest Princes eyes and smile as he saw Mickey on the first night at WDW. 2) Middle Prince FINALLY riding his bike without training wheels. 3) Me surviving a year with middle schoolers - that's an accomplishment in itself! LOL 4) Any moment that one or all of the Princes came up and gave me a hug & kiss out of the blue. 5) Last but not least... all the wonderful, loving 'little' things that Yummy did for me - I think the best was when he made the road trip with me to Indy so I could meet up with Os, M, Dana, NY Diva & ASM. ~grinning~

2. What is the best thing you learned in 2008? That I have the most brilliant children in the world. :) Ok... seriously, Littlest Prince's teacher could say it enough at P-T conference time. Just makes one beam as a parent. Obviously, we all know where the Princes get their smarts from! ~wink~

3. On a scale of 1-10, how good was your 2008? Hmm... I'd have to say a '9'. It wasn't perfect but it was pretty darn close.

4. What is your wish for 2009? This one could go on for a while but I'll limit myself. I'd say that my biggest wish is for me to gain full custody of my Princes so they can be with someone who wants them ALL THE TIME! Oh yeah and for my anullment to come through in record time so Yummy and I can get married sooner than later without me losing my job. IF these two things happened it would make for a stellar year in my book!

What is your wish for someone else for 2009? Hmm... for Yummy a new job/career. This would be a big one as things are not the greatest at restaurant. Or for him to get the promotion which would allow him to move out of the kitchen. Both would be a dream come true along with his ankle to heal and to avoid surgery. I wish that my Princes will come out unscathed from the crap that their sperm donor is putting them through right now. And for my dear friend that just moved back to the area, for her to find peace and contentment.

5. Where was the first place you ever passionately kissed? Are we talking 2008 or the first place ever? I really don't remember the first place ever that I kissed someone passionately but for 2008 it would have been on New Year's Day as the clock struck 12 as we toasted in the new year with friends at a local Irish pub.

Bonus (as in optional):Do you make New Year's resolutions? I don't ever make any because I never keep them. What is/are your's for 2009? But if I did... maybe try to get better organized and get the basement unpacked. It's almost 2 years soon in the house and there's still boxes galore in the basement. It unfinished so we can't really enjoy it but still I'd like some order down there too. :)

So come along and play. Leave a comment if you want - I adore comments. ~wink~


Hubman said...

Wow, sounds like you had a pretty darn good year! Here's hoping the next year is just as good if not better...

There, you first comment on this post ;-)

Dana said...

WooHoo! I made the highlight reel! Here's hoping all of your 2009 wishes come true!

Honey said...

I'm hoping for a better year but I can't complain too much about 2008. Thanks for stopping by too. :)

Honey said...

Dana - There's no way I could leave that out! As I told Os, when I found out he was coming, I did a happy dance. Can't for all of us to get together again. Mark July 10, 2010 on your calendar. I'm thinking... wedding, drinking, partying, drinking...