Friday, December 26, 2008

Merry Christmas (Belated) to All!

I know, I know... I'm a day late wishing you all a Merry Christmas. It's the story of my life right now. I thought Christmas vacation was suppose to be a vacation which meant more time for myself. Yeah, right! Who am I kidding?

But, anyhoo... I hope you all had a wonderful and blessed Christmas with your families. I know yesterday was spent here with ripping of wrapping paper galore... I think the middle prince made it in record time this year! *snort* No, really... the princes loved everything that Santa brought even though it was a little sparse under the tree this year. But I'm proud of them... not one wimper about what they didn't get. You go Princes!

Although, when the littlest Prince ran in the first words out of his mouth were "It's sheep puppy time!" He had asked Santa to bring him a white Boxer puppy for Christmas. But me being the smart mom that I am talked with him before hand about how a white sheep puppy might get lost in the snow outside and he wouldn't want that. (Okay, I lied to my kids - Deal with it people.) But he dealt with the little disappointment but I reminded him what we had talked about that it would be better to wait until summer vacation to get a new sheep puppy and he was all fine with that. ~wink, wink~

So, I hope your Christmas brought you all you wanted!


On to another subject... you all may have noticed the lack of HNT's on the site for some time now. At first it was due to not having or finding the time to pull together some quality pics (I hate doing last minute pics.) but now it's because I'm in the middle of preparing for a custody fight with the good ole' Ex and have to make sure that there isn't anything new that can come bite me in the behind when in court. I really don't think he has the address to this new site (he did to the old one as he found it and would stop by every now and then - part of the reason for the switch) but I can't be too careful right now. I'll save the most recent escapades for another post at another time but if you've read any of the past posts about him - you all know he's such a gem of a father! LMAO

But until I know what is happening in this area of my life, I'll be taking a little hiatus from HNT's right now. I hope you all understand.



Anonymous said...

of course everyone understands!!

I am glad y'all had a big ole christmas!!
thats great, hope New Years is great too.

Osbasso said...

Glad you all had a great Christmas!

Sucks about the custody fight/HNT participation. Come back when it's safe, of course!!

Hope you've got a great year coming up!!

Vixen said...

Sorry to hear about your ex. I wish you luck. :)