Tuesday, August 5, 2008

TMI Tuesday ~ Romance Edition

1. What is your definition of romantic? I never truly *knew* what romance was until Yummy. For me, it's when he does the 'little' things for me like leaving me a note telling how much he loves me, a playful text in the middle of the day, just calling to hear my voice for no reason, well... you get the idea. ***But, shhh... don't tell Yummy that I've spilled that he's a romantic. He's got an image to up hold. LOL***

2. Would you consider yourself to be romantic? I can be at times. I wish I was more of one because I know Yummy likes it when I do those little things for him.

3. Is your significant other romantic? Refer back to #1. Most definitely!!

4. Have you ever chastised a SO for not being romantic enough or too romantic? *Ahemcough*exhusband*cough* This was one of the 'big' things for me with my ex. He was never romantic. I think I can count on uh... maybe... 3 times in the entire almost 10 years of being together. One of these times was when we first started dating and the second came 7 years later and then it was another 3 years after that one! So, romantic... I'd say not! (Although, he really thinks he is! LOL)

5. What do you consider a grand romantic gesture? Have you ever been the recipient or giver of one? Grand romantic gesture? Hmm... I think an evening/day all planned out for me by Yummy which includes breakfast in bed, followed by well... some very hot, steamy sex, then a day filled with all my favorite things and ends with dinner at our favorite restaurant that we celebrated our engagement at or a special dinner made just for me by Yummy followed by some more hot, steamy sex... and then falling asleep in the arms of the man that I am SO in love with! Have I ever been the recipient or giver? Yes and Yes! ;)

6. If you have done something romantic to get laid, did it work? If not, why and how did that affect your romantic tendencies in the past. I guess I have thinking about it... I had set up the bedroom when I was married in this elaborate display with flowers, strawberries, whip cream, and a few 'adult' novelties (that were on the low key side of things). Did it work? That would be a resounding NO! Why didn't it work? Because I was married to a stick in the mud and 'moms don't do things like that.' And how did it affect me? I was crushed because I had planned this for 2 weeks while he was a business trip, told him/hinted to the 'adult novelties' and when he got home... the only thing he wanted to do was sit in bed and watch TV and told me that I was the mother of his children and I shouldn't do things like that. Uugghhh... I was not just crushed but devastated!

7. What is the most romantic thing you have ever done? Had done for you? OMG... these are so hard this week - I really have to think about these! Most romantic thing I have done? Hmm... let's see... Yummy would either say when I sent him flowers at work because he was having a horrible day, I couldn't be with him AT ALL and I wanted to cheer him up. I sent it with a card only he would understand and you know what... he STILL has the card that came with the flowers OR when I made him breakfast in bed the first time ~ I made his favorite sausage & cheese grits... needless to say it didn't get eaten that morning! We had not seen each other for a week. ~grinning~

Thanks to ASM for the great questions this week! Also, for the very sappy movie clip. ;) Go on over to TMI Tuesday and play along. Or play here but ya' know ya' want to!


Landon said...

You did all that and all he wanted to do is watch TV?! Yeesh... sorry to hear that... great answers nonetheless...

.ser infiel. said...

Great responses - wow! Your new fiancee sounds AMAZING! Where can I get me one? =P

And, Honey, that "the mother of my children shouldn't be having sex with her husband (how do you think they were created?!)" line was really your ex-husband's way of saying, "I'm impotent and can't get it up but I'm gonna pretend to be a macho chauvinist." Men!

Paul B said...

Damn...if you had done all of that planning for me (#6) I'd be all over you like a fly on...well...you know.

Great answers!

Biscuit said...

#6...OUCH! I've been there, with the first husband as well. He left me for another guy, so I guess that explains why he was so unresponsive *lol*.

Shannon H. said...

I can understand why he is your ex!

Professor said...

I remember the shopping for the toys and his reaction- gawd I'm so glad you are done with HIM!!!

And Yummy sounds truly wonderful- does he have a single brother my age??? :)

Vixen said...


Why am I so not surprised to learn that about your ex? DOH.

happyTMI chickie!!! xoxox

Jobthingy said...

isnt it funny how the exes always think they are SO romantic and they arent at all.

been there.

Ms. Inconspicuous said...

Uh, yeah. Strawberries and whipped cream are *definitely* going to get you laid. :)

Big Kahuna said...

I can relate to your #6 regarding your ex although her response to me was "is that all you think about". Of course this is the same woman who told me that having sex two to three times a year was normal and that there was something wrong with me if I needed more than that to feel loved.

Honey said...

landon: Thanks for stopping by and can you believe it?

.ser .infiel: Yummy is *AMAZING*. I think, I got the last one after Vixen found PC! ;)

Paul B: Awwee... thanks!

Biscuit: Oh, god... please don't tell me that. The ex *always* joked about that his friends thought he was gay until he met me and we got married. Then joke turned into him telling me that if we ever got divorced, he just might have to 'turn' gay so I would be known as the woman who made him gay. Makes me cringe! But, yeah... that might explain a lot in the relationship. lol

Shannon h.: That and many other things makes him my ex.

Prof: I'm glad I'm done with him too. And, Yummy is just *WONDERFUL*. Sorry, no single brother. :(

Vixen: I know, I know...

jobthingy: I know... what are they thinking?

ms. inconspicuous: That should at least get a person laid. :)

big kahuna: Ok, she's the one that has a problem. 2 or 3 times a year... normal!?! I think not!! There was/is *absolutely* nothing wrong with you. With my ex, it was more of a case that I did want sex but just not with him.