Saturday, August 30, 2008

The Big Easy Recap...

No, I didn't fall off the face of the earth contrary to what Os make think. I'm still around just, well... busy with the teaching stuff. Trying to make sure that I build a relationship with my students as my principal put nicely in my evaluation from last year. Something he says I didn't have with my students from last year - *ahem* I'd like to say I did have a relationship with them... they hated me and it was mutual. ~wink~

Any who... I thought since I've been very neglectful at posting since school has begun for me that I'd post some of the NOLA pics from July that I've been saying I would do and haven't gotten around to doing.

This five foot (or so) alligator was in the Jazz Funeral store on Bourbon Street. It's the closest I'll be getting to a live a alligator thank you very much!

Yummy took my pic in one of the millions of Mardi Gras masks that can be found along the way. But it wasn't until after we left this store and went into oh, IDK, a thousand others that we noticed a sign in all of them saying not to take pictures of the masks. Ooops!

I just couldn't resist since I *am* the Cat's Meow. ~wink~ This was the karaoke bar that we hung out in on Saturday night. As you can see in my right hand, I was on my way to enjoying an adult libation of some kind of slushie drink with 191 proof something or other...

The street performers were very prominent along Bourbon Street.

Yummy got in on the act.

Okay, this picture is after I had finished my first slushie drink... remember the 191 proof and started on a Hurricane this time before I had anything to eat since oh, IDK... 8:30 a.m. Yummy and I ate at Pat O'Brien's for lunch seeking out some good gumbo and there were TONS of pigeons around and this nest just happened to be above where we were sitting. Me in my not so sober state decided I wanted a picture of the baby pigeon. I'm surprised it wasn't a scene straight out of Hitchcock's The Birds.

Yummy and I in the garden patio at Pat O'Brien's.

Dinner at Redfish Grill. I was still drunk from earlier in the day even and decided this guy was too cute to eat. He needed to be immortalized in pictures.

An original structure in the "Red Light District" from long ago. The red light still hangs outside. It's now part of a hotel but this is the bar.

The sign says it all...

And one of the he/she or shims as the locals call them... I tried to get a better picture but didn't want to make it too obvious as to what I was doing. I swear some of them have bigger 'girls' than what I do! Yummy wouldn't let me go ask where they put their man parts because some of them had on thongs or g-strings... When I'm drunk... the questions just start flowing... ~wink~

On Sunday, we headed over to Royale Street for breakfast at Brennan's. This is a must when visiting the French Quarter. We ate and drank too much but it was well worth it! This is their garden patio and taken in front of the turtle pond. The waiter (and all the wait staff were male) made sure to tell us that these were not the same turtles used in the turtle soup that Yummy had to eat.

After breakfast, we headed back to the French Market to do a little shopping but on the way back that afternoon to the hotel, a local pointed out Brad & Angelina's house and Nicolas Cage's here. While I was taking the pic, another local came out of his townhouse that I was standing in front of to inform me that I just missed Nic leaving with his son. So, like any good stalker would do, Yummy and I went into the corner market bought a bottle of Beam and stood on the corner waiting to see if the guy was full of it... I swear we looked like a couple of vagabonds... Never saw Nic but later it was confirmed that he was in town to shoot a movie. This house is the site of some grisly torture and murders by Madame LaLaurie. She was an elite socialite of the 1800s and loved to throw lavish cocktail parties. It was during one of these parties, a fire started in the house. As the fireman were trying to put it out, in the attic was discovered a medieval torture chamber where she and her physician husband performed crude operations on their slaves. Many slaves were found chained to the wall, disfigured by the cruel medical experiments.

Brad & Angelina's house...

Our last night on Bourbon Street, we ate at K Paul's. The restaurant was founded by Chef Paul Prudhomme (Yummy has met him several times). This was the best food for dinner on the whole trip! The gumbo search had ended. Here we're pictured with the Executive Chef and Sous Chef from K Paul's.

Everywhere you walked down Bourbon Street you had your choice of what kind of dancers you wanted to see... We ended up choosing the cabaret club. (Sorry no pics of it) But as it was explained to us... the cabaret club is different from strip clubs because they don't have a pole and the girls are much prettier. I'd have to agree with that one! All the others either had girls that weren't attractive or their boobs were much smaller than mine. Why should I pay to see something smaller than my own? Anyway, I treated Yummy to a lap dance that I learned a few things from... this gal was doing some acrobatics on his lap... she ended up flipping herself so her... well, you can figure it out... was right in Yummy's face. I swear, if I had pen & paper with me, I would have been scribbling down notes on how to do it!

Before heading to the cabaret club and after K Paul's, we headed down or up to Bourbon House for some after dinner cocktails. This is Perry (on left) and Larry (on right) the oyster shuckers. They shucked oysters right at the bar while you sat there. They were great entertainment for the evening.

This is Alex, our bartender at Bourbon House. He was great! We sat down and ordered... he made me the BEST martinis EVER. Pineapple Upside Down, Blueberry Muffin and Raspberry Cheesecake... not all together sillies... And, he kept the bourbon flowing for Yummy. He and Jen, the server for the night (in the pic below), were like brother-sister and fought... did a little kung fu action on each other... we closed the bar down with them. Alex, ended up sharing his nightly shift drink with us.

Last but not least.... Jen from Bourbon House.

As you can see, we had a great time... these are just some of the highlights that I had good pictures of. We stayed at The Prince Conti Hotel around the corner from Bourbon Street, hit the French Market a few days, went on the VooDoo tour one night and learned a lot about voodoo and NOLA, ate breakfast at Cafe DuMonde for some beignets with a TON of powder sugar... I swear I had it all of me that it looked like I spilled my line of all over me (not that I would know what that's like). Just sayin'...

We can't wait to go back again but maybe next time, we'll hit it when it's not 105 plus degrees outside.


Osbasso said...

I knew you wouldn't be letting us down! I've never been there, but everyone tells me I'd fall in love with it. Someday...

~Jobthingy~ said...

glad to see you post.

those are great pics. looks like the trip was an absolute blast.

Professor said...

I really love the city of NO- and I remember going to so many of the places you pictured here. Sounds like it was a fun trip and thanks for sharing it!

Amorous Rocker said...

I love visiting NO! There is so much there to do and see. The street performers are always interesting, most of them anyway.

Great pictures, thanks for sharing.

Vixen said...

I'm not sure what prompted you to start posting more pics of YOU and of yummy....but I *really* enjoyed looking at them all!!!! I can't remember ever seeing your pretty face, it's nice to have one to attach to all the hot hnt's. :)

Looked like an awesome time! xo