Friday, December 5, 2008

A Lie is a Lie

I have to admit middle school students are not my favorite. I know I've said it here maybe once or twice but it's true. I swear to high heavens the group that I have as my homeroom just do not get it. They recently received the talk from the principal (which is about useless) about their act of bribery, blackmail, slander and gossipping but did they learn anything? No. They continue to go about their merry little way. The priest came in last week and talked to them also about this but did not put the fear of God into them. What good is the priest? Once again, the kiddos went on their merry little way. Today, the 7th grade homeroom teacher told me that she was so pissed at my class and their antics that she about stroked out. It seems that when one of the girls in my class was absent (this girl wouldn't do anything to hurt a fly and is NEVER involved in the above mentioned acts) one of my lovely boys decided to take her seat in the 7th grade room. He even went as far to switch her nametag, tell her that was her seat when she returned and continued to sit by another boy in the class.

Well, today they all were joking around about it with the 7th grade teacher who did not find it humorous at all to say the least. She said she gave them the lecture of their life about the dishonesty, deceitfulness and lack of trustworthiness. She told them how they had all lied to her and how disappointed she was in them. She also made sure to tell them that they had lost her trust and that would be a hard thing for them to get back. Hmm... maybe they'll take notice now with her stating that she can not trust any of them. Everyone in the class knew about this little 'joke' but none spoke up to her. Not something that this teacher takes lightly.

She and I both are at a loss with this group. They just don't care and don't get that their actions have consequences. They figure that as long as no one gets hurt physically then it's okay. I'm hoping it comes with maturity but I think this group missed out on it the day it was passed out. Unfortunately this is the start of juvenile deliquents and some are not far from beginning in this group.



Professor said...

Oh they are little jerks, alright. Good luck with them and hope that at some point someone kicks their collective asses. I know as a fellow teacher I'm sure I should be more 'professional' sounding but in reality, kids like that need beating, and beating hard. And this coming from you pacifist friend.

Honey said...

OMG... I couldn't agree with you more. They need their little asses beat and hard! I'm not one for beating kids but what is it in general with kids these days and the lack of respect they have for themselves, peers and authority (parents, teachers and the like)? I don't get it...

Just yesterday I was over at Yummy's parents house and his nieces & nephew are there for the weekend. Yummy's mom made the comment to his 6 month old nephew that "you're a pain in the butt." Yummy's 6 year old niece hit her grandmother in the arm and said "you can't say that." I pointed out to her that grandma was kidding around and grandma thought maybe the girl was talking about the word 'butt'. No, she was upset that grandma had said her brother was a pain in the butt. The girl went on to say that it wasn't nice. To which, I pointed out that it wasn't nice for her to hit her grandma and then the 6 yr. old began to argue with me and her grandma. OMG... I couldn't believe it! She didnt' see anything wrong with what she had done but was ALL OVER grandma for what she had said.

I was just floored. My kids would NEVER do anything like this. They might say grandma we don't use that word or grandma that wasn't very nice but to HIT their grandma NEVER!

It all starts with the parents and in this case the yuppie, new age religion parents that she has... God, I love my future brother & sister-in-law but the things that come out of their mouths is being echoed from their child's. Scary!