Thursday, November 5, 2009

What a Day...

Now, don't anyone fall over or anything. The world is not ending because I am posting on a somewhat regular basis. It's that I'm just gettin' my groove back so to speak. I've missed posting and reading the blogs I like to follow AND I finally have free time in the evenings to write/read. ;-) The only thing that I won't be heading back to is my HNT photos quite yet - as Tug pointed out to me today that might make things better. Hmm... I miss those too. I'm hoping soon when all the legal garbage is done with the ex.

It doesn't look like it will be over anytime soon as I received an email from BOTH the ex and the parenting coordinator telling me in not so many words that for either of them to communicate with me that I needed to dismiss the pending legal filling. Hmm... let me think about it... NO!

Last night before the princes went to their father's, I took the youngest prince to the dr. because he was complaining about ear pain and after having his 4th set of ear tubes put in this summer, it was better to have the ears checked. The littlest prince was saying that he got water in his ear from his bath the night before. "Momma, YOU got water in my ear!" That's what I heard all the way to the dr.'s office. Hey, on the bright side, at least I know HE listens to what the ear dr. says - now if ONLY his father would listen about how to take care of the ear tubes we'd be all set! lol

Today was the first day back to work after being gone for 3 days with the middle prince. He's doing better and is on his way with his brothers to Ohio to a water park for the weekend with their father. I'm hoping that the trip goes well with no major issues with the oldest prince and his father. There is definitely a personality conflict there.

I spent the day reviewing with the kiddos and oh, yeah... cleaning up diarrhea. Yup, you read right... I had a kiddo right towards the end of the day after visiting the nurse several times have an "episode" in class. So, guess who got to help them get cleaned up? And this is why I teach little ones! What a welcome back!

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TUG said...

That's right, hold your ground with that guy!!

Are you ever going to get a break with the sick kids? Maybe all will be better by the holidays :) At least we can hope, right?