Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Feed a Fever, Starve a Cold...

I think this freakin' flu bug is coming to an end for the middle prince. His fever is FINALLY gone and he's feeling "medium" - not good and not bad but just plain medium. lol We've spent since Friday evening when he came back from the ex fighting the fever or actually letting it run its course. Going to the dr. on Saturday to get told it's probably a cold or flu. Seriously, ya think! Sunday afternoon was spent at the hospital getting a chest x-ray which came back clear.

Thankfully, his fever has been gone for 48 hours now and he'll be off to school tomorrow afternoon. The entire school grades 2-8 are heading to a local event arena for an all school area mass with the Bishop. Yup, I don't think so... we don't need him coming home with some other creepy crawly.

So once I drop the older princes off at school, I'll have an afternoon to myself. What's a girl to do?


TUG said...

I'll tell you what you do! You take some HNT pics for me :)

Glad to hear at least something is getting better for you.

Honey said...

Oh, Tug... what a charmer you are! ;-) Wish I could take - err... I mean post some. I promise when this whole legal thing with the ex gets over with, I'll be back with a 'bang'. lol